Grace: The New American Girl Doll with a Mission

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When my granddaughter, Amelia, was born, I purchased Felicity—the American Girl doll whose story is set in Williamsburg, Virginia—right when they announced that she would no longer be made. Truthfully, I went into full-blown panic. Williamsburg is one of my favorite places in the world. I love the history and everything about it. When American Girl introduced Felicity, I just loved her and hoped that one day I would have a little girl that would love her as I do. The very thought of not getting one for Amelia was out of the question. Our day is coming when we will sit down, unveil her, put together her tea table, and start our journey with Felicity.

Grace-With-BookThis week, the American Girl company introduced the doll of the year: Grace Thomas. I started reading about Grace, and I was so excited. Grace, an avid baker with an entrepreneurial spirit, is motivated to follow her dream of starting a baking business after an inspiring trip to Paris. There will be a movie and books to tell her story. But here is the good news: American Girl has created For Goodness Bake!, a year-long fund-raising initiative in support of No Kid Hungry, which is a campaign to end childhood hunger in America from Share Our Strength.

Starting this week, American Girl is encouraging girls to host charity bake sales in their community and donate proceeds to No Kid Hungry. Because 1 in 5 children struggle with hunger in the United States, American Girl is helping ensure all children get the healthy food they need every day. For every dollar a girl raises, No Kid Hungry can connect a child with 10 additional meals. American Girl donated $50,000 to kick off the program.

Grace-With-SweetsOur magazines center on the home and encourage women to get in the kitchen and create wonderful family memories around the table. This new doll is available for only one year and will encourage and hopefully create a passion for cooking and creating businesses among young girls—how exciting! And Grace, who starts a baking business as a young girl, is near and dear to my heart.

American Girl has graciously provided Grace for one of you to win. It is my hope that the love of cooking will be ignited in the hearts of young ladies everywhere through this new book series and that the contributions that are generated will feed thousands of precious children everywhere. For more information, go to

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Comments 164

  1. I hope you will find a way to “win” for the grandmother who has cancer and is raising her 5-year-old granddaughter. Those of us who own/love AG dolls know how much it would bless her!
    Sorry…I don’t do social media.

  2. I would love to win this for my daughter. We have an AG doll that we got at the thrift store that she adores. I’d love for her to have her own brand new doll. I love teaching her to sew clothes for her doll and we enjoy making things for her homemade dollhouse. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

    I am a subscriber and I shared the contest via Twitter:

  3. Thanks for this opportunity to win! I have loved american girl for as long as I can remember. I also just love Paris,France. I have lots of Paris items and my parents said they would take me there for my graduation, My friend told me about this!

  4. I would like the american girl doll grace for many reasons. One reason is because I was born in Paris,France and that is how I got my name. I also love to bake just like Grace which l think is really cool. I also have to little cousins who love to play with my dolls when they come over but there is three of them and sometimes they fight over who gets to play with who. I would like Grace so my cousins will all have a doll to play with. I have also been taking French and LOVE IT!! Thanks for this opportunity.

  5. I would love to win the Grace doll for a couple of reasons. One main reason is I was born in Paris, France and that is how I got my name. I have cousins that just love dolls so I let them come over to play with my american girl dolls. I have 2 dolls but three cousins so sometimes they fight so I want to get Grace so their is a doll for each of them to play with. For the last reason Grace loves to bake in her story and I just love to bake too. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  6. I have two young daughters that I would love to share with my love of entertaining. I learned to cook and entertain from my family and want to pass it along…

  7. Hello! I would love to win this doll for my granddaughter, she is 5 years old and I am raising her. She loves beautiful things as much as her grandmother lol. Due to cancer I haven’t been a very good provider for her, all I could have been able to give her are hand me downs. I am sure she will cherish this doll and enjoy it for may years to come. Thank you!

  8. Hello! I would like to win this doll for my 5 year old granddaughter. She is very much like her grandmother, she loves beautiful things. I am raising her and due to cancer I cannot provide many things for her or for me. Most of the things I can give her are hand me downs. She would feel very special if she would get this beautiful doll. I am sure she will treasure it for many years to come. Thank you!!!

