A Holiday Home Tour with Elizabeth Moyer of Pretty Pink Tulips

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This Spring, Elizabeth Moyer of Pretty Pink Tulips shared the exterior of her New York home with us. Now, she’s graciously agreed to give us a full home tour! I hope Elizabeth’s festive home inspires you as much as it has me this holiday season. Take it away, Elizabeth!

Dressing your home for Christmas can enhance your senses throughout the holiday. Whether you’re having guests or it’s just your own family, adding some fresh greens, a beautiful ribbon, and some heirloom treasures will give you a lift the minute you arrive home from a busy day.


Over the years, we have evolved what we do for our front door. It used to be simple greenery or a wreath with a ribbon. Then, I began to incorporate magnolia leaves. And, in the past two years, we have gone a little crazy with red berries, which really give a pop of color.

For our home interiors, much like our own wardrobes, it’s fun to start with your favorite basic pieces and add some new accessories each year. You don’t need to use every decoration you have every year. Sometimes you are feeling a woodsy holiday, and others you may want to go for the glitz.


This year, I was feeling a little woodsy—hence my new deer head and magnolia wreath above our mantel where I normally have a painting.


Finally, setting a beautiful table brings me pleasure and elevates every meal we share. For everyday, we use our Spode Christmas plates, but for evening meals in the dining room, we use our Bernardaud Grenadiers pattern. The nutcrackers are a nod to my two sons. I usually line up my collection of nutcrackers down the center of the table as our centerpiece.


Personalizing the holidays says you really thought of your guests. For a recent cocktail party, I had cookies with everyone’s name on them. Just a fun, unexpected treat.


Whatever you do, have fun with your décor. Tie a ribbon on a cake stand. Load up your bar cart with candy canes. And remember to enjoy the beauty you’ve created.


Happiest holidays to all!


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  1. Thank you, Phyllis, for hosting me today! Our holiday house guests are about to arrive and there is a certain serenity that comes with having everything ready!! Wishing you, your family and your wonderful readers a very happy holiday!!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Picture perfect!! I love how it just exudes the perfect balance of elegance and warmth…holiday decorating at it’s finest. Elizabeth certainly has a beautiful touch….thanks and happy holidays to you both!

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