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Hi there, this is Tina from Enchanted Home, and I am delighted to be here for my friend, Phyllis. Today I am going to talk to you about getting our homes in gear for the holidays and a few simple, tried and true ways to help us achieve that. Here is what is always on my short list……

Plenty of fresh greens (bought and sometimes clipped from my yard)

A few fresh holiday scented candles

Urns or containers that are great for arranging

Large pine cones or sugar cones

A great Christmas CD to get you in the mood

Fresh flowers that are seasonal like paperwhites, amaryllis and azaleas

Set your dining table a month early and leave it that way……looks way more beautiful than a bare table!


So, with that arsenal of goodies, it allows me to at least begin the process. I favor a “layered approach” to decorating. I will start it, in a perfect world right after Thanksgiving and do it little by little, adding a bit every day..this way I never feel totally overwhelmed. I always try to have a “deadline date” in my head. This year it is Dec. 12th, I hope to have it all done by then, fingers crossed!

I cannot stress enough how far something as simple as fresh greens goes…..literally you can go to your yard and clip them which I have done many times and create something beautiful. I focus first on the main areas of the house, where we will be often and where visitors be. So that typically involves my kitchen, the powder room, the foyer and I work on the dining and living room because around the holidays that is an area that we tend to use more than any other time of year!

Some places to add fresh greens and a few holiday pointers……

Drape a fresh green garland over a mirror, on consoles or chests, add a bow and you have a magazine worthy vignette!

Fill a big bowl or planter with a thick layer of greens and then add a few pinecones and possibly some ornaments if you want a little bling

Add a sprig or two on a powder room vanity, it gives it such a festive touch and smells yummy too!

I love to light candles in my kitchen almost all the time and when we have guests will always keep one burning in the powder room

Few things can get you in the holiday spirit like good old fashioned Christmas tunes, choose a great CD and let it blast all day long! (check out Merry Christmas darling by Grace Haggerty here, my favorite)

I always make some kind of holiday arrangement for my kitchen island, the kitchen is where the heart of the home is so make it festive……

Don’t neglect mantles…they are the perfect place to add fresh greens, pinecones and maybe a few blingy ornament balls for a little glitz

Be sure to dress up any outdoor urns for your front door, you know what they say about first impressions:)

Set your dining table early Dec. and leave it that way, few things are as pretty as an elegantly set dining table…why not!

Stock up when there are great sales….around here 50% off sales are not uncommon for things like faux wreaths and evergreen faux picks, they are great to have around and can be used year after year

So here are some highlights from my decor this year……


Here is my front door….

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A few days ago added a few sprigs of evergreen to the doggies, the fact that it was snowing was the perfect finishing touch!

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And just added my wreath to match, having a real love affair with magnolias this year!

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And a hallway console….

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A pretty and surprisingly simple arrangement to make…..

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My mantle in my dining room….

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My dining room that has been set like this since Thanksgiving! I have since removed the ghourds:)


And the living room mantle….


Other vignettes around the house….(and proof that blue and white is perfect for Christmas/holiday decorating)!


DSC_0037Love a dough bowl filled with simple greens and sugar cones, easy and always gorgeous!

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Love browns with blues, in my family room I gave this console a decidedly woodsier look, and love it with the blue and white…

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I bought these faux evergreen swags years ago and put them on the sconces all the way down the hallway for a festive touch….



And hot off the presses, the tree is finally up and decorated (just imagine it with gifts underneath lol)

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This year I bought almost no new decorations….. forgot how much I had until I started taking things down from the attic!:) I always go a bit crazy the day after Christmas with the great sales, it’s a perfect time to stock up. The only thing I did buy this year as I do every year is fresh greens and a case of sugar cones, which I use throughout the house. I put them up the evergreens as soon as 2-3 weeks before Christmas with no problem (people often ask).

Thank you so much for having me Phyllis to your beautiful blog and to everyone else for stopping in. Wishing everyone a fabulous and joyous holiday season…ho ho ho!


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  1. Lovely as usual Tina and the Blue and white is my joy. Are the Amaryllis and orchids real or silk? I struggle to keep mine alive in the South African heat!

  2. Tina is always an inspiration, but even more so for the holidays!!! I love her suggestion to dress the table early and leave it. On to that today! And, the simple idea of filling a dough bowl with greens and pinecones. I have one and am going to do this also today!! Thank you, Phyllis, for bringing us such incredible talent!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  3. Such a feast for my eyes! Thanks to Tina and Phyllis for the magical trip into a stunningly beautiful home. I have a few more ideas on how to make my decorating for Christmas more elegant. Thank you both!

  4. What a lovely home! I especially love how she uses pine cones and natural elements in her arrangements around the house. I’m thankful we have an abundant supply of those here in the Northwest!
    I’ve always loved Victoria magazine…fun to see there is a blog to follow along with also!

  5. here’s what i love about our friend tina: she doesn’t keep a good thing to herself. she is truly a blogger’s blogger because she knows how to create beauty around the home and then breaks it down so we can have success too. i actually feel convinced after this post that i can pull this off even though my home is nowhere near as grand! peace to you, phyllis.

  6. Tina is the absolute best when it comes to an elegant decor. Her Christmas decor is worthy of any magazine. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all!

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