  9. I have 7 granddaughters and would love to start each of them on the journey of having an American Girl doll to enjoy and cherish. Winning this year’s Grace Thomas doll would be a real pleasure. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. My 9-year-old talks all the time about owning her own bakery when she grows up, so she is going to love Grace Thomas! She loves to look through the American Girl catalog and make up stories about the dolls. I would love for her to have the chance to have one of her own, but she understands that might never happen.

  11. We gave my daughter a AG Just Like Me doll when she was three – and ever since Kate has been her child. My daughter is a ballerina who has a passion for dance so Isabelle was the perfect addition this past year. Her little family was complete – so I thought. My daughter is a brunette nine year old who LOVES Paris and talks all the time about opening up her own store. And if that isn’t enough, her name is – you guessed it – Grace. I was like, “You have GOT to be kidding me!” All I could do was shake my head and resign to giving Kate and Isabelle a playmate. And you should have seen her when she found out – she saw a commercial – pops her head around the corner and says, “The new Girl of the Year is from Paris,” and was gone. Stinker! So my mama sent this blog post to me and we are crossing our fingers! And if it isn’t my Grace, I’m glad Grace Thomas will be given to one very special little girl who I know will love her!

  12. how special it would be for my daughter to win this doll. Her older sister has one and just this year they have really started forming that sisterly bond. It would be great for them to have something as special as An American Girl Doll in common!

  13. I would love to win this doll for my granddaughter; Rylie. She loves American Girl dolls and wants to one day get one. it would be so fun and heartwarming to give it to her. Thanks so much!

  14. Felicity was always my favorite too! Grace is beautiful, and I know just the little girl who would love to be her Mom! Hope I win it for her!

  15. We have a truly darling little relative named Grace. She looks just like the newest American Girl doll. She will soon be 5-years-old and this doll would be the most perfect gift we could ever find for OUR Grace!

  16. My granddaughter Kaiden (6) didn’t want a birthday party, she only wanted to visit and purchase an American doll, when my other granddaughter saw Kaiden with her doll Julie, she started to cry because she felt left out. Jayden will be 5 this year. It would be great if I could win a doll for her.

  17. Thanks for the opportunity to win the new American Girl doll. I would love to give it to my 5 year old granddaughter…she would be so excited! I really enjoy your blog.

  18. I bought my first AG doll for my granddaughter for Christmas. She plays with her all the time. I must say I like her too. We have made some clothes and accessories for her. I hope this is the first of many for her.

  19. My daughter would surely love not receive a grace doll when she sees all those girls on YouTube making there American girl doll videos she tells me she wants to very because she too cry cause she doesn’t have one so if u give us the chance
    To win you would make her happy!I

  20. I would love to share Grace and the love of baking with my 4 granddaughters. They love dolls and baking so it’s a great fit. Also want to try a fundraiser for the No Child Hungry. That’s a great cause!

  21. what a wonderful program for American Girl to support! I have two granddaughters who love American Girl dolls! One of them is named GRACE! If we won this Grace, I would surely have to buy another one for Anabelle!!

  22. My granddaughter Sophie, who has a twin brother, turned 8 this week; her party delayed because of a family funeral. The plan (co-incidentally) was to have all the little girls dress in Parisian-style – with party accessories in pink and black – and would be like a tea party with yes, baking! Would she ever treasure this American Girl doll – as she chose the theme for her party herself.

  23. I would love to win this doll! I have never had an American Doll while growing up, but my grand-daughter has 2 and both she and I love to bake. Thank you so much for the chance to win,unfortunately I have no luck in winning anything at all, so whoever gets this beautiful doll I hope they will know just how lucky they are and God bless them.

  24. What a beautiful doll for a great project! I purchased several American Girl dolls for my daughter and even visited the Chicago store. I would love to win this doll because I too love to bake.

  25. What a generous giveaway, and alovely doll. I would love to participate in this giveaway and your blog is so inspirational! Thank you!

  26. We have been a house of three boys. I have been the only woman of all men for 45 years. We have had all grandsons and last year our youngest son and his wife had a little girl. This would be awesome to win this and be able to share this with her. Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  27. Cali Grace is just getting old enough to know about and enjoy American Girls. Isabella arrived at Christmas and Cali takes her everywhere! What wonderful fun to watch her talk to her just like a real person. Love this new little lady too that is coming out. Thanks for the opportunity to own one of these!

