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Garden Inspiration: It’s Time to Plant Bulbs!

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The beauty of spring takes my breath away. I am sitting here looking at the most gorgeous dogwood tree laden with white flowers while my tulips and violas are making a show on the terrace. I planted my bulbs then planted violas on top of them. The tulips nudged their way through the tiny purple blossoms and together they create a floral show. I enjoy looking out at my masterpiece as I drink my morning coffee.

The summer bulbs are planted, and I anticipate the lilies that should emerge and bloom in a few weeks. I tend to gravitate toward perennials that bloom every year. Why plant more than once? Well, that is if the neighborhood squirrels and chipmunks will leave the bulbs in the ground.

Try your hand at container gardening. Just a few bulbs in a container will bring blooms that will make you feel like an accomplished gardener!

Tell me: What are your favorite spring bulbs? Where do you find garden inspiration?

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  1. Every year after Easter, I eagerly snatch up the left over potted bulbs that the grocery store marks down. Then I take them home and pop them into the ground. That way I see what they look like in bloom, and know they will return next spring to remind me to go on the search again!

  2. I am not very good at planting bulbs…perhaps because the flower shop keeps me most busy during the spring and fall bulb planting seasons but I do enjoy daffodils and iris because of their easy care. Besides perusing garden magazines, I am influenced by the ladies that meet at the flowershop as an informal garden club. We not only share ideas but usually kick off the season with a garden party and everyone brings snacks and deserts influenced from garden recipes. I have not been able to really get into the garden yet because of the strange weather we have been having here (Hurst, Texas) but I did manage to start my kitchen container garden of herbs – so far just dill (for mixing with cream cheese! Yum!) and of course, mint for my tea! Hmmm…I’m seeing a food theme.

  3. I am so excited now to find The Ribbon in My Journal in my inbox! Buttercups are my favorite flower followed by peonies. I have buttercups and peonies that were transplanted from my mother and grandmother’s yard. Since they are both gone, these mean so much to me. I love the fragrance of the peonies!

  4. I tried something new this year. I planted a large planter several weeks ago with bulbs about to bloom from my favorite Nursery..tulips and hyacinths.They looked so lovely until Easter morning when I discoverd a deer feasting on the tulips. I shooed her away but the damage was already done. The bulbs are now replanted in the garden.Gardening is a challenge where we live but we also love to watch the wild life around us.

  5. I love love your magazines, especially Southern Lady and Celebrate and now your blog just adds to the enjoyment. This will tide me over between magazines.

  6. My daffodils are long gone – even in the cooler climes of the mountains north of Phoenix, they came and went in February. I planted them last spring, hoping they would make an appearance again, but not sure, as they were force bloom bulbs. Since they’ve come back, I am determined to plant some other varieties this fall to see how they fare out here. My favorite bulbs would have to be the little ones – grape hyacinth, star of Bethlehem, lily of the valley, and hellebores. Perhaps I will have success with those here in the desert. I am emboldened by the unexpected success of 2 varieties of hydrangea I planted last spring, having been told when I purchased them it was highly unlikely they would survive the summer and bloom again. They’ve not blossomed yet, but both have many buds! Wandering local garden centers has proven to be my inspiration, as I cling to my Eastern roots here in the West and have planted a cottage garden. Many of the flowers I’ve tried don’t make it, but the ones that survive are lush and beautiful – my oasis.

    1. It almost like waiting for a baby to come…..always a joyful surprise. check online for bulbs that naturalize. These will cover a alot of space. White Flower Farm is one of my sources.

    2. Hi Jen, I have always loved hydrangea flowers, but was always discouraged from planting one in Tucson. Would be most interested to know the varieties that you have found survive the desert heat.

  7. Iris are my all time favorite… I just ordered seven more (four to be delivered this month; three in September). My yard is full of those tiny white star flowers (Star of Bethlehem?), violets, daffodils, and tulips. I had some “surprise flowers” (crocuses) last month . Surprise flowers are flowers I don’t remember planting where they popped up or planting at all.

    Thank you for this wonderful blog. It really brightens my days.

  8. What a beautiful arrangement! My favorite bulbs are daffodils and crocus. It is wonderful to see them breaking through the ground after a long Colorado winter. I am enjoying your blog and what a perfect name leading to each new thought.

  9. I love daffodils, but here in Southern California, they have already come and gone and we have to treat them as annuals. They’ve been replaced by Martha Washington geraniums that have so many blooms you can’t see the leaves. Beside them I have daisies, one of my favorite flowers. I love spring, it’s a time when the world seems fresh and full of promise.

