Happy Valentine’s Day

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Today I wish you a heart of love! We are all bonded together in friendship by our love of beautiful moments in life. Thank you for being my friend and sharing these times together.

Several years ago I recorded a CD, “An Evening in May,” and on that CD is one of my favorite songs, “It Had to Be You.” I love this song, and am reminded that music is associated with wonderful times in our lives and marks those times in our memory. Neal and I had fun making this video for our Southern Lady Gracious Living Club as our special greeting to you for this special time. See the sneak peek below!


Happy Valentine’s Day from our home to yours! How are you celebrating?


Get the CD today!


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  1. Thank you so much…I am thrilled to finally hear you play the piano! Talented friend, what a treat.

    For years our family celebrated Valentine’s Day together with a special dinner, with home made Valentine’s Cards for everyone at the table. During dinner, we would all speak about each member of our family and tell what we particularly “loved” {one year, our youngest was so mad at her older sister that day that all she could say was “Nicole has pretty shoes!”} and give each other compliments. During dessert we retold the story of how my husband and I met and fell in love, and look through our wedding album with our children.

    I miss those days! Now, I send a box of cards, and special gifts to our three grandchildren, and my husband and I celebrate together. I hope that your Valentine’s Day was special. xoxo Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse.com

  2. I have a copy of “Evening in May” and have enjoyed it. Bought early after you made it. Such a wonderful idea for a special wedding gift, too. I enjoy ALL of your magazines; but, Southern Lady, Victoria & Celebrate are my favorites.

  3. I have this CD and just love it! I have not played in a while, but thanks to your sweet reminder, I will be playing it this evening. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  4. Although I love Easter & Christmas for their Christian meanings, Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite ever since I was a kid! With St. Valentine’s history, it’s a religious holiday as well as a wonderful opportunity to express love to others. I well remember making the little “mailbox” that went on my school desk! I’ve always loved the colors & cards of Valentine’s Day! I took great care at putting little candies in my classmates cards! That excitement carries over to this day! I begin the first of Feb to wear heart jewelry every day. I’ve amassed quite a bit of it over the years as hearts are my favorite motif, followed closely by flowers! My late husband always knew that heart jewelry, flowers & chocolate were the order of the day. Our son has carried on his father’s example & has done these lovely gestures for me ever since he was a young boy & to this day. Today I’m wearing the ruby dancing heart necklace he gave me yesterday. I have heart shaped candleholders, plates, baking pans, even measuring cups! The house is strung w/hearts, lights, ribbon, lace and beautiful music is played. I love to have people over for a meal where everything served is heart shaped! They even get heart shaped blueberry muffins to take home for the next morning! Everyone gets a card w/their name in calligraphy, candy & a small handmade gift. I sew doilies together w/ribbon & place the candy inside. I don’t just invite my friends. I invite people who are widowed, divorced, single but wish they weren’t etc. Some people live away from loved ones. I invite them also. It’s always amazing to me how when you express love & care toward others, they respond like flowers to water! God can bond a group of people together in such a beautiful way! I am so blessed by the love that has always been given to me! I so much enjoy giving love away! Truly, “The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay. Love isn’t love till you give it away.”

  5. My husband is not what one would call a Romantic, but he enjoys having guests at our table. Today, for Valentine’s Day there were 9 of us. He called the guests for me, I set the table with my best china & silver & everyone brought a favorite dish. I printed note sized place cards at each plate. When dessert. was served, I collected the cards, let each person draw a card (not allowing anyone to draw their own name) and asked them to write a valentine message to the person whose name they drew. It opened up a delightful conversation that lasted for hours.

  6. That was so Beautiful, Thank-you showing me a lovely way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It seemed to change
    my day around for the better.

  7. Thank you so much for making my day. Such a beautiful song. I’ve always loved it. I do so enjoy reading all the notes that people send they bring tears to my eyes. Happy Valentines to you and your family.

