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Inspiring Entrepreneurs: Mary Brennan Reich’s Successful Start

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Starting your own company or business is hard work, and if you know me, then you know that watching an idea bloom and grow into success is near and dear to my heart. I know firsthand how challenging it is to run a business, but at the same time, it’s so rewarding!

I met Mary Brennan Reich when she was a young girl, and even then, I knew she would be a leader and a success. Today, she is just that—a successful entrepreneur with a budding business. Recently, I spoke with Mary Brennan about her success. What started out as a trial-and-error process quickly grew to become Bare & Golden, Mary Brennan’s personal jewelry business.

Bare & Golden

Bare & Golden

When she first moved to Los Angeles after school, she worked a few “survival jobs,” as she calls them, but she didn’t find satisfaction in them. Don’t we all remember those—waiting tables at the local diner or working at the closest retail store.



Mary Brennan decided to take matters into her own hands. She began making pieces for her sisters and friends to try out, and after receiving feedback, she started selling to customers from social media and trunk shows.

While talking with Mary Brennan, I asked her several questions about her style and how she plans to continue her business. Read below as she shares more about Bare & Golden.

How did you decide the name of your company?

I wanted to focus on something personal, significant, and relatable. I talked to my little sister about our favorite things growing up. My best memories so far in life have been made while barefoot at golden hour. That hour before sunset reminds me of being a kid, running around the neighborhood, and bare feet remind me of many carefree moments.

Hoop Earrings Bare & Golden

What inspires your design style?

Before I made jewelry, I always looked for affordable, dainty pieces that I could layer. I honestly salivate at some good gold necklaces layered with simple T-shirts. I chose different materials that would suit every consumer’s need and price range. Most of my pieces are made from gold-filled material, which is 100 percent more gold over the base metal than gold-plated but more affordable than solid gold.

Statement Earrings Bare & GoldenWhat is your greatest challenge in business?

Since I am the sole employee, sometimes it’s hard to balance business and creative aspects. I try to split it day by day—one day for finances, one for web development and photography, and one for crafting.

How is your jewelry distributed?

Right now, my jewelry is straight from website to consumer. I assemble each piece and ship it directly. In the coming month, I plan to sell wholesale to boutiques, e-boutiques, and even department stores!

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love the freedom it gives me with time and creativity as well as venturing into a new creative medium while learning about running a business. It’s exciting!

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  1. This story makes you want to see Mary Brennan be successful – which I think will be the case. It’s encouraging to see someone pursue a creative career like this,

  2. Mary Brennan is a striking personality. You can tell she is destined for greatness with just a brief encounter.
    Thank you for taking to time to unveil such a talented entrepreneur.

  3. Like you, I applaud young women entrepreneurs. Not for the faint of heart, beginning your own business is both 100% rewarding as well as frustrating that there are not more hours in the day all at once.

    I wish Mary much success…her jewelry is beautiful and well designed, every piece is a timeless addition to any jewelry collection. I am excited for her, I know her business will thrive and grow and grow!

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