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Years ago when I found the living wreath, I was excited beyond belief. I quickly ordered one and set about to create my living wreath that would hang on the wall outside my kitchen window. This winter my wreath has pansies as the main flower accompanied by ivy and vines. Elise at Collier’s Nursery here in Birmingham, Alabama, graciously agreed to show us how she puts together a living wreath. I hope you enjoy this video and will be inspired to enjoy flowers year-round.

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  1. Post

    Personally, I water mine often. Soak. Not all plants live. You will have to experiment.

    Here is some advice from Elise, who owns the Kinsman Company:

    Don’t give up when one or two plants die. You just need to simply pull those out and replace.
    Spritz it on hot days once a day, but when it is cool outside you should have to only water it once a day.
    Put water in a water bottle. You don’t fully saturate the soil.

  2. Oh how I love this! I have never seen a wreath form or liner like this….Cant wait to visit Colliers and make one of these beautiful wreaths! Thanks Phyllis!

  3. So beautiful. I do love pansies. What a surprise when I went grocery shopping this week outside the door were racks of pansies in all different colors such a sign of spring even if it doesn’t feel like it. I live in Washington state.

  4. I have not made one of these but I would imagine you would take it off the wall and lie it flat to water. I live in Texas and fertilize my pansies every two weeks for great blooms.

  5. This is absolutely amazing! What a great idea….Can you please tell me how you would water it? I love this blog and smile each time I open it. Thanks for all you do! Happy New Year:) Also, do you know where I can purchase one of the wreath containers? I live in Tuscaloosa

  6. I will attempt this project …
    Does the soil stay compact and intact ? Somehow , I envision soil marks streaming down my window pane …
    I imagine that this wreath must be watered very carefully .
    A beautiful gift for oneself and to someone special .

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