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There are some things that will never go out of style, and at Hoffman Media, 31 years of experience publishing extraordinary books and magazines make our work timeless. So as the merriment of the season approaches, and we all begin making our lists, it is my great pleasure to give a bundle of our stunning 2014 holiday and special edition magazines to one lucky Ribbon in My Journal reader.

To enter, share this post via one of the social media buttons below, and then leave a comment telling me why you’d like to win. Write about it on Facebook, pin it to your favorite board on Pinterest or even send a tweet. Not a social media person? Just leave a comment instead. Best of luck!


Don’t feel like waiting? Get the issue today!

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  2. I don’t know if it is too late, but would love to win. Thank you so much for including an entry method that is NOT social media, for some of us that is not an option. Happy Holidays. Marie M

  3. I look forward to all these Christmas magazines each year. They’re so inspirational & beautiful. I love Christmas – I think it’s the most beautiful holiday of the year. I would love to win…. I never win anything.I love decorating for Christmas – it’s such a happy time.Thank you for sharing all your beautiful ideas & photos. God bless.

  4. Because of these magazines, I was inspired to have a tea with all the special little extras, the summer of 2012, in Bozeman, MT! I ordered a beautiful bone china tea pot to match my Lenox tea cups and saucers and we had a wonderful afternoon tea. Thank you for giving me the courage to do this for a young girlfriend of mine, who was engaged to be married!

  5. I would love to win these magazines. I can picture myself curled up all cozy and comfy pouring through these editions. Marilyn

  6. Reading this magazine takes me to a happy, beautiful, creative place in my mind. I feel inspired by the beautiful pictures and articles. I love the fact that every month you have a different thing to focus on. I now have a new favorite author, Jan Karon. Thank you for The Ribbon in My Journal emails also.

  7. What a delight, time alone with your beautiful magazines! Wishing you and yours a beautiful holiday season, filled with love, laughter, peace and purpose!

  8. Victoria, Southern Lady, and Tea Time are my favorite. I’ve received all kinds of magazines over many years but these are “The Best”. Thank You.

  9. Can just see myself enjoying these by the fire, gathering inspiration and motivation to make everything lovely for my family during the busy holiday time of year…

  10. What beautiful publications! It is such a treat to sit down and find a quiet moment to view them with a cup of coffee! It makes for such a wonderful retreat from the business of the season! This is a way to reward myself after a hectic day! Thanks!

  11. Love Victoria and all the wonderful ideas. I look forward to each new magazine and love to curl up with a cup of tea and just browse through. Thanks so much for the hours of peaceful enjoyment!

  12. Thanks for this chance to win this gift. I love your publications especially the Holiday ones. They are Beautiful, Elegant and a Collectors piece.

  13. Thank you so much, Phyllis, for the great ideas in your magazine – and your blog too. You can be assured that your magazines and hospitality ideas will be shared with others.

  14. Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. –Anais Nin (French born American writer)

    This quote perfectly expresses the way I feel about the magazines you publish. (The magazines, of course, are the “friend” from the quote) I first discovered Victoria in the late 1980s. I realized immediately that magazine spoke to my soul. It became my favorite magazine of all time, and I couldn’t wait to get my issue each month. Thank you for bringing it back !! All of the magazines you publish depict a life I’d love to live. Thank you for the beauty and inspiration your publications add to my life.

  15. I am retiring the first of the year and will finally have the time to linger over magazines and create craft projects that have been hibernating in the back of my mind for too many years!

  16. When I started reading Victoria I was a 22 year old bride. I fell in love with each issues graceful elegance. As I matured I used the pages of the magazine as a guide for hosting my own teas, showers and dinner parties. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see it’s successful return under your guidance. The Holiday Bliss magazine looks particularly intriguing. Even if I don’t win, I want to express my thanks for becoming a respected leader in the publishing industry. You produce the MOST beautiful quality magazines of anyone in the field!

