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Happy Thanksgiving From Me to You

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We have all anticipated this day for an entire year. It is the official beginning of the oh-so-magical holiday season! Thanksgiving is a time of reflecting on our blessings and being grateful for what we have been given. However, the truth is that we should do this every day. It is easy to race through life without pondering what a blessing the small day-to-day things are, so we should intentionally do this as frequently as we can.

I am grateful for many, many things: my husband, my family, my adorable grandchildren, and a life filled with beautiful moments and memories, some of which I get to share here with all of you on Ribbon!

I wish for each of you a lovely day and encourage you to make this holiday a time of reflection. May God bless you richly and assure you of your great worth in this world. Remember that everything you do, small or large, touches others in some way and enriches their lives.

Happy Thanksgiving, sweet friends!
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  1. I am thankful for all my family,friends and my friendly and helpful neighbors. I am thankful for all the beautiful magazines and books you publish. Ribbon is another thing to be thankful for. Phyllis I wish you and your family a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for my family,friends and neighbors who are always there when I need them. We have 21 pound turkey and it is just the thee of us, so our friend laughed because we are small eaters.

  3. Today it’s about MORE GRAVY not less! more of all the Thanksgiving foodies I love to share with my husband and family. Throwing out the thoughts of calories and enjoy the day and all we have to be thankful for. Fall, some sprinkling of rain, leaves everywhere, the beauty in our Fall colors we have been blessed with and of course our dear friend Phyllis!
    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all the Ribbon in my Journal friends from all parts of this great USA… My God Bless you all during this traditional season we are so grateful for.
    California Carmel

  4. I am such a fan of yours,to be a true lady,godly,gracious and kind. These are goals for me and watching you I know it is attainable. Thank you for keeping me in touch with such lovely places and things. God bless each of us and our beloved country

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Phyllis to you and your family! Thank you for bringing so many wonderful publications and emails from Hoffman Media. I am a southern girl at heart and love the beautiful pictures, recipes, and stories.

    Looking forward to all the wonderful Christmas posts.

  6. You are a blessing to every person that reads Ribbon or picks up one of your magazines and reads it, I am blessed every time I open Southern Lady and see Proverbs 31:10 from Scripture. I remember the first time I saw Southern Lady on the news stand. We thought it would be fun to drive from Colorado to North Carolina that year for CHRISTMAS. To keep myself entertained I bought lots of CHRISTMAS magazines. The only one I remember was Southern Lady and I was thrilled that you put together a magazine (I thought) just for me! It was delightful. It brought back every wonderful memory of past CHRISTMAS’. Thank you from the bottom of my heart sweet Phyllis. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.

  7. Dear Phyllis, may we all appreciate all the blessings that God has given us. Your beautiful words remind us that you are a woman of God. Thank you and may you enjoy this day with your family!

  8. Thank you for that reminder. It is easy to fall into complacency, forgetting that others are affected by our daily lives. I think we expect to do great things one day or at least hope for such a big opportunity without thinking much about the small things that tie us together. Like threads on a garment, there is a weaving effect from small things done with love.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving. I wish you a day filled with your family, friends and most of all joy. ♥️ I count you amongst my blessings, as I’m sure everyone who knows you in person or “in print” . Thank you for making our world a more inspiring place.

  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Phyllis! Thank you so much for giving us The Ribbon in my Journal with your warm and inspiring words as well as the beautiful magazines you create for our pleasure. So much to be grateful for! The world could surely use more people like you.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you. Thank you for your encouraging words. We do have a lot for which to be thankful. We do touch others lives as the touch ours…

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