Highland Gourmet Scones

Highland Gourmet Scones!

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It was several years ago Neal called me from one of the fire stations in the city where he worked. He said, very braggingly, “Guess what I am eating?” Of course, I figured a huge plate of food, as firemen are known for. He laughed and said, “We are having scones!”  I thought, You have got to be kidding. He sent me a photo and I was shocked!

So many times, families will bring treats to the station for the guys who have helped in a situation. One family sent two tins of scones from Highland Gourmet Scones. These firemen thought they had discovered gold! Neal brought a couple home to me and I was in heaven. They have become my favorite scones to purchase and to give as gifts! 

Highland Gourmet Scones

It turns out, I knew the couple who owned the business and was thrilled to learn they ship scones all over the country. Scones are just a part of teatime, and I love a scone with my Earl Gray tea.

This week kicks off Wimbledon, and did you know they serve over 110,000 scones at this renowned event? I can’t even imagine baking that many but what I can imagine is the delightful aroma that is created! Scones are just scrumptious.

Highland Gourmet Scones bake nine decadent flavors fresh in their store every day, and thankfully, they offer a Build Your Own Assortment box so that you can try one of each! Highlands Gourmet Scones ships their product to all fifty states, and internationally to Switzerland and Canada—they have even had people in England order them for family in the US!

The truth is, no tea party (or Wimbledon watch party) is complete without scones! So our friends at Highland Gourmet Scones are extending a special offer to all of you!

Visit highlandgourmet.com and enter WIMBLEDON at check out for 10% off through July 14th! I am ordering mine today for the weekend!

Highland Gourmet Scones

Image courtesy of Highland Gourmet Scones

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  1. I love scones and Earl Grey Tea! 🙂 I make chocolate chip scones all the time. I think shaping them in heart shapes would be fun to try! Thanks for the delicious post!

  2. Phyllis,
    I’ve been gifting these scones to relatives and friends for years. Such a treat to give and to enjoy ourselves! A great recommendation for your readers —

  3. These scones sound delicious! I have a few sisters who have recently moved. I’ll order some scones to surprise them with these special treats!

  4. Bless you, Phyllis, for your recommendation! If you blogged it with those great photos, I’m all in! I have made an obligatory purchase for a large tin of these sampler scones and look forward to receiving these post-Fourth of July. I look forward to sharing these scones with my Australian husband who has established scones as his “must have” pastry treat with his English tea samplers. What a great treat to self. Thank you – from both of us!

    1. Oh Meg, you will be hooked. I took a tin home last evening and Neal went nuts!!! They are so good. I also will freeze them and thaw and reheat one at a time. Yummy! Or better yet, eat them all!!

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