  17. Since picking up my first copy of Southern Lady, years ago, I felt like I had come home. Everything I love and aspire to be is in your magazines. I’ve now branched into your other publications, and adore them all. Never want to leave an issue, except to get into the newest one!

  18. Victoria has been an inspiration and something I look forward to since I was small and my mother shared her Victoria magazines with me! There is always something inspirational, something to try at home…I have never been disappointed! This holiday season, things are tough financially. We found a house to rent and need to move by Thanksgiving weekend, and at this point have no idea how we will afford Christmas for our 4 children. Receiving Victoria might help by giving me an idea of something I can make to show my children how much we love them, and remind them of the true meaning of Christmas and family. Thank you for all you do, and all you share with us through your blog, magazine, and publications. Best wishes to you and yours this holiday season!

  19. I’m always looking for new craft ideas! These magazines would be great to have to look through to get ideas and just enjoy! They would be perfect to make the Christmas season even more special. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have a chance to win them.

  20. I have been a lover of Victoria Magazine for almost 30 years. I can’t wait until the next issue comes to devour all the decorating, food, and story ideas. Sometimes, I read that back page entry first, because it’s my favorite. My grandmother had a Victorian House and she and my two aunts gave me the passion for beautiful, special ways of entertaining and spoiling family, at an early age.

  21. I love your publications…they are always so fresh, with beautiful photos….I love bringing some of that Victorian charm up north!

  22. Would love to share these wonderful Southern styles with my future daughter-in-law, who is from New Jersey. She had never been to Texas, and after her first trip, she was totally in love with everything Southern. These would be such an gift for her as she starts in integrate my son’s Southern ways into into their New Jersey life. She is now pretty sure she was born in the wrong part of the country, through no fault of her own!

  23. Victoria magazine embodies all that is elegant, and the Christmas edition is amazing. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful publication to be inspired by. Whoever wins, enjoy and share your own creativity with us!

  24. Oh Phyllis, what a great collection! The Christmas season is like a spiritual experience for me. I’m a December baby and I loved having Christmas birthday so much that I planned for my first child to be born at Christmas (and he arrived on Christmas Eve!). One of my favorite things to do during the season is to linger through beautiful holiday magazines. The images are always so uplifting and inspiring. Add a cup of tea, carols, the tree, snow….perfect bliss!

  25. Before I pick up bread and milk I stop by the magazines to make sure I have all the latest issues of
    “Phyllis”. I especially love the Cottage Journal. I don’t need to win but congratulations to the lucky
    winner. Thank you Phyllis for years of sheer enjoyment through your publications.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

  26. There are no other mazagines that measure up to the quality of your books. I use them as coffee table books, they are beautiful to display. Also, I was so thrilled to read that Andrea Fanning was an editor of your books. I worked as a sub teacher in her school and worked with her father for many years. I was pleased to read that she has such a successful life. Think of her dad often when passing by the Lynn Fanning School in our area of Alabama. Sue Kelly

  27. I love all of your magazines, especially Victoria, Southern Lady and Tea Time.
    I had bought the first issue of Victoria in an airport and have been hooked ever
    since. I have also subscribed to all of these. I had saved every one of my Victoria
    magazines, but unfortunately lost them in Hurricane Katrina. I still save my new
    ones and I have an empty glass coffee table where this Holiday collection would
    look beautiful. I could enjoy them and my guests could as well. Thank you for
    all of your wonderful magazines, books, giveaways and this personal blog. I
    think it makes your readers your friends, feel like we know you. Happy Thanksgiving
    and a Blessed, Southern, Victorian, Tea Loving, Merry Christmas.

  28. Love all the Hoffman media publications, and since I do, if I should win, I will give them to a friend. Can’t give my copies. Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving.

