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Learning to Turn the Page

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There comes a day when you realize turning the page is the best feeling in the world, because you realize there is so much more to the book than the page you were stuck on. — Zayn Malik

I read this most interesting statement the other day written by Zayn Malik. It really struck a nerve with me. I flashed back to the time I was in chemistry in high school and I would read and re-read the same page over and over. I realized that I glazed over halfway down and my eyes would scan the page without any comprehension of what I was reading. Then I would go back to the top and re-read the same page, glazing over at the same place. Finally I would want to give up. Unfortunately, in school we had to understand each page before we could go on.

In life, I find that mentally and emotionally we become stuck on a current situation or event that has occurred in our lives. It may be a tragedy, an illness, or a difficult situation we are dealing with, and we just can’t seem to move past it. We replay it over and over in our mind and find we are still at the same place.

It is hard to let go and move on isn’t it? But when we do, it is refreshing. How do we move on past our circumstances? How do we get something out of our minds that seems to haunt us?

First, decide if there is anything you can do to change it. If you can’t change a situation then why are we letting it occupy our thoughts? We have to fill our minds with other thoughts and not let it take over.

Second, if there is something you can do to right a situation then do it. That’s the hard one. It may be going to a person and apologizing or clearing up a misunderstanding. Most of the time we have made the situation bigger than it really is.

Finally, if there has been a tragedy or loss in your life, moving past it is hard. Turning the page to a new life seems impossible, but the best option may be to find a dear friend in whom you can confide. Sharing our thoughts, fears, and hurts with someone will lighten our loads. You can’t rush time, and turning the page may take awhile, but be aware that turning the page opens up the rest of your life’s story to beautiful times.

Turning the page is moving forward with great anticipation. As I write my thoughts today, I can recall many times in my life where I just had to turn the page to a new beginning. Turn the page today, and open your heart to new days ahead.

As we anticipate fall, it seems a fitting time to think about change. How have you turned the page?

Autumn Cottage Journal 2015


Comments 58

  1. Thank you Phyllis and everyone for your encouraging comments.
    You have helped me this morning as I struggle to turn the page
    on family issues. God Bless

  2. Just a quick thank you to you Phyllis and your lovely magazines.
    Added to that this wonderful blog.
    As we can see we are not alone in times of grief or troubles. People we Don’t even KNOW care and can send insightful and helpful thoughts. You are on the top of that list!!
    My life is great…husband, children and grandchildren….. At this moment. But we all have needs to “turn the page and let goooo of troubles and worries”. Just yesterday I quoted my darling sweet grandmother (long past) who said “worry is like a rocking chair… You go back and forth and get absolutely nowhere” . We spend so much of our lives (at least I do) worrying about things that never happen. I always try to remember Nana’s words.

    Thanks again!

  3. Dear Heather…
    Phyllis hit another common cord! Your friends through “Ribbon” are behind you and through this you are never alone. We stand with you. Blessings are ahead!

  4. Phyllis Thank you for your encouraging words and thoughts. I lost my precious daughter 10 months ago and it is very hard to face each day, but I have to keep going and trying to turn the page because I have 2 beautiful teenage granddaughters to take care of now. They are truly a blessing in our lives and we have to thank God each day for them and how much they have helped us to face each day that comes along. Thank God for people who care about others and I appreciate reading your journal each day. Learning to turn the page is often harder than we think but with God’s love and grace we can do it.

    1. My heart goes out to you and I’m so very sorry for your loss!!! May God strengthen you during this very difficult time and restore joy to your heart. I pray you find comfort in seeing your daughters face in those of your granddaughters! God Bless….

    2. Peggy you have my deepest sympathy. How your heart must be broken. You have a circle of friends here who will love you even though you dont know most of us. God will be your comforter.

  5. Vicki…I share your pain on this…family can bring so many challenges. With practice and a lot of patience, I’m learning to focus on my little family…hubby and two adult children.

  6. Thank you for such a beautiful and meaningful message. Your thoughts touch our hearts in so many ways and for so many circumstances – the loss of a cherished love one, the ending of a career we have loved, as well as the comforting acceptance of the changes that come as we grow older. Hopefully, turning the page can come with remembered joys of the past, lessons wisely learned along the way, and anticipation of new days ahead. Life truly is a journey, with its challenges and joys, Let us cherish the many blessings that God provides along the way.