  28. My girls love to bake and are both huge fans American Girls. I love the fact that they can watch the Girl of the Year movies about each one! I know they would love Grace!

  29. What an awesome blessing for a little girl! I know my daughter would be ecstatic if we were chosen to win this wonderful doll. We watched the announcement on GMA and she has been flipping through the catalog ever since it arrived that same afternoon. I never was able to get an American Girl Doll of my own. I had to settle for reading the stories from the books at the local library. I so want to be able to provide one for my daughter and be able to sit down and learn about the doll’s history, life, stories, etc. What a treasure!

  30. Bravo!!! If more companies operated with thIs mindset we could eliminate childhood hunger and educate our children to help solve other problems in the way they learn best, through play! I have three sons. My only granddaughter, Olivia Grace, is now
    three years old. I was diagnosed last year with high gluten intolerance, so she and I are both learning to bake, gluten-free. I’m sure it will be easier for her to learn than for me to re-learn! I learned to bake with my Mom and grandmothers by my side and I am so blessed to have my own granddaughter to share this adventure with. Here’s to health and baking up another generation of warm memories.

  31. What a beautiful doll, with a lovely purpose! Thank you for the post and the opportunity to be entered in the Giveaway. God bless you.

  32. My niece and daughter would both like to start a bakery together, but enjoy baking in our home kitchens for now. What a neat program to provide food for children!

  33. I am a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 2. This means keeping things pretty simple, financially. My daughter went crazy when she saw the announcement about Grace as the new American Girl! It would just mean the world to me to see the look on my beautiful 7year old’s face if I could put Grace in her arms. Thanks for the wonderful and thoughtful opportunity.

  34. Isn’t it fun to encourage people? I used to have my own catering business. My daughter does lots of events for clients as she works part time for Yelp. It is a brilliant idea to help girls focus on all they can be, especially activities serving others. I have two granddaughters who can see their mom’s American Girl dolls. Those were the days. I look forward to keeping it going.

  35. My ‘new’ little Great Granddaughter would love this beautiful doll. She is currently 18 months, (she just loves ‘dollies’), and I know her beautiful Mother would save for her until she is old enough to truly enjoy Grace. They are also going to be having another blessed little girl in May! I can’t wait. What a treat this would be and what a memory!! Thank you for this opportunity and blessings to the winner!

  36. Should I be so blessed as to win Grace, I would present her to my 5 year old neighbor whose name is Isryel Grace. What could be more appropriate? In addition the doll is a lovely way to work toward ending childhood hunger!

  37. I have all boys so far, but I have been receiving the American Girl catalog for about ten years. I enjoy browsing along and thinking of the dolls and accessories I would buy for my own daughter one day. It would be a real treat to win! ♡

  38. Tammy My daughter Hanna loves American Girl Dolls! She gets excited when the new dolls are coming soon! I know she would love to win it. Thanks!

  39. If I won the American girl doll, I would give her to my daughter Grace. She looks so much like her and my Grace loves to bake and is experimenting with a baking business of her own.

  40. My son and daughter-in-law have been trying to have a child for many years. A sweet little four year old girl has come into their life through foster care who they will soon be adopting, and Grace would be a wonderful doll for my soon-to-be first grand-daughter!

  41. I would love to win this doll for my Granddaughter Stella. She loves to help me bake. I have 3 Sons. I went to lots baseball, hockey games and enjoyed it all. Now I have 2 granddaughters and enjoy doing the more “girly” things with them. Stella is the youngest and I think she would love this doll. It’s a great thing that American Girl Doll,is doing supporting the No Kid Hungry campaign.

  42. When my daughter Emma saw the new American Girl Grace she just fell in love with her and would like one so much. She would be so surprise if I would win this for her.

  43. She would be the perfect complement to a grandmother who loved her dolls, her real doll babies, and now her Grands…and one who hopes part of her legacy will be memories of goodness from her kitchen!

  44. What a lovely giveaway! The new Grace Thomas American Girl doll will be such an inspiration to so many young girls. I love that she shows you can embrace your personal passions and goals, and still have a passionate heart for others.

