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Hear from Vietri Founder, Susan Gravely at Our Southern Lady Celebration

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I cannot tell you how excited we are about the upcoming Southern Lady Celebration! I have fabulous memories about events held in years past. It seems like yesterday that we all gathered together to glean inspiration from wonderful women who were willing to share their stories. It encouraged me immensely, and I know it did you as well.

And this year is going to be even more fun! I shared about one of our keynote speakers, Lori Allen, a couple of weeks ago. She is the owner of Bridals by Lori and the star of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta! I know you will love her as much as I do. The story of how she started her business and her journey as a breast cancer survivor will thrill your soul. You can read my post about her here. Plus, who doesn’t love a good wedding business? She makes dreams come true!

I wanted to use this space over the next few weeks to introduce to you the other amazing speakers we have lined up for Southern Lady Celebration. These women have so much heart and insight to offer, and I know we will all be inspired by their stories.

Susan GravelyNext, I want to introduce you to our dear friend Susan Gravely of Vietri China! Susan’s business began with a great idea and has grown into an international success. We use her tableware in many of our magazines! Read the story of the company’s beginnings from Vietri’s website below:

“When Susan, Frances, and their mother, Lee Gravely, took their first trip to Italy in 1983, they fell in love with the Italian culture. During their stay at the San Pietro Hotel in Positano, they went to lunch and found themselves captivated by the hotel’s colorful, handcrafted dinnerware. The next day they arranged to meet the artisans at a nearby factory in the town of Vietri sul Mare. As they watched the artisans paint, glaze, and fire each piece by hand, they were inspired to share the treasure they had discovered. The Gravelys returned home with an array of pieces with mixed patterns all related to nature. The collection would become known as Campagna, Vietri’s flagship dinnerware.”

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“Soon friends and family were expressing interest in owning these unique pieces. Thrilled, the women decided to import the dinnerware and sell to retail stores across the U.S. After long hours of work and research, they launched their business. The trio named their company Vietri, a tribute to the town where it all began and a play on the phrase tre vite, Italian for “three lives.” Since then, Vietri has become the largest importer of handcrafted Italian tableware and home decor products, working with family-owned and -operated factories throughout Italy. The company is a leader in design, craftmanship, and customer service.”

I will write about our other incredible speakers over the next few weeks. We have listened to all of you who asked for the return of Southern Lady Celebrations! Sign up today, and let’s enjoy a marvelous weekend of gathering with like-minded women from across the country. I can’t wait to see you there!

*Pictured above is Vietri’s gorgeous Santorini collection, perfect for summer!

For event details and sign-ups, visit the Southern Lady website HERE.

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