Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

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I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you can take time to reflect during these wonderful winter days. As we prepare for a new year of Ribbon together, what posts do you like to read here? We got rave reviews over my sister writing her side of stories and an overwhelming response to the post on “no problem.” But what encourages you? This blog is for all of us, and I want to make it meaningful. Please let me know your thoughts.

I am enjoying these days and beautiful moments between Christmas and New Year’s with my family. Love to all!

 What was your favorite part of Christmas this year?

Taste of the South Holiday Baking 2017


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  1. Hi Phyllis,

    I live on the west coast (Salem, Oregon) and I’m happy to say that I have a few nieces and a nephew who love all of the traditional Scandinavian china, figurines, and food that we have during the holiday season!

  2. I cherish the truth, beauty and goodness of your ribbon posts and all of the Victoria magazines. You remind us that there is a Living Hope in this world. Thank you for that!

  3. I have a daughter and a son who cannot wait for my 4 generations of dishes, crystal, and silver. They other 3 could care less. I agree so sad they don’t realize the history in these things.

  4. A few more stories, on gardening, vases, pottery pots, tea sets, and table clothes. I just read a story about tea sets, and china dinnerwear, from the 30’s, 40’s 50’s that families, are not keeping them the new generation of young people, are dumping them off at Thrift stores, the young people, don’t have room or time to have parties, that use this beautiful china. I’ve been seeing a lot of beautiful sets being sold for next to nothing at our local thrift shops, I wish I could buy them up so if you do see them you may be able to get them on the cheap. It’s sad to see this trend happen. I love to use my china in my everyday life I have bought tea cups, and saucers, to plant small plants, or as a pretty plant saucers, thank your family, and your work family, for putting out such beautiful, information in all your publications.

    1. Yes I truly agree with you as I was just given a box full of teacup and saucers a young lady gave me. These belonged to her grandmother and were actually brought over in a suitcase many many yeas ago from England! I plan on serving tea in them to bring them back to life as they were meant to be.

  5. I find the photos enchanting, whether it’s of treasures you collect, bounty you prepare, delicate handiwork adorning adorable grandchildren, crafts prepared with loving hands, … all entice me to read the stories about them. And your thoughts and musings are just as enchanting (and sometimes most thought-provoking!) Thank you for sharing your time and talent.

    A most happy holiday to you and your family and friends… and to all of us who follow you, here’s to a happy and prosperous new year!!

  6. Dear Phyllis, As I have stated, I have been an avid fan of Victoria since it’s inception. Two of my younger sisters have been subscribers also. They have both recently moved and have decided to part with their back issues as space dictates. I have read several blog responses wishing for back issues of Victoria. Could you please assist me in contact any of those persons? Thank you and I pray you and yours and all the blog fans a very happy and healthy New Year! Sincerely, Sharon

  7. Dear Phyllis,

    Thank you fro always giving of yourself in your blog posts. Please keep that up! Some of my favorites which I’d love to see more of include: England, France, tea, places to visit (shops, restaurants, hotels), interviews with interesting women. I’d also love to see photographs from the original Victoria photographer, whose artwork was such an integral part of the original magazine. Happy New Year!

  8. AS someone living in the southern hemisphere, and in an area where the change of seasons is not marked by extreme changes in weather (we only get the occasional frost in winter, here in Auckland, New Zealand), I enjoy learning about American culture through the the seasons through the eyes of a Southern lady. I also enjoy the graciousness, the beauty and the fine detail that is so much a part of Victoria, and is less commonly found in casual, laid back “she’ll be right” New Zealand.

  9. I love to hear and see beauty. Beauty of family, homes, special occasions, friendships, gardens, landscapes, decor, and the beauty of hand lettering and communication, as well as heirloom linens , a beautiful tablescape, handcrafted items of beauty such as sewing, quilting, crochet, and embroidery. Reading heartwarming stories can lift my spirits and my day. Thank you for the beauty of your magazines and your blog. They bring joy to my world.

  10. We love your magazines. “Victoria” is a favorite. We now subscribe to “Cottage Journal”. The features on the other countries are superb, and the history of some of the landmarks and inns here in the United States are interesting. Would love to see some book reviews and recommendations from time to time. Thank You Phyllis and your staff for magazines that are not only beautiful but filled with kindness and joy.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  11. You are a beautiful lady. I moved from Arkansas when I was four years old, but I like to think of myself as a southern lady. I am 76 and still going pretty good. I just love reading your magazine, Southern Lady. To me it represents a certain grace. Thank you so much for your ribbons.