  45. Baking is an activity I share with my daughters, as is reading and playing dolls. My older two are too old to play anymore, but my youngest is still willing to spend time with me. This doll would be a great way for us to connect over stories and inspire more togetherness in the kitchen. Please consider my entry. It’s hard to tear the kids away from the electronics these days, and this doll and her stories would certainly be a welcome diversion and loved and adored.

  46. I would love to win Grace for my granddaughter, Isabella. The American Girl dolls are all wholesome role models for girls who are the ‘women of tomorrow’. I love that Grace is a baker. With today’s hectic pace it seems spending time in the kitchen is frequently crowded out. It’s so much easier to purchase something ‘ready-made’ at the grocery store or bakery. What better way for mothers and daughters [or grandmothers and granddaughters] to bond than in the kitchen baking together, and making memories of a lifetime. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway.

  47. My Granddaughter Auden Ean is in love will all things kitchen. Most of her play kitchen was built by my husband, her Grandpop for her Mother more than 35 years ago. While it has just received a fresh coat of paint and microwave was added to the kitchen, this kitchen has been loved and enjoyed by two generations. Auden’s other love is American Girl. She has a Biddy Baby who sleeps with her each night.

  48. My granddaughter Rebecca loves to bake with me. Grace would be perfect for her. Grace Thomas is inspiration for all our girls today.

  49. I don’t have daughters, and don’t have granddaughters, so regifting won’t work for me., but here’s a thought: wouldn’t Grace make a wonderful raffle doll, for my guild or church, with proceeds benefitting No Kid Hungry? That’s what I would try to do, if I were to win her! Thanks for the opportunity.

  50. My grand daughter is named Ellie Grace,she is named after my Mother Ellie. Ellie Grace is expecting her first baby in July which will be my first great grand and I would love to be able to give them this doll. I love all your dolls and wish i had the talent to do these things.
    Anne Samuels

  51. I would love to win Grace for my granddaughter. She just learned to use a sewing machine and I bet her and I could create homemade accessories for Grace. Thank you for a fantastic giveaway.

  52. I love the American Girl collection. They are the dolls I wish that I had when I was a kid. My daughter is grown now but still loves her Samantha doll!

  53. This is my first visit to your wonderful blog. I can’t wait to catch up on all the posts. My granddaughter loves the American Girl dolls.

  54. My daughter had just started to fall in love with American Girl! We had a new store open up close to us,and she really wants to go for her birthday. However, I have had some major medical expenses, and we have not been able to do so. This doll would be especially meaningful as my daughter, me, grandmother, and great grandmother all share the name Grace! I tweeted about this giveaway! @Taryn221

  55. We are the Rolling Pin Bake Shop located in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Our bake shop is the best in town, and attracts people from all across the region to enjoy our handcrafted treats such as custom cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pastries. Winning Grace would be a great way to inspire young girls who come into the shop to start their own bakery like ours when they see her displayed. In the past, we have donated some of our breads and pastries to a local church for children to enjoy while they are there. Our hope is that Grace could also motivate girls– and everyone who comes through– to donate to food banks and charities and help ensure that there are no longer hungry children in America.

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  56. My beautiful granddaughter Ellie has been saving her $ since she saw Grace in the American Girl Magazine. She is 8 years old and already has half of what she needs to buy her. I would love to give her Grace and then she could buy some lovely accessories for her. Her dream is to go to Paris! How wonderful would that be!

  57. This would be a wonderful gift for either of my grand-daughters!It also promotes a wonderful program.Baking with the kids is an everyday activity .

  58. Grace Thomas will be a great doll of the year for American Girl! With the project to help the hungry, and a new doll that is an avid baker, Grace will be a popular doll for all little girls. I would love to win this doll since I have five granddaughters that are of the age to enjoy American Girl Dolls. They enjoy dressing their dolls, playing “make believe” scenarios with them, and baking cookies at Gigi’s house. I enjoy your newsletter & the opportunities that you provide to your readers such as this chance to receive Grace Thomas. Thank you so much for all you do for your faithful fans.

