Happy Almost Mother’s Day!

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This weekend is a very special time for all of us as we celebrate Mother’s Day. I love my mother. She is quite the character. She is at the helm of all mischief in our family, and no one can sit by her in church as she always finds humor in everything.

She is tagged “Mimi.” My boys named her that when they were learning to speak. And the remaining grandchildren followed suit. There is not enough space to write about all the wonderful times we had growing up.

Every day was an adventure as she boasts that she would never have sent us to school if Dad hadn’t made her. There was just too much to do to be bothered with school. That always intrigued me as she was her high school valedictorian and believed in education.

I had to make an out of town trip when my boys were young, and Mom and Dad agreed that they should stay with them. When I called home that evening to inquire about their day at school, I was told by one of mine that they did not attend school that day. I asked to speak to Mimi, and she politely informed me that they had more important things to do that day. I laughed inside and realized that some things will never change.

Mom understands that everyday experiences are educational too. Making mud pies, throwing water balloons, and finding the closest hamburger place would be the childhood memories that we would grow up with. Mom’s 87 years old and still going strong. I do believe she would still be making mud pies and throwing water balloons if she could. Maybe that would be the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day with her!

I am thankful for Mom and wish her and all the mothers a very happy Mother’s Day.

How are you celebrating the special women in your life tomorrow?


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  1. You are so blessed to have your mother still with you. My mother passed away almost ten years ago and there is rarely a day that passes that I don’t think of her at some point in my day. Those of us who had wonderful mothers have truly been given a gift from God. Thank you Phyllis for your wonderful posts. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

  2. Aunt Nez is one of my favorite people. I am glad that she was so involved in the boys life. She does make life fun.

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