Holiday Hostess Gift Guide

Holiday Hostess Gift Guide

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When you’re headed to a holiday party this season, remember to bring a hostess gift. These notions of gratitude don’t have to be elaborate or expensive, the gift is just a nice gesture to say thank you for their hospitality. Although you don’t need to break the bank, you should make sure these gifts are sincere and thoughtful. I’m excited to share with you my four favorite go-to gifts that any hostess would love to receive!

  1.     Christmas Flower: My first go-to gift is a classic. Simply bring a plant of gorgeous blooms. This time of year I like to bring a small seasonal plant like a Christmas cactus or poinsettia. The Christmas cactus is the perfect gift for a hostess who loves to garden and will find joy in watching the blooms return annually each winter.
  2.     Holiday Mug: I just treasure my holiday mugs! They bring an extra bit of holiday décor into my kitchen. This season create a personalized hostess gift by snagging a fun and festive holiday mug, which can be filled with an assortment of sweet treats or a favorite tea.
  3.     Seasonal Book: Find a holiday themed book to share with the hostess that is an avid reader. This book could be cherished by your hostess for years to come or even passed along to family and friends in the spirit of sharing. One of my favorite books to have and to share is our Tiny Book of Christmas Joy, because sometimes all we need is a tiny book to inspire our creativity.
  4.     Christmas Ornament: Another of my favorite hostess gifts to give is a Christmas ornament. A beautiful ornament like Classic Sewing’s 1st annual Christmas Ornament can be cherished for years come as is hangs on their tree.


What is your go-to hostess gift?

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  1. I usually take a hostess gift of a special flower arrangement of Red Roses and pine/Christmas tree branches and or a Red Holly Berry arrangement in an
    elegant vase. Sometime I add a few silver or gold ornaments to add some
    elegance. Then I take their picture with it and send it to them as a New Years
    surprise framed. I have friends who have always brought the occasion up to me
    years later. I think it even makes me feel better than them!! Merry Christmas to
    you Phyllis and all your employees for a most warm and memorable Christmas season.
    God Bless You and all you do to bring Joy into our lives….California Carmel

  2. I often take holiday cookies or candies, and I wrap them so that they can go straight to the freezer, just in case the host has plenty of treats on hand. And like Christine, I also like to take soaps for the guest bath. I love this time of year. Happy holidays to all my “Ribbon in my Journal” friends.

  3. I will take the Hostess seasonal hand soaps , kitchen or powder room holiday towels . Another “go to item” are good quality paper napkins .
    Caspari makes gorgeous paper products !

    1. If I take a “dish to share” , I will purchase the container for the Hostess to keep –
      Examples – salad bowls , small trays , dishes , etc .
      With stores like Home Goods and TJ Max , these items are very inexpensive !

    2. Yes, I love receiving packages of napkins. Something I use often….who doesn t?
      Caspari does have beautiful paper products; The Fresh market always has a good selection.

  4. One of my favorite hostess gifts at the holidays is a small Southern Supreme fruit cake. It is the only fruit cake I will eat, it is not your typical fruit cake. A small baby cake is just perfect for a small coffee or a small tea. It comes in a beautiful gold foil box, ready to go. If you haven’t heard of it, look up Southern Supreme at Bear Creek, NC. Located in the rolling hills (Piedmont area of NC) out in the country surrounded by pastures. Made on site only during the holiday season. My husband and I love to visit this local icon at least twice every season.

  5. I usually bring a candle or an ornament to the hostess… My friends trust me with scents of a candle because they know how much I love candles and how picky I’am when I choose them… always a hit…. They also love my choice of ornaments…. I love to give and the most important thing is please put effort when buying… I know when someone just grabbed something and when someone actually put much thought before choosing❣️…. Merry Christmas Phyllis and to all your gals who write to you❣️

  6. I like to take small books or seasonal table items to thank a hostess. Thank you, Phyllis for setting up this oh-so-convenient opportunity to purchase timely gifts.

    You always make our days fuller and more pleasant with your beautiful ideas and examples.

    God bless you and your very dearest ones this Christmas.

  7. Things from my kitchen, such as a jar of pear preserves or chutney, or orange marmalade, that will see my hostess/friends through the winter. I make these almost every year. One friend particularly likes my Scots Shortbread. Others enjoy the cranberry bread loaves.

  8. I’m one who would rather get something that can be used up because I have little room for more “things.” I like new dishtowels and dishcloths; a bag of treats for breakfast the next day; coffee or tea maybe with a jar of jam; or an artisan loaf of bread!

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