How to Care for Pearls

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Just about every one of us has pearls that we wear with great pride or that women in our families wear that will be passed down. Pearls have traditionally been given at graduation or for a bride on her wedding day. Caring for pearls is something that I was keenly interested in learning to do, so I consulted with Tracey Holton-Garrett at Van Atkins Jewelers. She very graciously has made three videos on the care of jewelry and ideas for us if we own estate pieces. This is the first of three videos. I do hope you will find it as informative as I do. She has removed some of the mystique in caring for pearls.

When did you receive your pearls?


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  1. I read Beth’s comment and wanted to say how important this is. You should also have them appraised. I brought my pearls to a well know jewelry chain to be restrung. My husband had purchased them for me when I started my first full time job. They were the only piece of jewelry we ever purchased .

    My three daughters wore them in their high school graduation pictures.

    Well, the pearls, I received back were not the pearls I left with the store. I had no proof as this was the store where my husband had made the original purchase, and they would not provide the information regarding the original purchase of the Mikimoto Blue Lagoon pearls even though I have the matching earrings. To this day I feel so sad that someone could be so cruel. The smaller pearls they gave back, do not really fit because of my enlarged thyroid.

  2. Really glad to know how to clean the pearls. I have several strands. Two strands my father brought from Japan when he was in the service. So they are over 65 years old. Just received a strand from my cousin who went to China recently that is much shorter. I will wear them more since I now know how to take care of them. I have always been a little afraid to wear them. Thank you for the useful information.

  3. I got my first strand of pearls for my high school graduation. My husband bought me a single strand bracelet about 10 years ago with earrings to match. I have never heard of cleaning pearls as shown in the video. thanks for the tip. They are some of my most treasured pieces of jewelry.

  4. My sister gave me some pearls one Christmas. She thought I should have some nice jewelry because I was going to social events. Haven’t been out to anything since, except wher
    e I can wear my stretch pants and a nice shirt! I also won a pearl ring, but it is very tiny. I need to have it sized, but I would probably never wear it.
    I had a great aunt by marriage named Pearl. She went blind, went to a nursing home, then got colon cancer. The aides in the home and the hospital jut stole everything the poor woman had. But someone used silver thread to crochet her a ring, and, In the center, is a pearl. When they removed part of her colon, I went to the hospital and sat with her during the night. She wanted me to take care of her, but I was working in the daytime and couldn’t so other family members went during the day. Pearl gave me that little ring. She said it was the last thing that she owned and she wanted me to have it. So I still have that little ring and cherish it.
    When I was little and making mud pies a my grandmother’s house, Pearl called me over to her house and gave me a stack of old records. Caruso, some orchestras, Gene Autry, etc. Her wind up beautiful Victrola quit working and she gave me the records to use for dishes and pans for my mud pies. I took them home and was smart enough to not use them for mud pies! I kept them for many years, but, n moving, some were broken and lost, melted, and some were stolen when my house was broken into. Wish I still had them! Now I have a record player and no records!

  5. My mother’s name was Pearl so pearls have been important to both my sister and me. We love our pearls, the more the merrier. Thank you for this wonderful lesson on how to care for our treasures.

  6. That video was very informative. I have always been afraid to have any water touch my pearls and now I know I can clean them.

  7. I got my pearls from my husband 44 years ago. But my mother gave me a lovely ring with 2 pearls offset with diamonds. I looked at it and found the sides of the pearls had worn off. I had them replaced thinking I had scraped them on something. However the second pearls did the same thing. So I assumed my skin has acid of something to eat the surface off. I’m afraid to wear the necklace. Any suggestions?

  8. My darling husband gave me a single strand when we first married 33 years ago. Last year he gave me a double strand bracelet for my anniversary and a double strand necklace for my birthday. Our jewler matched them perfectly to the first strand. I love them all because to me they are the ultimate symbol of southern ladies.

  9. My pearls were given to me on my wedding day by my husband 49 years ago and I treasure them as much as I do him. When my Mom passed away I inherited her pearls which my father gave to her during WW II. I could never put a money amount on either, as both are “priceless” to me. They will continue their journey to my daughter and then to my granddaughter .

  10. I received mine from my husband on our wedding day. My home was also broken into, however, they did not find my pearls. Thanks for the tips on taking care of them.

  11. My 18th birthday from my favorite aunt who was really a grandmother to me.
    My daughter received hers on her 18th birthday from her grandmother.
    I hope I get to gift pearls one day since we seem to have a family tradition started.

  12. I always wanted to know how the proper way to clean pearls was for I have several strands. Thank you for these videos and for all of your wonderful publications. I will be forever grateful to you for bringing back our beloved Victoria Magazine! Thank you!

    1. Totally agree with you Jennifer; nothing made me smile more than the day I received that little card in the mail saying that Victoria was going to be published again! As for pearls, all of us girls here in the North love them too. I think they are more precious than diamonds. Thanks Miss Phyllis yet again, you’re the best.

  13. I got mine on my wedding day and then again for my 40th birthday from my godmother.
    Thank you for the helpful tip. I feel that pearls can be worn with almost any outfit…casual or fancy…my go to jewelry.

  14. Thank you for this very helpful tip.
    I might add, please make sure your pearls are insured and hidden.
    I felt secure and did not feel the need to insure all my jewelry, only
    to have our home was broken into and ALL my jewelry stolen.
    Hope the people that ended up with my pearls are taking care of them.

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