  59. I would love to win this American Girl doll for my granddaughter. She is the only girl among 4 brothers and could use a good friend like Grace Thomas.

  60. I am so excited about this new AG doll! My granddaughter loves to help me bake!! Her dream is to one day go to Paris just her and me!!!! This doll was made with her in mind I’m sure!!!!!!

  61. My daughter is wanting this doll. She honestly looks so much like my daughter who has the middle name Grace also. This would be something to save for her children one day also 🙂 Thanks for chance

  62. One of my 3 granddaughters owns an American Girl doll and loves it. I would like to see the younger 2 granddaughters carry on this wonderful tradition! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  63. Oh my. My little Morgan, age 8, is not named Grace, but she has been a living testimony to the grace of God since her unexpected birth. Day after day I thank God for His grace shown through this unexpected blessing. Morgan has just recently “discovered” the world of American Girl dolls and is fascinated, to say the least. One of her favorite things in the world to do is work in the kitchen with me. She would love this doll. In my mind I can see her face lighting up and filling the entire house with her joy at the sight of a Grace American Girl doll. Thank you for the opportunity to win little Miss Grace.

  64. I, too, have purchased American Girl Dolls for my granddaughters, Madeline and Victoria. They love them as much as I do. This is a wonderful write-up and it just made my day. Thank you so much!

  65. I love the fact that American Girl is encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit for girls. On top of that, they also show them how to give back. I want my granddaughters to be involved in that way too. What a wonderful gift this would be.

  66. I love the American Girl dolls, especially the historical ones with the stories. Kirsten and Kit are my favorites. I’ve been sewing clothes for them almost since they came out, now introducing my granddaughter to them.

  67. I worked in Williamsburg for two years when I was in hotel management and my husband was a police officer. It is a wonderful destination full of history. There is no place like it! Thank you for the opportunity to win the doll.

  68. I have an adorable granddaughter, Grayson, who is a little tomboy but also a girly girl. She and I like to bake together and this would be a great story and doll to show her how we can help others. I so enjoy your magazine and look forward to each issue. I don’t know who would be more thrilled to win, me or my granddaughter! Thank you.

  69. My Grandaughter Allie just started to love baking and cooking and I am delighted as it has always been my passion to pass this on to her. She expressed a desire to own an American Girl Doll and this new one would be perfect for me to present to her to connect us even more thru the love of cooking and baking. Thank you for sharing this wonderful offer with your admirers!

  70. As a new first time grandmother your post today got me reminiscing about when I ought me daughter her American Girl doll. Thanks for stirring such great memories.

  71. This sounds like such a great program! Years ago, we purchased the American Girl Kirsten for our daughter and she was dearly loved and constantly played with. At the time, buying her and some of the accessories was a huge splurge for us, but worth every penny! Now I have been blessed with a little grand daughter, age 6, and would love to win this doll for her! By the way, I really relate to your love of Colonial Williamsburg- we were just there for a few days after Christmas. Wonderful!

  72. My granddaughter’s Mother passed away this month. She is only 10 years old, but misses her Mommy, who was encouraging her to collect American Girl dolls. In some small way, I think this doll would remind her of her
    Mommy and provide her some comfort. I am an avid baker and her Mother and her enjoyed learning how to decorate cakes with me. If I were fortunate enough to win this doll, I would chase over to her home to see
    that smile on her face that I am sure this doll would reveal. I haven’t seen that smile lately. Thank you.

  73. I did the same thing with the Samantha doll. I love all things Victorian and when I found out Samantha was being discontinued, I just had to order it!! At the time, my granddaughter was just a baby, but I knew that someday when she came to visit at Grammy’s house, there would be a doll for her to play with.
    I would love to win the Grace doll because now I also have a one year old granddaughter and it would be given to her someday.

  74. My oldest grand-daughter is Grace (7) ….she loves to make cookies and decorate them with me. I would love to be able to win Grace for Grace, so we can have fun baking and having tea parties together! She already has Bitty Baby so I know she would enjoy having Grace, because someday she plans to be an entrepreneur.