  8. Phyllis — It IS a beautiful life, and thank you for making it even more so! “It Had to be You” is our song — my and my husband’s. So all the more beautiful and poignant today.
    Thanks for being YOU! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Neal!

  9. Dear Phyllis and all your family,friends, and all your readers! A Ver Happy and Blessed Valentine’s Day! Wishing you all a day filled with Love, Joy, and Blessings!
    I’m not doing anything special but I love Valentine’s Day. Always have. I decorate and send cards to all my friends. But nobody I know is really into it like I’m. Except all of you. Wish all of you the Best and Lots of Love, Barbara
    P.S. Thanks Phyllis for sharing the video. You’re a amazing Lady!

  10. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY PHYLLIS! I love your CD Evening in May. I bought one and bought another for a friend. She loves it too. I love Valentine’s Day and when I was rearing my family I decorated as much for this holiday as Christmas. Special festivities, food,etc. One year I put on a Valentine Tea for my closest girlfriends. Set a lovely table (same dinnerware as in your photo), huge bouquet of pink, red, white mixed flowers, just all around good time. This year I am by myself, won’t see my grandchildren but am happy in my heart remembering past Valentine’s Days. Enjoying tea in my heart mug..

  11. Oh my. I have this CD and there is no other like it…and this is just one of the wonders on it. I have just sat down for a rest after setting my table with wedgewood’s Charmwood all the while listening to An Evening in May and found this note. What fun. I yearn for one of this lovely woman’s talents. Thanks for all the beauty you continue to add to my life. I have 3 of these CD’s just in case something should happen to one and they make fabulous gifts. Nancy

  12. Even in my frumpiest Saturday morning rags, under-the-eye bags, you make me feel like the lady I really am inside. So does my hubby of 45 years ~ this year he brought home a large pot of pink Stargazer Lilies, some blooming, many yet in elegant buds. Later when lilies fade and drop off, I’ll add these to my English garden border.

  13. Happy Valentines Day Phyllis. I feel like we are indeed friends because we think so much alike. I enjoy all you do and reading your magazines & blog.

  14. Playing the piano is just one of your many amazing talents and abilities. Your pictured table setting is so beautiful–it brings me joy just looking at it. Thanks for all of your fabulous posts–a bright spot in my day.

  15. We usually do not do much for Valentines Day but after 45 years of marriage, my husband gave me a little pink box today. Inside was a small silver heart that said ‘Love You”. Wow, he can still melt my heart. Happy Valentines Day to everyone, young and old.

  16. That was so sweet!
    Hubbie isn’t the romantic sort, so we don’t really do anything as a couple, but I am baking “love bug” cupcakes for our little sweeties today. 🙂
    Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

  17. Alica Walker stated, “Whenever you are creating beauty around you, you are restoring your own soul.” You truly have a gift for soul restoration.

  18. Absolutely beautiful and one of my favorite songs! Today my mom and dad would be married 73 years. I’m certain they are celebrating in the heavens as I write this. Love The Ribbon in My Journal … brings back so many memories and allows me to reflect on life in a different way.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

  19. Almost 10 years ago one of my best friends named Connie gave me a copy of Southern Lady. It is by far my favourite magazine. Gracious Living for me is having friends who enjoy these beautiful moments and are graced by God’s presence in their lives. Thank you for gracing our lives with such beauty.

  20. My dad was a professional musician/singer. “It Had To Be You” was one of his all-time favorites and always sang it to my mom on her birthday. Happy Valentine’s Day Mom and Dad wherever you.

  21. So lovely Phyllis! Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Thanks you for all that you do. Enjoy your blogs, look forward to each and everyone.

  22. What a beautiful tablescape and video! Your beauty and grace shines through in everything you do. Thanks so much for sharing it with us through your wonderful posts and magazines. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  23. oh this is lovely! thank you for sharing. You play piano too!!?? you sew, cross stitch, quilt and cook and run a company!! when do you sleep? what an amazing lady you are! I need to get my act together for sure.
    Happy Valentines day to you too!xx

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