  29. Phyllis, As a mother of eight “me time” is at a minimum and any minute I get is filled with reading one of your wonderful publications. I do subscribe to three of your magazines and get never get enough. The pictures alone inspire me to create our home to be a peaceful respite from our busy world. Thank you for the beauty and joy you bring to our lives so we can share it with others.

    Celeste Kudej

  30. WOW!!!! What a WONDERFUL giveaway! Two of my very favorite things- Christmas and Decorating!!! Can’t think of a better way to spend these frigid evenings than curled up on the couch reading all of these fabulous magazines!

  31. I have received two isses of both Victoria and Tea Time as I subscribed back in September. I used to always subscribe to Victoria but life changes and didnot allow for any luxury but I was able to find used copies of Victoria. No one in our immediate area carry TeaTime and I have several friends who wish to view them.

    My great joy would be to also have a subscription to Southern Lady (growing up in Virginia) as most things about the South fill a ‘sweetspot in my soul’. It also is not available in our area…I found over the years several used copies at the local antique store. It is also a lovely magazine.

    Who would not be charmed to win this set of magazines for this Holy Season of Christmas. Tea and magazines would be the joy of each day, n’est ce pas?

    With a grateful heart,
    Sylvia FAye

  32. I enjoy reading all your publications. Not only are they interesting but make you think of how much more beautiful you can make your surroundings.

  33. Phyllis and all the writers and photographers at Hoffman Media, THANK YOU! You all bring so much joy to us readers who savor each page of our favorite magazines. I received a Gift subscription of Victoria years ago and it was the best gift ever. I now give subscriptions and they say the same thing-we love being whisked away to places of beauty, enjoy delicious fare of other states and countries, delight in the beautiful textiles of yesteryear. As a previous writer said ” pure eye candy” describes your work perfectly. I always have several of your magazines on my coffee table- they’re so beautiful, I consider them part of my décor! Whoever wins this fabulous giveaway will be greatly Blessed!

  34. Phyllis, I love Victoria, Tea Time, Southern Lady, Cottage issues–actually, anything you put out. One of my favorite gifts for a woman who’s lost her husband (or maybe she’s his caregiver) is to give her a subscription to Southern Lady. I have so many issues of your various magazines, not to mention just about any book you’ve published about tea. I cannot part with any of them. It’s hard to throw away Beauty! Now I love reading your blog and seeing your Southern culture coming through. It’s what I’ve grown up with. I’d be thrilled to have the gift you’re giving, and I thank you for offering this gift. Open mailbox–see Gift–Make tea and scones and settle back with magazines for new inspiration!! I personally can’t think of a better “Winter” gift. Merry Christmas, and keep up your good work. You’ve spoiled us in many ways for many years. Thank you.

  35. My sister and I share a life long love of books and magazines and we enjoy all of the regular magazines your company offers, as well as the special publications. What gifted people there are in the world that contribute to the beauty of these magazines and books published by Hoffman Media.

  36. What a really nice gift to give someone. Thank you! Christmas inspuration is sometimes harder when disabilities “pop up” and steal your energy as well as your joy. An actual magazine in my hands ( over an eMag) or on the sidetable can help remind us how special things are

  37. I subscribe to five of your magazines & immediately run to the store to pick up special editions. I absolutely love your publications, they are the best ones printed. Please keep up the great work.
    P.S. Now I’m following your blog, maybe I’m becoming obsessed. What do you think?

  38. I would love to win your stash of inspiring holiday issues. I’m sure these would propel me to start making merry and decorating the house for the holidays. Thanks for the opportunity.

  39. I adore each and every publication and read every page in my spare moments. It would be such fun to revisit your splendid gift!

  40. The many talents of the Hoffman media staff, along with yours, Phyllis, effervesce in every publication. My cup runneth over with joy and wonder as I savor the content of each page. Other than finding you at my door, the holiday bundle of magazines in my mailbox would be almost as exciting.

  41. A cup tea, soft music, and anyone of your beautiful magazines . … ahhhh lovely. Thanks for giving us such enjoyable and beautiful print.

