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Holiday Stamps and Fun with My Grandchildren

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I love the holidays, when I can get Hays and Amelia to our home and have fun creating something new. The holiday stamps from Expressionery are the perfect thing for them to use in creating personalized packages and cards. Better yet, because these wonderful stamps are self-inking, they make little mess and are kid friendly.

You can use these holiday stamps to create adorable gift tags, ribbons, wrapping paper, or anything you can think of that requires personalization. We have two stamps — one that features a holiday wreath, and another with the word “joy” written on it. They also have our name and address, making them perfect for the return address stamp on our holiday cards.

How do you get your children and grandchildren involved in the holidays?

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  1. I have always loved stamps and stickers from when I was a little girl… I pretended I was a school teacher grading papers, I especially loved to stamp a star which was a great one to receive… Lol. Now I have my granddaughter who loves her stamps and stickers also! I always make sure she has plenty of blank writing cards and plenty of stickers so she can create her own sentiment.

  2. Thank you for the glance into your Christmas preparations with the grandchildren. I used to do cookie decoration with my three boys when they were very small, all pre-schoolers. Their being allowed to handle cookie dough and little cups of colored sugar fascinated them. It was a time when Mama allowed them to “play with their food”. The cookie cutters had small wooden knobs on top and were easy for their stubby fingers to manage. I always made a lot of extra cookie dough and filled little wicker baskets, each with a checkered red napkin, a waxed paper wrapped roll of dough (before cling wrap), cellophane wrapped and ribbon tied, colored paper cups of matching sugar I had mixed with food coloring, and cookie cutters. All of boys’ playmates loved them and their mothers appreciated the time saved in their busy December/Christmas schedules. I spread a clean table cloth for the cookie cutting for Joe, John Ben and Barber and they rolled, cut and colored with their cookies with glee. Clean up was easy – baths all around and then naps.

  3. Dear Phyllis, When my 3 grandchildren were small and their parents went shopping hubby and I would babysit. The 3 were extremely active so I had a large bowl of cookie dough a basket with a handle, bows and ribbon red small kitchen towel which lined the basket and we had an afternoon of decorating cookies for Mom and Dad. They did stars with sprinkles, snowmen, gingerbread, trees and that kept them busy for quite a while. The kitchen aroma I can still smell. They all made their cookies with their own creative ideas….When their Mom and Dad picked them up they were so proud to show them what they did. I still enjoy all the photos I took of them being busy and creative. I sure miss those days and now they love to remind me of them. Christmas and family just can’t be replaced…..Carmel from California

  4. When my granddaughter was 2, I was at the kitchen table with her addressing my Christmas cards, also cooking dinner. Taylor loved stickers……I had many on the table for her to play with during my busy time, I left the table for a minute to check on the food, MISS TAYLOR thought the roll of stamps was the perfect roll of stickers. I was able to save the few she had put on paper…..this reminded me of a sweet memory with my now 16 years old granddaughter. I love EXPRESSIONARY

  5. Thanks for sharing this video of your family getting ready for Christmas. I need to get busy myself! These stamps are a great time-saver. Thanks for the tip, Phyllis

  6. I have been making my own Christmas cards since 1990, when I learned rubber stamping and ALL that goes with it. I also make all the other holidays as well as birthday, etc. I have taught my grandchildren to stamp also. The boys (7&9) don’t care to do it, but Catherine (10) has become quite good at it. We have great fun making her Christmas cards while taking a cocoa break. There are so many fun crafts to do with children for Christmas. Enjoyed this post especially. Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Eileen

  7. Phyllis. I LOVE EXPRESSIONARY. I have purchased stamps over the years for personal, business and just for fun. They do a great job with making them but I’ve been impressed with the speed of their delivery. Packaging is very elegant as well. A good solid company to rely on. Blessings. Nanci

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