The Key Ingredient to a Soft Pound Cake

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Friends, it is no secret that we love pound cake around here. We have celebrated National Pound Cake Day, made countless variations, and even released a wonderful compilation of all of our very best pound cake recipes in cookbook form.

Pound cake is just one of those desserts that everyone gets excited about. And there are nearly no restrictions when it comes to this classic treat. If it’s spring or summer, top with berries and fresh whipped cream. Or in the colder months, versions packed with spices, chocolate, nuts, or even ribbons of cream cheese are absolutely lovely and perfect to bring to a holiday celebration.

However, as much fun as all of these variations are—I still stand by my absolute favorite pound cake recipe to date: Jo’s Whipping Cream Pound Cake! This recipe just had to go in our Ultimate Pound Cakes book because every single person that makes (or tastes) this gives it a five-star review.

The reason this recipe is so special is because fresh whipping cream goes in the batter, not just on top! This ingredient introduces more air into the batter, making for a slightly softer cake. I read recently that the difference between cream and whipping cream are the bubbles in the fat, and those bubble are what gives this cake the slightly lighter texture. So, there you have it—a little baking science lesson for the week!

To get this treasured recipe, the history behind it, plus a video of how I serve these miniature cakes, view my post from a few years ago: An Ode to Miss Jo and Her Whipping Cream Pound Cake.

Good news! Ultimate Pound Cakes is back in stock, and for a limited time, free shipping is available! Click the graphic below to shop. What is your favorite pound cake recipe?

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  1. Dear Phyllis,
    I’m looking for a recipe of yours from the Spring 2011 Celebrate magazine. It’s the Key Lime Pound Cake recipe. I can’t seem to find my copy of the magazine. Is it possible to get the recipe?
    I’m living in California now and I have a beautiful lime tree.
    Thank you!
    Sandy Pecano

  2. Thank you Phyllis! I loved reading this just now because I’ve been thinking about you the last few days, since once again I’ve made this wonderful pound cake! I couldn’t bear to tear the recipe out of the Southern Lady Magazine so I copied the page, numerous times! I love seeing your happy face in your Christmas sweater along with the recipe. I just looked, it was in the November/December 2006 issue. I have no idea how many times I’ve made this but my family & friends all love it almost as much as I do!
    Thank you for sharing this and Miss Jo & her family for allowing you to share with all of us!
    There’s one piece left, I’m going to eat it now and think of y’all!

  3. My mother-in-law , Jo, would be so pleased! It brought her so much joy to make this pound cake for her family and give to others. It is still
    our family favorite! Thanks again for sharing her recipe and story!

  4. What a sweet lady Miss Jo was and I thank you for sharing that video and post with us. I read each comment and recall many smells from mamas’ kitchen. Thinking about her home made chocolate cake with chocolate, coconut and raisin icing makes me drool to this day. And her appsauce cake was so special that it was made only at Christmas. Fruit cakes were another speciality but my Aunt Helen made the very best. This past year I pulled out my old recipe for fruit cake and throughly enjoyed making it. My husband asked that I make it again next Christmas. Would love for you to share more videos as you have such a gift for making us feel loved.

  5. Oh, I agree completely about Miss Jo’s Whipping Cream Pound Cake. I read that feature article a few years ago–and the recipe is the only one I use for a pound cake. It’s good any way it is served!

    Thank you for sharing!

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