  42. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting down with your magazines. They are filled with eye candy and many ideas. Would love to win the bundle of them!

  43. I love your blog articles and also enjoy magazines, this one looks lovely and I’d love to win a copy to get some decorating inspiration and ideas. Happy Holidays.

  44. Thank you for sharing your ideas for making our lives more beautiful. I have every issue of Victoria and several Hoffman tea books. I would love to win the magazines and immerse myself in Christmas beauty.

  45. I shared this on facebook and thought I would leave a comment, too. I love Victoria magazine and am not getting it now, so after my house sells here and I get settled again I must start subscribing again. Blessings

  46. I discovered Victoria Magazine in the late 1980’s, and I fell in love with the beautiful photography, poetry quotes and interesting topics. Now, when I want to enjoy some “me” time (which is rare these days!), I make a cup of tea and read Victoria. It is a delight! Your magazines inspire me, delight me and entertain me. I would be absolutely thrilled to win. Thank you so much!

  47. Thank you so much for such a lovely giveaway, and a chance to win! Posting to my Pinterest Christmas board. The holidays this year will be bittersweet, as my beloved mom, who has Alzheimer’s disease, has just entered hospice care, and it’s hard to do decorating and all the things we loved doing together without her. It would be wonderful to have your beautiful publications, and be able to look through them with her and “pretend” to plan our Christmas decorations and menus together. I love your magazines, and get many hours of joy just enjoying the gorgeous images. Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Christmas!

    1. Hi Lynn…so sorry to hear about your mother…I am in the exact same situation with my mother….thanks for a great idea about sharing Christmas ideas from the pages with Victoria…I’ll be doing this with my mom.

    2. oh Lynn I am so sorry to hear of her illness. I do wish we could find a cure. So many of my friends have experienced this illness with members in their family.

  48. What a lovely thing you are doing! I would feel honored to be the recipient of this gift. What you produce through these magazines is timeless and full of inspiration to all who read (and sometimes just study the pictures). Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  49. I LOVE all the Hoffman publications and have saved them over the years. Southern Lady is my favorite gift subscription to give to dear friends. I still agree with the lady who said, “It’s like getting candy in the mailbox!”

  50. I love Hoffman Media magazines because they always bring out the lovely side of life. When I read one I can disappear into a world full of beauty- it makes me feel so special for a little while!

  51. What a lovely offer! I have every single issue of Victoria since discovering it in the late 1980’s. I so enjoy reading and re-reading them from year to year. I also have many Tea Time and Southern Lady issues, which represent either a treat to myself or one from my husband.

    It would be pure pleasure to add this group of holiday issues to my collection. Thank you for bringing such grace, beauty and inspiration into my world!

  52. I absolutely love your magazines! And the holiday issues are always such a treat – filled with lots of great ideas. Thanks for this opportunity to win these magazines!

  53. What a great gift these magazines are! My 84 year old Mom and I share them and spend many conversations going over the things we love. We would love to win these and thank you for the opportunity!

  54. This really isn’t a comment on why I should win your wonderful collection of magazines, though don’t get me wrong I would be delighted. But the opportunity to thank Phyllis and Hoffman publishing for many years of enjoyment. I have aquired so many skills through the years and many of them in part to your wonderfully talented writers. I’ve learn to cross stitch, cook amazing dishes, decorate, and to entertain with style in that amazing southern ease. So, win the collection or not Thank You for the many hours of superb pleasure you have brought to this southern girl.

    1. I am so humbled by your comments. Thank you Cathy. Our entire company is made up of wonderful talented people who make our magazines possible. It is readers like you that give us so much encouragement. You are so sweet and kind. thank you.