  75. My Daughter and I are so excited about Grace Thomas! Emily is 11 years old and has just recently started baking with one of her friends! I was surprised when I picked her up from a playdate and she had half of a cake to bring home. LOL! Iam so exited to get to teach her about cooking and baking. We
    Would love to have Grace Thomas join us!

  76. My granddaughters love the American Girl Dolls. I would love to win Grace to share with my granddaughters. Thank you and God Bless.

  77. American Dolls are so special and I’ve been blessed to enjoy them with my granddaughter. They portray such a wholesome girl and I’m sure they influenced that character in many girls over the years. What a wonderful way to fight hunger in children. Thank you for promoting this and the opportunity to win this beautiful doll!

  78. This sounds like such a fabulous way to instill giving in young girls. I look forward to sharing this with my daughter as she is currently fascinated with American Girl dolls.

  79. My only granddaughter, age 6, is named Grace and her brother,age 5 (and my only grandson) is named Braden Thomas. So the names are just perfect. Another interesting fact is that as a child their mother always talked about owning a bakery. She started college as a French major but changed to education and is now a speech language pathologist. However, she has never given up her love of cooking. She enjoys cooking, especially with her two children. I taught home economics ( foods and child care) before coming a middle school principal. Now that I am retired we enjoy making memories with our grandchildren. This American girl doll is indeed a special edition just like my Grace.

  80. The American Girl Collection has always been so special . More than just a “doll” …
    each one so unique in what can be taught through her story .
    Our “youngest” ladies are learning history , learning to nurture , being shown values,love, kindness and the importance of a strong character .
    How nice to know that quality still exists and there is an interest in something other than some “technological gadget” .
    What little girl would not adore Grace ?
    I know a special angel that would …her name is Alana. Alana has had quite a few medical problems since birth . She has had multiple cardiac and lung procedures in her young life . She is a true blessing to our family and continues to delight and amaze us .
    January 23rd is her birthday .
    Thank heaven for little girls !

  81. Grace, I do have a granddaughter named Grace. The definition of grace in the Bible is “unmerited favor.” Yes!
    The doll looks wonderful. Thank you for this opportunity to win her.

  82. Since I had two sons, I am so thankful for a precious GRANDdaughter. Since her daddy is in the Army (and is currently deployed) we don’t see each other very often. When we are together we enjoy tea parties…..hats, gloves, tiny sandwiches, and dolls. I would love to give her her first American Girl Doll at our next tea party.

  83. Hi, Wish I had a little girl to share the dolls with. Dolls are part of being a little girl. Hope someone wins that has a special person. Charlotte

  84. I am a first time Grandma of a beautiful little girl! She will be two years old this month and is getting to the age of learning how to take care of her “baby dolls”. It would be such a wonderful gift to give her “Grace” (who is a baker) in a few years. I have started teaching her to bake with me! Baking cakes for family are my hobbies when we are together. She pulls up a chair to the kitchen counter and climbs on up to “help” me make a cake. It really means so much to me that this is something that we can do together for many years to come. I think “Grace” from the American Girl doll is a beautiful gift to pass on down to my little granddaughter.

  85. “Full blown panic”? Possibly not getting it “out of the question”? We are talking about a doll, right? American Girl dolls are wonderful and the memories created with them are lovely, but they are still dolls. I think we have some first world problem loss of perspective here.

  86. When I was young I would have given anything for an American Girl doll. This is a great giveaway and I would love to win Grace Thomas for a great niece since I don’t have any granddaughters.

  87. Love American Girl Dolls……..I love to take my granddaughter and great nieces to the American Girl Doll store and listen to their dreams and wishes. The fact that they encourage reading made them special to me as I love to read. If you can read you are never alone. Pick up a book and make a new friend or visit a new place or find something new to make or bake. Great give away. Thaks for sharing this with us. I think this popped up on my FB feed today.

  88. I raised three boys (ages 38 to 41 – and loved every minute of doing “boy” things.) After they married – we now have 6 grandchildren – two little boys and four little girls. Now, I have the pleasure of doing “girlie” things with my granddaughters. Makeup and tea parties and dance. They also love baking with their Mom. I think this new doll and her project of no hungry child will be a good thing for them to learn about. They love helping others and their Mom is a really terrific baker. There are several American dolls in the family and I was able to buy a small wardrobe for the dolls – giving them a Large wardrobe through mix and match – cute, idea, I thought, so did they I plan to buy the book that goes with this doll – what a great inspiration for all girls. and please consider us for the new doll. Thanks for your newsletters and your magazine.