  12. Comments on family and their responses to your adventures. …All the articles are so lovely especially descriptions of your new home and decorations of festive table settings.

  13. I love all of your post and am looking forward to Harrys’ wedding and your take on it. This CHRISTMAS I spent time with my sister and a cousin that moved from Boston to North Carolina. It was the first time we had her with us and the stories we heard from her were wonderful. We went to see the Messiah ballet in Raleigh that was beyond description. I decorated CHRISTMAS trees in both their homes, made fun arrangements and sang many CHRISTMAS Carols, and cooked all the southern foods I could dream up for her. Her favorite was my corn pudding. What wonderful memories.

  14. l love every one of your posts, Phyllis. The ones that inform us of your childhood, your family, your food customs, and your Southern-style of living are especially enjoyed. Keep doing what you do best: inspiring us!

  15. I am 56 years old. I have had kidney cancer for 2 years. I am on chemo and I had my right kidney removed. 9 months after that i had a triple heart bypass. Tho and a half years ago (1 month after my beloved mother died of breast cancer. I was blessed with the most wonderful mom and I had her with me when she died. She was 87 and a half and not ready to go. She went peacefully in her sleep. I thank God for that. Exactly one year before that I lost my only sibling, my older brother, he was 61 and had a stroke that went into a massive heart attack. He was asleep and never knew what hit him. I thank God for that too. I have good days and bad days and can’t really plan on anything. All of my family is gone. I am not married and I never had any kids. My mother said I would live to regret that one day and you, know she was right. But I live in a nice house and it is warm, my boyfriend lives with me and we have a beautiful Golden Retriever and a grey and white cat.

    And as I put up Christmas decorations, I could feel my mom with me. They are all here. They are all around me. My mom, my dad and my brother and we had a wonderful Christmas and I thank God I am alive.

  16. Christmas is a feeling that fills my heart with great joy. I wish I had a time machine so I could keep reliving over and over this special season full of gatherings with family,friends,beautiful carols, snowy days,warmth by the hearth, hot cocoa and cookies and the special glow that surrounds us all during special church services.
    But it is also most important to remember those who are not as fortunate and need our help not just at this time but throughout the year.
    Thank you Phyllis for filling our hearts and minds in so many ways through your ribbon as an extension of all things wonderful that are found in your lovely magazines.

  17. I love hearing about anything involving tea or tea parties. I also have a love for beautiful China and wonderful tablescapes and for lovely flowers.

  18. Having our younger son home from the military, and the elder son and daughter-in-law expecting our first grandchild, made us so blessed this Christmas !
    I have enjoyed all the blog posts. Such a treat to see what subject will be next. The posts are beautifully written!

  19. I love all of the Ribbons you have written. Every single one of them. Keep doing these along with the recipes & pictures of your new home. And tell your sister to write a few of these Ribbons too. I love the mix.
    Enjoy your time off with your family and have a good new year.

  20. Our Christmas this year has been filled with special times with our adult ( 19 and 21 years) kids. They are in between college semesters and have chosen to spend much of their time with my husband and me. This delights us! They’re also getting with their friends during this break. That our kids can have strong and rich friendships in this technical, social-network of an age they’re growing up in ( and one they very much embrace) makes my husband and me feel like our laboratory of parenting have not been in vain. GOD has brought us together as a family team and we have nurtured relationship between our family members. But we also want our kids to enter into vibrant relationships outside of family as they “step out” to make a difference in the lives of others. We’re encouraged to see that happening!

  21. It’s encouraging in this confusing world to have your grown children willing to “change” Christmas to a different date so that we could gather for at least one day together. Makes a mother’s heart sing!

    As far as future interesting columns, would love to see more of how you incorporated Victoria’s bliss in the building of your new home. Also love new products by entrepreneurs and cooking/baking segments. Guess I love it all. Thank you!!!

  22. Having most of my grown children home , is the best. A special Christmas gift was my son attending Christmas candlelight service, which he hasn’t done in years!

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