Gift Giving and Receiving

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I don’t know about you, but I am always overwhelmed when a friend brings me a little “happy”—a token of our friendship. Receiving is usually difficult, as I prefer to be in the giving role, but is it wonderful to be remembered.

Hostess gifts are the one thing I really struggle with. I am always looking for something unique to give instead of the traditional items of wine, flowers, or candy. I recently took a friend a potted plant in hopes that she would love it for her garden. Another gift that is fun to give is small books. An old piece of china is a lovely and unique gift to give as well. The important thing is to give yourself in a small, simple way.

Have you ever adopted a Secret Pal? We did this years ago in a women’s group at church. Of course you tried to remain anonymous as long as possible, but it was fun sneaking gifts and small tokens of friendship to another person. What would be even more meaningful would be to do this for someone who is lonely or had lost a loved one.

Being remembered is an endearing thing. For those of you who have sent me things you have made, poems you have written, and letters of encouragement, thank you. I read every post you place on Ribbon and each one is a gift from you. Share your love today with someone special.

What are some of your go-to gift ideas?

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  1. Recovering from surgery has resulted in some wonderful support from my friends. One brought a delicious dinner with enough for a second night of leftovers. Another just sent me a Fannie Flagg book that I love as a displaced southerner living in California.
    Best gift is a phone call as familiar voices always are welcome since a text does not allow the caring emotions to be heard. Friendship is a blessing and always the best thank you gift.

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