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It feels like this is the time of year that we have the most space to reflect and pay attention to details that we normally wouldn’t. Dreary weather and less sunlight naturally beckons for more days at home, which isn’t a bad thing in my book!

It’s always funny to me the “projects” we create for ourselves during these home days. One minute you’re reaching for the hairspray, and the next, every product you’ve ever owned is sitting out on your bathroom counter ready to be re-organized. Or maybe one little tilt of an off-centered frame suddenly turns into a transformation of the entire living room!  

Not to mention the recipes that we have time to try. I have loads of saved recipes that are on my next-to-cook list, and this time of year, I finally have time to cross a few off! (For instance, this Lasagna Soup. I’m telling you, this is what weeknight supper dreams are made of!)

The perfect complement to a winter day at home is a little inspiration. So whether you spend yours cooking, re-organizing, or simply relaxing and catching up on some reading, we’ve got you covered. The thought of you all finding ideas for your homes or meals is what keeps me so excited for every single issue that our teams here at Hoffman Media put together. From all of the recipe testing and home styling—our motivation is from our readers!

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  1. I put away Christmas decorations and decided to go ahead and refresh my house for the spring. Although I love my Christmas magazines and books spread out on my coffee table throughout the season, I packed them all away in exchange for spring magazines. It looks brighter in my living room already. Today is unusually cold in Baton Rouge, LA with a freeze on the way tonight. Since I am in today, I have pulled out my new materials to make a new spring/summer mesh wreath for the front door. Once it goes up, I won’t change it until August for Fall. I’ll be on the lookout for new spring scents for the house when I visit the store this week.

  2. Oh, that is so true – we don’t always plan it out but suddenly we’re in the middle of a re-organizing project that takes up the whole day! And yes, winter is the best time to de-clutter, to plan and to re-do your home interior. Especially in the cold Northeast area of NY. Looking at a winter storm this weekend and planning on staying in with good books, Hallmark dvd’s, Peppermint Chocolate tea and a cozy throw.

  3. Well,the holiday items are down and almost stashed! These cold,snowy days are perfect for reading and a bit of decluttering. It’s also a perfect time to refocus and determine the priorities for 2019..hopefully at a slower pace with more enjoyment. Blessings to you!!

  4. Susie … you are not alone . Most of my decorations have been taken down and placed in their boxes . The boxes and containers are stacked in the basement waiting to be placed in the storage closet . Slow and steady progress . A little each day .
    My next project will be to “update”the master bedroom -specifically, new window treatments , bed linens .

  5. I’m cleaning out my closet once again. I try every piece on and if I no longer like it I give to Salvation Army and if they do not fit right I put aside to be altered. Takes me more than a month as I have so many clothes. I’m also making a lot of muffins to go in freezer for breakfast with tea.
    No snow days here in Texas.

  6. Anyone else still putting away Christmas decorations? I’m nearly done, but try to remind myself that hey, Christmas was only a little more than three weeks ago!
    Onward to clearing out our outdoor shed, one box at a time – – sure don’t want to leave all this “stuff” for others to have to go through someday.
    Thank you, Phyllis, for your always encouraging messages!
    A blessed New Year to all —

    1. I leave up the wintry decorations, like holly, dried arrangements, or snowy village scenes until Groundhog Day. Then they must be put away! I have a winter painting that I hang up every year, too.

  7. I am determined to go through my books. I have to keep a record of the titles. I have bought duplicates in the past.

  8. I want to clean out my closet. There a re a lot of clothes I no linger wear. I need the room for the cloths i received for Christmas.

  9. I want to finish painting the kitchen. I stated before Christmas and then the holidays became too busy to finish the job.

  10. I love these winter months that allow for nesting. I organize, catch up on my reading, try out new recipes and make little changes around the house. And if it snows, it’s a bonus.

  11. January usually is a delightful DECLUTTERING time for me — but not all at once! Last week I cleaned out all my files. Oh, the shredded papers and outdated documents! This week, I’m reorganizing the supply cupboard in my study. Next week, something else, perhaps swap a couple of art from drawing room to bedroom. Otherwise, I’ve been enjoying lots of READING, as well as WRITING.

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