  7. I really liked this post. Seems like I’m always turning a page, or often. It gets weary. I enjoy The Ribbon In My Journal very, very much. It would be nice to see articles like this every so often in Victoria. Women’s friendship’s are so important. Sometimes when I know I need to turn a page or am going to turn one; I get in bed with my Victoria magazines, teapot and quilt. Thanks so much for this. I journal and it is a safe place for me. I put pretty stickers, bible verses, or a pressed flower on the page I am writing on…I also have a ribbon.

  8. Still working on turning that page… I’m in treatment for cancer for the second time. Even though mine is treatable, it’s so tough to keep from thinking I’ll always be haunted by this. Thank you for the reminder to stay positive — I truly might be able to kick this for good!

  9. What also helps us through times of sadness or difficulties, is to have sweet friends who just call us out of the blue to check on us, to ask how they can be of help and then encourage our hearts. These friends make us laugh and they remind us that God uses the special people in our lives as an extension of His heart and His hands . . . so thankful for those “special” friends! : )

  10. Thank you, Phyllis, for this beautifully insightful post. It is helping me to see the necessity of turning a page I have been struggling to understand. Now I can move on to the next page with confident expectations.

  11. DEAR Phyllis,
    I am sure than any day this beautiful thought filled message is read it would reach many who benefited from the thoughts . We all have times in our lives that require turning a page leading to better and fulfilling times!
    Pat VanHees

  12. I need to ” turn the page” on a lot of situations in my life. I find it so hard. It is hard to go forward and leave part of your immediate family behind.

    1. Vicki it is hard to move on. We must all surround ourselves with people who bring out the best in us. sometimes we have just done all we can do. Thank you for sharing with us.

  13. Like so many others, this message came to me today at a time it was needed most. To get through a period of great loss, I found I could only look at today. Yesterday was too painful and tomorrow too bleak. I’m trying to get to the point where I can turn the page, and I know there will again be times of great joy. Your post gives me hope and faith in those times eventually coming. Thank you.

    1. Sandy, a friend sent me a book when I was going through a hard time. It is called “Just enough Light for the Step I am On” and it really helped me to realize that it is one step at a time. If you can find a copy it might just encourage you as it did me.

  14. For some unexplainable reason, today was one of those days when I recalled everyone who had ever been mean to me. What a silly waste of time and gray matter! Thank you for your very timely post. Life really IS too short to sweat the small stuff, or to be small toward others. Gracious women forgive and move forward. So many wonderful souls to meet and love each day.

  15. What a wonderful entry Phyllis. When I need to turn the page in my life, I literally turn a page in one of Jan Karon’s Mitford books. Always helpful.

  16. I, too, enjoyed this post and everyone who replied. What a blessing your daily journal is, Phyllis. One reader spoke about not knowing the way…..one is only asked to trust and then we don’t fear the way for we are assured the Lord’s presence with us and His caring for us as we go. One is grieving the death of a spouse…..I have been widowed for six years now and one thing I know is that going forward and turning the page is just another part of my journey and does not in any way diminish the prior journey. Indeed it makes it sweeter. Before my husband died, we were privileged to celebrate our 50th anniversary. He asked me if it seemed like a long time. I replied that sometimes it seemed like forever (meaning that our life had been so rich and full .. raising two children, three homes, two grandchildren and wonderful travel and fun times) and sometimes it seemed like only yesterday (because sometimes the “olden days” of our fifty years seemed so close). I miss my husband and appreciate all he did more than ever but my calling is to move forward and spread joy. As one of your readers said “Go Bless”…..I think she meant God Bless but you do “go bless” all of us every day. And we must do the same. On Labor Day weekend I will attend the 48th family reunion of my siblings and our progeny. Another blessing and reason for thankfulness. I am blessed beyond measure and so grateful for all the good things I have and have had that added joy to the journey. Blessings to each reader and to you dear Phyllis.

