A Giveaway with Saphyr Pure Linen

A Giveaway with Saphyr Pure Linen

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An Interview with Rory O’Mara, Founder of Saphyr Pure Linen

I have collected antique linens for many years and always celebrate when I find a linen sheet. Linen is such a wonderful fabric because the texture is soft and it’s a cool fabric to the touch. Imagine my delight when I discovered Saphyr Pure Linen, a modern collection of fabulous bed linens that is available today. I knew that behind this company there was a very special someone who really understands comfort and beauty. That lady is Rory O’Mara, and I loved talking with her about her linen.

Rory O’Mara knows fabric. Her love of textiles and fashion set her on a path of developing a passion into a career that would take her around the world as an industry innovator. She was the Director of International Fashion Marketing at Cotton Incorporated for many years. She was responsible for Domestic and International marketing, seeking out new ideas and trends, and leading textile mills and manufacturers in research and development. In her travels around the world, she realized that Europeans had the luxury of sleeping on sheets of pure linen. She was hooked! In fact, she was transformed.

An Interview with Rory O’Mara, Founder of Saphyr Pure Linen

Rory decided to create her own collection for the American market and with her intuitive abilities, she brought French linen to the marketplace. “French linen is the best,” Rory explains. “In the area from the Belgium coast into France through Normandy is where the very linen is milled and that’s where I get mine.” One touch and you will know she is right.

Neutrals are the signature colors of her collection. With luxurious names like Calming Cream, Fresh White, Blissful Blue, Peaceful Pink, and Simply Natural, you are already in the mood to snuggle into a bed made up with these linens. She chose to finish her sheets and pillowcases in a deckled edge, taking note of trends in home furnishings. And the pillowcases are oversized, making them perfect for any pillow.

An Interview with Rory O’Mara, Founder of Saphyr Pure Linen

“The name Saphyr is the common name of the flower that blooms on the flax plant, where the linen fibers come from. Her philosophy is that there is “truth in Linen” with its natural tendency to softly wrinkle and have that comfortable lived-in appearance, while being cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Saphyr pure linen is for those who wish to live well and rest easy. With her discerning eye, impeccable taste, and unmatched knowledge of fabrics and trends, Rory saw an opening in the industry for the introduction of fine linen bedding, matching her expertise with developing a product sure to be welcome in any home. Her linens are available on her website at www.saphyrpurelinen.com

Rory has graciously agreed to give away a lovely pair of linen pillowcases, in the color of your choice, to one of you. Enter for your chance to win below, and good luck! This giveaway ends Tuesday, April 18th, at 7 a.m. (central time).

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  1. Thanking you in advance if I should be your lucky winner !!
    Your knowledge of this luxurious fabric is top notch…….nothing better than natural linen !!

  2. I can NEVER turn away from lovely linens! My Mom will be so pleased to see your selection, thank you Rory and Phyllis.

  3. My mother would definitely approve of these! She loved pretty antiques and beautiful linens. The Peaceful Pink pillowcases would go perfectly in my pink and light sage bedroom along with the sweet little heirloom doll that she made for me. Thank you for this opportunity!

  4. Luxurious!!
    There is nothing that feels like linen. When we married, a dear friend gave us a hem stitched linen top sheet and pillow cases which she make for us! A treasure!!

  5. It would be absolutely great to own a pair of linen pillow cases. I’ve never slept in such luxury. Thanks for introducing this lovely bedding.

  6. Don’t believe I have ever slept on linen bedding. Love lovely bedding and would love to get to know about linen bedding.

  7. Never felt more like diving into a laundry basket more than today. Calming Cream sounds perfect! Wishing you much success.

  8. I love linen but never thought of it as bed sheets. What a great find!
    Bravo to women like Rory who search out these wonderful items.

  9. Oh my having the pillow cases in pink would be just devine. Just the thought of having these on the the bed is wonderful……thank you very much for the opportunity.

  10. I would love to have the pi8llowcases to try out. I have been using the bamboo linens so I hope this will be even better so I can get the sheets to match the pillowcases. Thank you for this offer.

  11. Would love to have a pair of linen pillowcases in Simply Natural. Such a luxury. Thanks for this great giveaway.

  12. We’re expecting a little rain this week-end, but otherwise spring is in the air and I chang e our bedding look out 3 to 4 times a year. We love all colors and looks that are in the seasons. White would be a welcome look and especially the comfort, feel, and quality that are so valuable is sheets. This is a new sheet and product to us in bedding what a
    wonderful welcome gift it would be. Thank you for the opportunity! California Carmel

  13. I have many linen tablecloths and napkins, but no linen bedding. I would love to win the pillowcases and discover for myself the comfort of linen bedding. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. MM

  14. My bed is my luscious, cool yet warming , peaceful and calm haven. Blush Linen pillow cases would look beautiful in my white and blush bedroom. Thanks for the give away.

  15. I would love to own a pair of these beautiful pillow cases. I was familiar with Irish linen but not French. I can’t wait to try the softer-looking linen. Love the delicate colors!

  16. Natural materials are my favorite whether for clothing or home decor. The soft, gentle colors are a delight! I’ve won very few things in the past but was delighted for a chance to win these pillowcases. Thank you for the offer.

  17. So excited to be entered in this. I love linens. I remember the things my grandmother used that were linen, and I can’t wait to try these!

  18. I have Summer White walls in my bedroom, but the colors in the fabrics are
    blue and green. The Blissful Blue pillowcases would be perfect!

  19. What a generous offer. Thank you Rory, and Phyllis for sharing this information.
    I’m generally using linen to stitch decorative items for the home. The idea of linen bedding sounds truly delightful.

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