  55. I have been a subscriber of Victoria and Tea Time for many years and have kept each issue; I could not part with any of them! One of my favorite things is taking a canvas bag full of issues on a long car trip. I lose myself in the beautiful stories of far-away places, especially my birthplace England, savor every recipe, and love that the china and other beautiful things pictured are listed in “Where to Shop and Buy”; it is always a thrill to see pieces that I have in my collection! I will revisit all the Christmas issues I have as I begin decorating for the holidays. My best wishes for a blessed holiday season, to you, and all those who give us so much beauty!

  56. I have been collecting Victoria issues since the late 80’s and have every issue – as well as almost every Victoria book published! When Hoffman Media introduced Tea Time and Cottage Journal – life just got so much better!

    I take a lot of inspiration and design ideas from these magazines and have learned so much about entertaining, cooking, and overall gracious living!

    Such an immense joy every time a new issue of these magazines is published! You’ve given me a lot to be grateful for and I would like to say a special thanks for the “Classic Bliss” issues which are phenomenal!

  57. As I read each comment above, and the comments from previous “The Ribbon In My Journal” posts, I’ve come to appreciate the knowledge that so many of us are bound by love of the beautiful and the inspiring treasures revealed in the Hoffman Media publications. I know my life has been blessed over and over. And to think, it was my husband who brought Tea Time and Victorian Bliss to my attention years ago; I was so “busy” with working and life, I would’ve missed all of it. And it has been so worth it to put aside the concerns of working and life when these publications arrive in the mail, and use the time to soak out of each article all my eyes and mind can take. So, dear ladies, I hope all of your wishes come true, and one of you is joyfully surprised with the Holiday Special Issue giveaway.

  58. I can’t live without my Victoria magazine (I have kept all my Christmas issues)or Tea Time…always look forward to getting it at the newsstand…the others look wonderful too…a very generous giveaway.

  59. The issues of Southern Lady inspire and encourage me to share with our school moms and church ladies the gift of hospitality. I’d love to have this giveaway to give away.

  60. I Love getting “brown paper packages tied up with string”! Love to read and see as much as I can about Christmas and decorating for Christmas. Your magazines are always a pleasure to look through while relaxing with a nice cup of Coffee. Thanks for this chance.
    Diane M.

  61. I treasure all my copies of Holiday magazines and can’t wait to get them out and read again and again. It’s like bringing out the boxes of Christmas ornaments, etc. Thanks for this wonderful giveaway.

  62. Thank you for this generous offer. I love your magazines. I always buy the special editions as soon as they come out. The ideas and pictures are amazing. What a wonderful holiday treat, hot tea, cozy house, and beautiful magazines.

  63. I find so much inspiration in your magazines. My favorites are Southern Lady, Victoria, and Celebrate!
    After soaking in all of the beauty and ideas, I then use this inspiration to teach other women how to recreate these beautiful vinuettes and recipes in their own homes! So fun!!

    Thanks for all you do to bring beauty into our lives! Reading your magazines is like a mini vacation!

    Brandy Low

  64. I would love to win this fantastic prize. I have been a subscriber to Southern Lady and Celebrate for many years. Just this week, I pulled out all my Christmas issues and looked through them again to get inspired.

  65. There is nothing I love better than sitting down with a cup of tea and looking at the many, many Christmas magazines for all the ideas show. I don’t decorate as much as I would like to, but I do love seeing what other have done. Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!

  66. I would so love to win this wonderful bundle of lovely magazines….reading them is my favorite past time …I am 82 years old and have saved all my Victoria magazines, Tea Time, and Southern Lady , etc…Sometimes they take me back into another era of time , enjoying the beautiful photos, recipes, stories, etc…Thanks Phyllis ! You are a peach to have this wonderful giveaway !

  67. Phyllis, I would love to create “Holiday Bliss” in style like a “Southern Lady” as “Christmas with Paula Deen” helps inspire ideas for a very special “Holiday Home” as we celebrate with our family and friends this season for a very memorable “Christmas at Home”! Would love to find Hoffman Media’s Holiday Bundle in my stocking (or at my door)! Thank you for many years of beautiful holiday inspiration!

