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Yesterday Brought Back A Hilarious Halloween Memory

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When I was a child, I loved Halloween because we got to dress up and be something we normally were not. As soon as the sun set, we started our trip around the block. Mom and Dad lived in a subdivision that made a complete loop like a racetrack. So going around the block was our appointed path!

One of the most horrible Halloweens that I remember was when I set out in a pair of Mom’s high heels. My outfit was stunning, and I needed the pumps to make it even better. But what was I thinking? OH mercy. As my sister and I began our journey on the first leg of the block, I was looking AND feeling mighty fine. It was uphill, however, so I was glad to have that over with. When we rounded turn number one, the first heel blister made its presence known. Yep­­—it was a real bad one.

Not wanting to damage my look, I trudged on in the high heels. Now mind you, I wasn’t walking only around the block. We walked up to each front door and back down the driveway to the road. By the second turn, I was ready to scream. Every inch of my feet was in agony. Again, what was I thinking? And, of course, I had no backup shoes with me.

Do I take them off and go barefoot on dark roads? NO, for goodness sake. I am a complete chicken so I had no choice but to wear them for the second half of the journey. There could be something awful on the road, and I sure didn’t need a cut.

The next long stretch was downhill. Now that sounds relatively easy, right? Maybe if you were jogging in tennis shoes, but in high heels it caused my toes to shove down into the pointed end of the shoes. Oh my gosh. I don’t even think I left the road to go to a house. Candy? Who cares—I needed intensive care.

The next turn, and I was in the home stretch. I was bleeding and was completely out of my mind with pain. Finally we made it home—abused feet and all!

To this day I live by the rule: comfort is everything. I can remember many events in my life where I wished I had worn flats. When I wrote the book Honey, It’s All in the Shoes!, I was thinking about the different kind of shoes I had worn in my life and how they marked many occasions. But never did this experience ever cross my mind until today. And it all started with Halloween.

My sister was a little bear and wore her tennis shoes. My brother would not be seen with us but opted for buddies as his companions. He came in with a pillowcase of candy as he had found his way to a zillion houses. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever trick-or-treated again!

I hope you got a bag full of candy or handed candy out to cute little ones. The innocence of the day has disappeared, and children can’t be turned loose in just any neighborhood anymore. But dressing up is always fun—just wear flat shoes, trust me!

Were you a fan of Halloween as a child? 

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  1. I taught high school for years when the teachers were allowed to dress up for Halloween. One year I was Richard Nixon, another year I wore a poodle skirt and hula hooped and roller skated all day long. But in my mind, the best Halloween was the time I dressed as a ninja in my all black karate outfit with hood, replete with a long and short sword, tucked into my belt and nunchucks on my back. Of course, as a history teacher, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to explain the significance of each costume as I was in character. As adults, it was fun getting to relive our childhoods.

  2. I loved making my own costumes and costumes for my children.
    I was so disappointed the year they both insisted they had to have store bought costumes, but the next year they both decided that homemade were better and when they got older they came up with their own homemade Halloween costumes.

  3. Whe I was very young, just old enough to go with my sister who was 6 years older, we especially the house of an elderly couple. They invited you in to have a cup of coco and a homemade cookie or popcorn ball. Such an innocent time. No one thought it was dangerous. But on a cold Halloween night it was so welcome. They were so sweet. What a shame not to be able to do that now.

  4. Halloween was always one of those great holidays, at least for the kids! I remember one year with great fondness because Halloween must have been on Saturday night, but our school carnival was on the Friday night, so we took advantage and went out trick-or-treating on BOTH nights! And, most people obliged by giving us treats! Greatest Halloween ever!

  5. My daughter was a Halloween baby, in her 40s now. We would decorate the house, have a birthday cake and all the snacks to celebrate her day. All of her classmates, parents, family or anyone who came by got to eat cake. It got to be a tradition as she got older as all would look forward to the Halloween house and food. Such fun and wonderful memories.

  6. I loved reading all of the Halloween stories. It brought back so many wonderful memories. We lived in a neighborhood where you could walk for blocks and fill up a grocery sack of goodies. Once home, the bags were dumbed on the livingroom floor where we would sort out candy, apples, pennies, homemade cookies, etc.

    Now we live in the country where we are lucky to get a family or two. I always buy a bag of candy and leave the outside lights on…just in case. No kiddos in their cute costumes this year, but my hubby is happy to be taking the candy to deer camp….. 🙂

  7. Oh, and do you remember absolutely refusing to wear a coat–even though the weather was cold and rainy–because it would cover up that wonderful Halloween costume? We suffered blisters and hypothermia just to look perfect!

  8. There is an old saying that goes something like this, Pride knowth no pain. In your case pride hurt. In all my years working in the government I was require to wear hose and heels. Because of it I’ve had one bunion removed and having surgery soon to remove another. Those darn shoes hurt every day and today you couldn’t pay me to wear them anywhere.

  9. I loved and love Halloween – tho’ truly resent the fact our celebrations seem to have lost the innocence of my youth…. And, yet, yesterday I had the privilege of experiencing a bit of it once again with some sweet ballerinas, turtles, princesses.
    I remember many wonderful trips around our neighborhood, especially my princess costume with golden conical chapeau. And the year my parents and their friends made our house into a haunted house!! Wow!
    Last night we ‘lit’ the LED hurricanes, jack-o’-lantern and tapers and once again enjoyed memories of days past…

  10. Does anyone remember the masks made out of formed fabric? You would start out as a pretty princess and come home like a fright queen. It sort of dissolve with hot breath and runny noses.

  11. Oh Phyllis,
    I am of the generation that was able to run from house to house trick or treating by ourselves on Halloween and had the time of our lives!! Someone in my small catholic school class usually had a party so that made it even more special. We could go to the party then trick or treat all the way home. When I watch the peanuts movie each Halloween, it reminds of those innocent days, bobbing for apples and making a costume out of old sheets.
    It was such a simple time but we had the most fun that I will never forget.

  12. When I was a teen my friend and I dressed as ghosts with sheets. We went door to door singing ghost songs. Every house threw pennies to us,except for one. The landlady chased us out with a broom. Needless to say that ended our singing for the night.

  13. My one Halloween was quite unforgettable. I dressed as a prize fighter. I tried flicking my nose as most fighters did, it caused me to get a bloody nose. Needless to say I never did that again.

  14. My one Halloween was awful. I was about 6 years old. I had the measles. I obviously could not go trick or treating. I later had convulsions and my mom had to call the doctor. I can still remember it.

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