Happy Groundhog Day!

Happy Groundhog Day!

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The whole concept is amazing to me. As one of our most popular and widely anticipated folklore celebrations, Groundhog Day is such a seemingly-silly tradition. How does the groundhog seeing his shadow determine if winter remains or if the season has come to an end? I always watch with amazement at the man who holds up the groundhog for all to see. It is a national media sensation.

Apparently, this practice is rooted in a European tradition called Candlemas Day. The clergy would bless candles and distribute them to the people. Depending on the weather during Candlemas Day, the people could determine if there would be a “second winter.” If the weather was clear and bright, the cold winter fight would continue. If the weather was wet and foul, then they knew the worst of winter had passed.

This same logic applies to Punxsutawney Phil and his shadow on February 2nd each year. If the weather is clear, Punxsutawney Phil will likely see his shadow and we can plan for another six weeks of winter. If it is overcast and rainy, we can assume spring is right around the corner!

In Pennsylvania this week there will be a man who picks up the animal and twirls him around for all to see, proclaiming the weather status. I shake my head in disbelief that anyone would want to pickup a groundhog!

Now let me really share my insight into this situation. It was several months after we were married and was standing in the bathroom getting ready to go out to dinner with friends. I looked out the window and staring up at me was this animal. He was big and stood up on his back legs just gazing. I don’t know who was more shocked—the groundhog or me. I called for Neal quickly and explained there was a creature in the backyard that was staring at me. That was a mistake, big mistake. He explained that it was a groundhog and then proceeded to continually harass me about my new and mesmerized admirer.

I watched him finally walk off to his burrow, which was located right off the edge of our yard. He comes up into the yard from time to time to eat one of my prized flowers, still big, brown, and very ugly.

Have you seen the movie Groundhog Day? It is worth the watch! It is an old movie and very funny, I think of it often and laugh.

Anyway… Happy Groundhog Day to all of us! I hope your life is filled with warmth and love as you enjoy this holiday.

Tell me your groundhog stories!

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  1. I have the honor of being born on this “Special Day” so I have enjoyed lots of birthday comments through the years. I have always thought it special that so many friends and family actually remembered just because it was Ground Hog’s Day!!! Looking forward to
    Spring and hosting lots of Tea Parties. Thanks for all the lovely publications.

    Warm regards!

  2. The tablescape is so beautifully springy. I can’t wait for spring now.
    However, I must admit, every time one of these outdoor tables are shown, I think about the practicalities: flys, Mosquitoes, and other such uninvited and unwelcome visitors.

  3. This morning when I went into my kitchen and l looked out at the Bradford Pear tree in my little garden there was on sprig of little white blossoms on it. The rest of the tree is budding and one Butter and Eggs jonquil is trying mightily to open. The sky was a bit gloomy and changed back and forth with blue and white throughout the day. If there were a groundhog anywhere in the neighborhood a weather prediction would have been difficult to decide upon.

    Your picnic setting is heavenly. You find such colorful things to express your joy and spark us to share your happy moods. Thank you for consistently adding beautiful things and beautiful thoughts to our days.

    Another “Thank you” to your interesting readers. Wouldn’t it be fun if somehow all of us could gather ’round in one of your settings and chat face to face exchanging stories?

  4. I have a ground hog living in my back yard.Every spring she has kits.They are so cute.They are there for a while and then they are gone.

  5. Phyllis, I love your tablescape and setting! It’s gorgeous! Also, I’ll be seeing my grandkids later today and will have to tell them your story about the Peeping Badger! They’ll love it! Good thing he wasn’t a real Peeping Tom! Hmmm… maybe “Tom” would be a good name for him???
    Happy Groudhog Day!

  6. Last years ground hog celebration in the village of Sun Prairie WI, just east of Madison involved the mayor picking up Jimmy the ground hog and letting him sit on his shoulder. Jimmy began sniffing the mayor and eventually nipped him on his ear!!! This was played on television over and over. Needless to say today’s event with Jimmy’s prediction was shown with him in a large cage keeping the mayor safe!! People seem to need to be reminded about respecting animals and their surroundings.

  7. The ancient Romans used the month of February to start clearing the fields, purifying their homes, and honoring their families. Even though we are in the midst of winter up here in the North, the sun is shining in late afternoon (when it isn’t snowing), and it’s still a great time to do some spring cleaning and decluttering!

  8. Chuckles, Phyllis.
    What a lovely spring picnic setting! In Texas this morning, it sounds a lot like spring with all the birds chirping; but, we’re told that they might be chattering by day’s end!
    No groundhog story, but will a badger one do?
    Many years ago while we were eating our picnic by a beautiful high mountain lake during a Sierra Nevada backcountry hike, a badger decided to share our snack. We actually thought the badger was going to crawl into my husband’s lap. This was one time even my NPS Ranger husband fed the animals. No one fights a sardine hungry badger!!

  9. Thank you Phyllis for sharing the beautiful picture this Groundhog Day. It is a clear, beautiful, sunny but cold (26 degree) day in western Washington. A good day to remember the beautiful flowers are coming. I love the Iris!

  10. I have no story…. just laugh and enjoy the tradition…. and …….am thankful I don’t have to hold the groundhog up.

    What I do know, is that your blog is always so upbeat and refreshing!! Whether interesting information, delicious recipes, funny family stories or uplifting suggestions from your readers, I love every bit of it!! And, you and the fellow bloggers make my day!!

    Civility and fun is alive and well in this lovely blog! I always grab a cup of
    Coffee… or a delicious cup of tea and breathe a sigh of relief. God bless you!

  11. As a former teacher, I can tell you my elementary children loved the folklore of Groundhog Day. They loved drawing pictures of him. I always wished that the legend was about a cuter critter because we “had” to hang their masterpieces! What joy and fun it was to see the smiles no matter what the prediction of the next six weeks of weather would be. Thank you for sharing your story. At least the groundhogs staring at me weren’t real.

  12. I saw yellow jonquils blooming this morning. That usually means our area will see more snow before Spring. We have had a mild Winter so far here in beautiful East Tennessee. Just seeing flowers bloom lifts my spirits! Have a wonderful day.

  13. I always shake my head…of course he will see his shadow. How can he not with all those TV lights and flashes going off!!! Hopefully Spring will bless us soon.

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