  68. I would love to win your holiday bundle. Your publications are informative and most of all beautifully done. I am a Christmas fanatic and cherish anything holiday related! Thank you, Renee Findley

  69. These magazines are literally a balm to my soul! Oh how I would love to win!! Whoever wins, thank you for gifting us with such a beautiful giveaway.

  70. I am 87 and often housebound and have your magazines to enjoy. I love all of them and subscribe to three . They are :food for my soul: Would love to receive all of them.

  71. I have subcribed to the Victoria magazine was not aware that you had all these others out there to enjoy. I am collecting and saving the wonderful issues of Victoria so I am sure I would like the rest too.

  72. Dear Phyllis: thank you for all of the posts where you share a part of your life, they’re precious jewels that I enjoy very much, and I collect the Victoria magazine since many years ago. I would be happy to win your special issue giveaway.

  73. Would love to win these beautiful magazines. Victoria is my favorite, and I’ve saved every copy. I was bereft when it stopped publication for awhile. I love perusing the pictures, and stepping into a lovely world. Thank you Hoffman Media!

  74. I LOVE picking these up before the Holidays! Inspiration everywhere, touching stories, nostalgia, style, bright, cheery, elegant….I could go on and on!!

  75. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful books! I’ve enjoyed many of these over the 31 years of your publishing. Thank you for the beauty!

  76. These magazines have so many timeless ideas and recipes. I own a bakery and would really love to have these to give me ideas for new products

  77. Who would not want to be in this great give away! Victoria and Southern Lady assist in making my months special. My dear husband of 44 years puts them under my pillow when they arrive as a special surprise. He also buys my subscriptions for my birthday, therefore he gives me two presents a month. I have a awesome love for him and these special magazines.

  78. These beautiful magazines nuture my SOUL. It would be great to have this bundle under my tree :). Wishing you and your team a happy Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas!

  79. I would to receive this offer and be inspired, as I always am when leafing through the pages of your many lovely magazines. I subscribe to Victoria and have done so for years. I’ve pinned this on my Merry Christmas Board, Miss Polly!

  80. Wow, how generous! Would love to have them all, if nothing else to pore over every Christmas. I save all my Victoria magazines as there just too beautiful to throw away. Thank you for this offer & your blog posts. Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas 🙂

  81. Victoria has been my cherished friend since her birth 31 years ago.
    As in the past and now present,she continues to inspire me in many ways , filling my life with beauty .
    I feel certain that she will be treasured in my future . Thank you,
    Victoria . You are a most welcomed guest to my home !

  82. I have been reading the Hoffman family of magazines for most of those 31 years and love them all, especially the Christmas and special issues. Since i am unemployed this year i won’t be able to purchase them so it would a huge blessing to win them!!! Thanks so much for the pleasure you bring each month!

  83. That is a wonderful gift you are go
    giving! If I were to win, I would most definitely share, and give as gifts. Paula Deen is one of my very favorites, and the bundle would be enjoyed by many, not just myself. Merry Christmas, Phyllis!!

  84. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and looking through your magazines gives me ideas to make my home welcoming as well as finding scrumptious recipes. Love your Victoria BLISS publications and look forward to each and every one. It would be fun to win this contest and see all of them sitting on my reading chair waiting for a good read and a cup of tea. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  85. The giveaway is lovely, however, I do not do any social networking, so I will just have to pick up a copy of your beautiful magazine at the newsstand. Happy Thanksgiving.

  86. Wow what a wonder give away! would love to have these in my home to read and share with friends and family who come to visit over the holidays!! Love your blog!

  87. Small town senior citizens delight in opening our homes to the younger women too frazzled to stop during the holidays…….we love to share new ways of decorating and entertaining and re-enforce the importance of opening our homes during the holidays and every day to people….these lovely magazines will be used by all of us in spreading the cheer and warming hearts! Thank you, Geneva

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