    1. Thank you Phyllis. This really hit home. And thank you, Ruth, as I am going through the loss of my beloved husband of almost 54 years.. He was my high school sweetheart and the love of my life. It has been 4 months now and I have been blessed by the support of our two children, 5 grandchildren and our many church sisters and brothers in Christ and numerous others. We had a wonderful life and were thankful for each day we had. I consider each day a blessing as I continue my journey here. I enjoy your magazine and your posts, Phyllis, and the kindness and thoughtfulness shown in your writing. Thank you!

      1. Mary, thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful memories. You are absolutely right in your thoughts. We need each other at all times in our lives, particularly when we experiencing change. Blessings on you and yours.

  17. Thank you for this beautiful and authentic post and quote. I will use it in my personal and professional life and work, and especially with life coaching clients. Our lives are “artworks in progress,” and turning the page is integral in that progress.
    With gratitude for your thoughtful rendition of a time honored phrase.
    Blessings, Dr. AnnRené Joseph

  18. Hello Phyllis
    Sometimes when I’m “stuck on a page,” I think about and count my many blessings. I know that there are many who are not as fortunate as I, and I try to pay it forward in big and small ways. Recently, I cleaned my linen closet and found about 150 single size bottles of lotions, body wash and shampoos that I collected during hotel stays. I delivered them, along with unused washcloths and hand towels, to a local homeless shelter. Needless to say they were so very grateful. When I put aside my sorrows and hurts to help others, it helps me turn the page. Thank you for a beautiful post. God bless.

  19. I so agree with Wendy. Your words cause a calm in my heart and soul . I,too, needed this gentle message today. Each word was a blessing . Thanks

  20. I just sent Malik’s wonderful quote to my daughter. She started college this week far away and still needs encouragement to “turn the page”. Thanks!

  21. Beautifully said Phyllis. This is definitely a keeper to copy into a journal and to read when needed or to pass along to a friend who may be in need of some kind words and good advice. Thank you….thank you.

  22. Phyllis,
    Thank you for following the same footsteps mentioned in Psalm 119:130 ESV.
    ” The unfolding of your words give light; it imparts understanding to the simple “.

  23. Thank you, Phyllis. God’s wisdom and encouragement flows through your post. I immediately sensed the deep spiritual implications for my life. Who among us doesn’t need to turn a page regarding some small or large aspect of our lives. God bless you for being willing to be transparent with us!

    Each time I see “A Ribbon in My Journal” I quickly access the posting. It’s always lovely and provocative!

  24. It is said there are no coincidences, but rather, the universe is always intentionally putting messages in your path, if you’re open enough to see them. It seems I’m not alone in needing this message today Phyllis – thank you for posting. I would add that, from my experience, the key to truly turning that page is having faith and trust that, although the new road is unknown and possibly even bumpy at first, it ends up leading you to bigger, better, higher places.

  25. Thanks for such a wonderful posting. My husband died six months ago. I’m both trying to turn the page and at the same time wanting not to. Your post is one more thing pointing the right direction.

    1. Nancy, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I found this the other day and maybe this will give you encouragement: The only people who think there’s a limit for grief have never lost a piece of their heart. Take all the time you need. Thank you for sharing with us.

    2. Nancy, I’ve been widowed twice. It does take time, and there are hills and valleys. Accept it as a process. The remaking of yourself will go on a long time, but it will give you wisdom.

  26. Hi Phyllis…. In life we come across people that are a thorn in our sides, it is especially hard to let go because this person happens to be an in-law…. After 45 years of dealing with this person you just know that it is never going to change… While you may lose sleep over the situation they are doing just fine! The best thing to do is just avoid too many contacts, because the situation is never going to go away.

  27. Now, this journal entry is truly inspirational. I’m just about to begin my morning prayer time with a cup of tea. You have just given me timely advice on turning a page. My maternal grandmama used to say “turn over a new leaf,” the leaf an old-fashioned word for page. Thank you, Phyllis!

  28. I guess I needed to hear this – I don’t want to turn the page but know I must – interesting how timely such a message is. Thank you.

  29. Phyllis,

    This post speaks to the heart of so many. Thank you for reminding us to see the glory in each day and not dwell in the past.

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