Independence Day Décor

Independence Day Décor

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This weekend, I encourage you to invite friends, family and neighbors to enjoy in the holiday festivities. Offering a front-row seat for all the outdoor activities, the front porch is the perfect spot to spend this Independence Day. Whether you are enjoying a BBQ feast or sharing a collection of irresistible snacks, make the most of your celebration with summertime favorites and simple bursts of decorations.

Independence Day Décor

This beautiful wrap-around porch of a restored 1905 farmhouse, is decorated in a traditional fashion with draped bunting. I have always loved the classic look of red, white and blue striped bunting in half circles displayed proudly on a crisp white home. The striped linens, and paper medallions lend a patriotic spirit to the door and a classic cruiser bike delivers a festive greeting when parked on the front lawn.

Independence Day Décor

Utilize fresh blooms as a beautiful centerpiece to your Fourth of July tablescape. You can offer a refreshing drink to your guests with an infusion of some of the season’s best indulgences. Steep handfuls of sliced strawberries, cucumber, and basil in spring water for at least an hour, then serve over ice for a thirst-quencher that will keep you sipping throughout the afternoon. Plump cushions invite guests to find a comfortable spot to enjoy warm conversation and cooling breezes. I hope you have a wonderful weekend of celebration!

How do you celebrate the Fourth of July?

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  1. I decorate with Flags on our walkway to the front door and red white and blue floral arrangement for our table to admire….. And of course mailing out 4th of July cards to friends and relatives.
    Happy 4th of July Phyllis and to all of your happy admirers too we all share the love of our country, the great United States of America! We will also watch the Capitals 4th of July on PBS.
    Have a sparkling 4th everyone! California Carmel

  2. We decorate including buntings on the front closed porch,make cookies and watch a ball game and the fireworks.

  3. Here in the south we eat all afternoon on wonderful picnic foods that start inside and then later outside for the “grand cookout”. We enjoy picture albums of times past and then fire flies at twilight, remembering what makes summer and July 4th so grand. Fire works set off the night. So glad to say that we live in the best country on the plant. God bless us as we celebrate each in our own special way.

    1. That brings back memories. Early in my college life I rented an apartment in a college town attached onto a large city on the east coast. My landlord lived across the street. They had a little girl and I was just about the only babysitter she knew. Her birthday was July 4th. This town each year had a 4th of July parade along the main street through town. The small street on which we lived was attached to this main street where the parade went. Our houses were only a couple of hundred yards from the street where the parade traveled. Each year the landlord would invite lots of friends over for both the parade and their daughter’s birthday celebration. As their child grew older (still a toddler) she just naturally assumed this parade was for HER birthday. She was still a bit young to understand about the nation’s birthday and the 4th of July. I felt sorry for little Jenny when the day came that she understood this parade wasn’t for her at all. I moved away, transferred to another college an hour away and didn’t keep in touch with the family. I’m sure at some point she figured out this wasn’t HER parade.

  4. We start on the 1st, girls & their families arrive & dinner at favorite restaurant. 2nd a day at the farm playing with cows, fishing in the pond & Bush’s fried chicken! 3rd day at the local water park, then the Rodeo. 4th Bekton’s 4th if July parade, Rudy’s bar-b-que then Ft Hoods fireworks. 5th everyone goes home & we rest! Lol. House all decked out in red, white & blue!
    Why don’t y’all come with the grands & join us?

  5. Will make a large pitcher of the strawberry, cucumberand Basel cool water to enjoy on my screened in back porch with whomever stops by. I love our country, our freedom for which the flag stands, and God our father who loves and protects us, and not in that order. May God Bless America and help us to keep the faith. Happy 4th to you and your family Phyllis.

  6. Our family gathers at the lake. The cabin and boat are all decorated in red, white and blue finery…. As are we

    There is the traditional boat parade following our “pledge” as we hoist our flag to its position of honor.

    A wonderful day to celebrate America with family and friends!

    Happy fourth all!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful suggestions and Happy Independence Day to you and yours. God Bless us all and may God Bless the USA!

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