  89. I would love to have Grace for my grandaughter, Saskia. She loves anything that involves the kitchen. I have given her the collection of Sugar Cookie Books and this American doll would only add to her fascination with all things cooking.

  90. Such a beautiful doll and so great to inspire/teach young girls to give to those in need. Wonderful to teach young girls to cook at an early age too. When I was a young girl, my Mom let me help her cook & bake anytime I wanted to. I believe this fostered my love to bake & cook for family & friends even to this day.

  91. I have purchased several AG dolls for my daughter and granddaughters and now my youngest granddaughter is loving her mom’s Samantha and is loving baking with me. This would be an awesome example for her.

  92. I have a sweet little granddaughter named Charlie ( Charlotte) who loves to cook with her Mom. I know she would treasure Grace.

  93. My family loves American Girl Dolls!! My daughter has Samantha and Kit and she will never part with them and she is now 25. My niece has an American Girl doll and we buy her accessories for gifts and she would be so excited to get Grace. She loves to bake and I have given her baking lessons and she bakes for her family.

  94. My favorite great aunt was a “Grace” who loved to bake. Would love this doll as a legacy to pass on to my grandchildren someday,

  95. I was lucky enough as a grandmother to give my only granddaughter an American Girl doll. We have shared many wonderful memories as only a grandmother and granddaughter can with the beautiful doll. I love the idea of the doll now taking that shared love a step further to expand to other children in need. Sounds like another great memory to share with my granddaughter. Thanks to you and American Girl for giving us another project to share together as a family.

  96. I have loved the American Girl dolls since the beginning! I have one granddaughter and 4 great-granddaughters and would love for them to enjoy Grace as I have all the others. Thanks for your thoughtful ‘give away’! Love your journal each day.

  97. I had to smile when I read your journal entry. My grandmother, who loved to cook and bake, and who shared wonderful recipes with me, such as “Butterhorns,” and “Cherry Nut Cake,” was named Grace Thomas Warrington.
    I have all boys, but this would be a nice treat for my niece, Samara, who is seven, and likes to try her hand at cooking already, and would have a doll with the same name as her great-grandmother.

  98. I would love this doll for granddaughter. My son her Dad is going through some serious health problems right now and I think this would be a nice distraction for her. Thank you for the giveaway.

  99. Please include me in your American Girl giveaway. Grace is a beautiful doll and my granddaughter had taken a cooking class last summer and it would be a wonderful addition to her doll collection. Thank you.

  100. I have 7 granddaughters in 3 states and wish that I had discovered the American Girl dolls much sooner. I have enjoyed reading about Felicity of Williamsburg with one of the older girls, and loved the history and etiquette that was being learned with Felicity. But my youngest granddaughter, Charlotte, and I have enjoyed taking her American Doll, Kip, to tea our local American Girl Doll store/tea room.
    When Charlotte and I bake, we enjoy using some of the old family recipes and talking about how they may have been prepared without electric mixers and other modern conveniences. I have taught her the importance of properly measuring the ingredients which is incorporating math that she has not yet encountered in school as well as some chemistry. Cooking and baking have been a wonderful bonding experience and teaching tool, and we always enjoy the results of our efforts.
    Grace Thomas would further encourage Charlotte’ s love of baking and open her mind and heart to using her talents to assist others who may not be as fortunate as we have been.

  101. I have a young sewing student who would be thrilled beyond anything to have this doll. She is adopted and her mother, with limited means, is home schooling her. She is a happy, well-adjusted child who is so appreciative of anything. I have given her an 18″ doll so she can have a doll to sew for (she had been making dolls out of scraps of fabric), which she loves, however, she can’t comb the doll’s hair without ruining it. She knows about American Girl dolls because some of her family members and friends have them and is always talking about them. She also loves to cook. I would love to win this for her.

  102. My daughter loves AG dolls! I also got her Felicity when she was being archived even though she was maybe only ! She would love to get Grace!

