Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea Book Release

Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea Book Release

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I had a visit from an old friend whom I met years ago at the Tea Market. Jane Pettigrew visited our headquarters. Jane was here working with the TeaTime editorial team on her new book, Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea. Have you hear about it yet? It’s just marvelous! While Jane was at the office, we had the joyous opportunity to talk about her love of tea and the origins of her new book.

All around the world, there is a growing interest in specialty teas. Just as wine lovers want to learn more about wine producing regions of the world, so tea lovers are seeking out similar information. 

The new book, Jane Pettigrew’s World of Tea, explores more than 60 tea-producing countries, explaining their history, terroir, variety of cultivars, manufacturing processes, categories of tea made, local tea culture, and rituals. It also features detailed maps and beautiful photography. TeaTime contributing editor Jane Pettigrew’s new book is available for pre-order now and will be released on June 15.

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  1. We gals all love tea and tea parties. The more we know about where the different varieties hail from and how the tea is grown and processed, the more we want to find those teas and enjoy them. So glad this new book is available. Thank you!

  2. Looking forward to adding this book to my tea library!!

    {As an aside, this page was listed as unavailable off my Ribbon email.#

  3. This sounds like such a wonderful book, filled with just the information I love about tea. Tea has such a rich and rewarding history to delve into. Thank you for this book, I am sure that it will be a favorite.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, xo Lidy

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