  10. My favourite spring flower is the crocus. They are such a wonderful sight after a long winter here in Ontario.
    They poke up from beneath last years leaves in a most inspiring way. They show that there is indeed life, and that the other Spring flowers will indeed appear and the weather get warmer. My inspiration for gardening comes from your beautiful Victoria magazine. Thank you. Gwedhen

  11. I love daffodils. We had them on an ivy-filled hillside

    My favorite bulb is daffodils. We had them scattered in an ivy-filled hillside beside our sidewalk when we lived in Virginia and it was always such a wonderful sight all spring. I have loved them ever since. I also plant perennials because they’re so easy to maintain and I usually add one or two new ones each year. Since we move fairly often I usually don’t run out of room and have gotten acquainted with new varieties in each new place. I am inspired by pictures from magazines and seeing new arrangements at home shows, in stores and garden centers.

    1. What a joy to read from others all over the country and know that many of us are close in heart and can enjoy a pen pal friendship via email. Especially enjoyed the note about planting daffodils in the many homes where you have lived. What a great legacy to leave for the next occupants of those homes. Blessings.
      Ruth Johnson from Indiana

  12. Phyllis,
    What a beautiful picture! The color combo is so striking and the urn so fitting. I would love to see a post of your dogwoods you described!
    My favorite spring bulb is often overlooked. It’s size limits selections in gardens today. The lily of the valley has got to be my most anticipated flowers. Yesterday I noticed that leaves are up in my garden and I am patiently awaiting the flowers to emerge. Despite the size one or two blooms in a small vase can pleasantly overwhelm a room. Legend says that they were created by Mary’s tears as Jesus was being crucified.
    Spring blessings to all

  13. What a beautiful combination of flowers! My favorites are Chinodoxa. They have such a pretty blend of colors and stay in bloom a long time.

  14. I have a soft spot in my heart for the color and scent of freesia. It smells of springtime. It reminds me of the good fortune to garden where it may reappear for many seasons before it retreats to plant heaven.

  15. I’m a long term gardener, and never met a bloom that is not my favorite. But, if I have to pick one it has to be an iris which is grown from a rhizome. Mine are just coming into bloom in my garden in Fort Worth.

    I just bet enjoying that beautiful container of blooms, just makes your coffee taste a little better.

  16. We are just now starting to see some green shoots and the occasional flower here and there. It’s been a cold hard winter in Montreal!

    I never would have thought of planting bulbs in an urn as you have done. Guess what I’ll be doing this fall? Lovely idea!

    As for favourites… so difficult to choose. I love when crocus just appear in the grass here and there, not only where originally planted!

  17. Your pot looks beautiful and so springlike! My favorite bulb is the iris and tulips. But in the woods in upper Michigan, I have to plant more daffodils so the animals won’t get them. It is nice to see the bright yellow flowers all over. Still have snow up here but I see the tips of the flowers coming out of the ground! yay!

  18. This has nothing to do with bulbs… but with Spring! This morning we had a visit from a Rose-breasted Grosbeak at our bird feeders on the deck. The females came in a few days ago, right after the Indigo Buntings, but the beautiful male came this morning. Oh, what a glorious sight he is, in our yard that is still aglow with blooming dogwoods!!

  19. My favorite spring bulb is the Snow Drop (Galanthus) as it the first flower we see after a terrible winter. We enjoy the Helleborous, Lenten Rose and Christmas Rose, with the beauty they add to early spring. What a treat just going to the garden centers and watching nature in it’s finest!

  20. Hi. That is a nice arrangement. My favorite spring bulbs are muscari (purple hyacinths) and pink tulips. Also love daffodils and pansies. Soooo many favorites!

    I keep a garden scrapbook for inspiration. I’m always clip, clip, clipping images I love from magazines. Have put many into my own yard. Love it. Susan

  21. That is a feast for the eyes, Phyllis. You actually did what I always intend to do ! maybe next year:). my favorite spring bulbs have to be daffodils. They return every year, multiply and at our house, don’t get any extra care. Just plant them and forget them until they emerge and surprise you just when you need it the most! Landscape brighteners as well as reminders that spring is near! They remind me of sunshine. My inspiration comes from beautiful photos in magazines and also from strolling through garden centers.

  22. My absolute favourite bulb (late spring/early summer) is allium giganteum. It is a tall stem (1 meter) with a Seuss-like globe of blue-lavender flowers. It adds a tremendous amount of interest and play to any garden landscape and is a showstopper extraordinaire!

  23. Daffodils! They are so sunny and bright and come in such a variety of different colors and shapes! Sadly, mine are already done for the year as I live in California, but I did get some nice pictures!

  24. It’s obvious that you live somewhere south of NYS; a few of my daffodils are in bloom along with an iris cristata, but otherwise, the gardens are green with spring bulb leaves poking through, and brown with the winter mulch still cushioning the plants. My very favorite spring bulbs — probably ready to bloom in two weeks — are trout lilies; sunny yellow bells emerging from generous bright green leaves. Happy Spring!!

    1. Actually I am envious that you are still in the cool weather. I love cool weather and here is Birmingham, we have a quick spring…..Yellow bells make me very happy too.

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