  103. After raising four terrific boys, I found out on Christmas Day that I’m finally going to be a grandma! I’d love to start an American Girl tradition with a future granddaughter!

  104. My children and my grandchildren always cooked and baked with me.It was a time to create and enjoy each other. We learn a lot about each other in the process. Winning an American Girl Doll would be wonderful and I would probably share it with someone young (my grands are nearly all grown) perhaps via an organization I volunteer with during the year. It is wonderful for children to see the importance of home skills and see the value the work of their hands.

  105. Ooh, my sweet girls have wanted an American Girl doll for years now, and little Grace is so sweet, with her highlighted hair and freckles. She actually looks very much like my Chloe. And since I sew, I’d love having a little “model” for my creations! She’d be adored and spoiled here. Thank you so much for the chance! 🙂

  106. My granddaughter is just getting old enough for American Girl dolls. Both of my daughters had them (and still have them) when they were growing up. I even have my own American Girl doll that I used to sew for! I would love for my granddaughter to have her own American Girl doll and this one seems perfect!

  107. My granddaughters adore the American Dolls. The youngest granddaughter has learned to sew for her doll. What a wonderful charity campaign the American Doll Corp. is hosting to help stamp out hunger in America, especially for children. God bless them. Everyone, let’s join in.

  108. What a wonderful program. I would love to give my little granddaughter her first American girl. I love the new doll Grace , she is so pretty. What a blessing it would be for Ashlyn to hold her and we could read her story together.

  109. My daughter and I have enjoyed American Girl dolls together for years. She would love to add this special doll to her collection.

  110. My 3 girls just love American Girl dolls as well as helping mommy bake! This doll would be a wonderful gift for my youngest daughter that does not have a doll of her own. I love that American Girl is helping such a wonderful cause as feeding America!

  111. This is a worthy campaign! Thank you for your contribution. I would love to win this doll for my granddaughter whose middle name is Grace. She lives up to her name daily.

  112. I would love to win Grace for my grand daughter. She looks like her with her brown hair and blue eyes and she loves Paris and loves to bake!

  113. I don’t have any granddaughters yet, but would love to have this doll to add to my collection of “toys” that I am starting for the inevitable day that I do!

  114. Such a sweet and wonderful program. I am anxious to get my little granddaughter her first American girl. I love the new doll Grace because she has brown hair and blue eyes. Just perfect for our little princess!

  115. My little red headed grand daughter couldn’t wait to show me her American Girl catalog with the new doll of the year. I’d love to win Grace Thomas for her.

  116. We use our great kitchen church to bless folks in various walks of life needing food, shelter, cancer patients, young men and women dealing with alcohol and drugs recovery and many more. I would love to share with my granddaughter Avery how the love of cooking multiples beyond our imagination to bless multitudes. This would be a life lesson taught through a very special way.

  117. I have been trying for a year to figure out which American Girl Doll to purchase for my oldest granddaughter. Recently, we looked at a magazine and she chose one of them and I will buy it for her birthday. When I saw your post about a baker American Girl Doll, I teared up… I love baking and my second oldest granddaughter seems to be following in my footsteps. I bought her a play kitchen for Christmas and she was thrilled, so I cannot think about anything more fitting than getting this doll for her.

  118. I’d love to win the doll too. I have all the American Girls book series and the Molly doll. My daughter has Samantha. We both love to bake and will enjoy the new doll and series.

  119. The American Girl dolls are truly representative of the spirit we want to encourage our daughters and granddaughters to embody. Grace is a welcome addition to the American Girl family. I would love to win her for my sweet six year old granddaughter! Thank you for sponsoring this contest!

  120. What an awesome program. I have purchased Samantha and Bitty Baby for my youngest daughter (now 24), when she was young. She still has them and cherishes them. I love to bake and this is awesome to inspire young people to get back to the kitchen and be creative.

    God Bless,

    Linda Baumgartner

  121. What a great program! The good Lord blessed me with a house full of boys. I never got to purchase an American Girl doll. But I would just pour over their magazines and dream. i now have two granddaughters and I am learning all that goes with girls. I can’t wait to share an American Girl doll with both of them. I would love to win this doll. Thank you for the opportunity.

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