Let French Style Inspire You

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I have long been enchanted with the lifestyle of France. Even when my travels don’t spirit me away to that land, whenever I seek French inspiration, I refer to my magazine and book collection that focuses on its people, décor, and food. Hoffman Media’s new 208 page, hardcover book French Cottage is designed to allow our readers to peek into homes and shops filled with the tasteful furnishings and charming accessories we associate with Gallic culture.

History is ever present in the residences showcased in these pages. Coupled with homes chosen from the French countryside are American interiors influenced by a love of the serene color palette most favored in France. Timeworn, comfortable chairs and sofas are paired with architectural artifacts to create welcoming public spaces, while linens passed from one generation to the next enhance bedrooms where luxury reigns. We have found that the origins of a room’s furnishings matter little. In some of the most pleasing spaces, brocante finds have been combined with prized family heirlooms. Browse the pages for ideas sure to bring France into your home.

We have also included stateside shops that specialize in French goods to supplement the treasures you may bring back if you venture to Paris and beyond.

Tous mes voeux (My best wishes)!

Are you a fan of French style?

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  1. I too love the French style and loved visiting France with our daughter and family to celebrate her 40th birthday.

    I have many books on their culture and design. One more sounds wonderful.

  2. Even in France, it isn’t always evident how to have a charming French home. Not everybody lives in an old farmhouse with stone walls, high ceilings and fabulous fireplaces. And many people are content to shop at Conforama or But or Ikea. But it’s possible to work in charm with beautiful fabrics, antiques and added-on age. Our front yard had been a parking lot (it was a restaurant). Today there’s a pool lined by palm trees and enclosed by a stone wall and a gazebo for daily dinners en pleine air. If you have a vision, you can work miracles.

  3. I am and always been a French Cottage fan and all things French Country!!! I can’t wait to order your French Cottage Book! I know it will be awesome!!!

  4. Oh do I love FRENCH STYLE!!!!! Is there anything else? I have come to love the idea of decorating with a French flair… My home is definitely Country French and I just love it and are just so comfortable with it… I cannot see myself with anything else in my home… I have known people who change their tastes every so couple of years and I just don’t get it…. When I say change I do not mean buying a new chair or sofa I mean change from traditional to modern! Oh well different stoke for different folk… I was lucky enough to visit France about 10 years ago, it was the most wonderful experience of my life… I loved the flair they have for dressing, the way they put an arrangement of flowers together and the way they put their homes together… So yes I love everything French!

  5. This is for Sheryl who wants to transform her 70’s Colonial into a French style home. Chip and Joanna Gaines from the HGTV program, Fixer Upper, did exactly this for a couple who loved French style. The transformation was gorgeous and charming. Go to that site and you will be able to see the home, probably in the archived episodes. This aired last year, but reruns from time to time. Good luck with your project…it can be done!

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    5. We are pretty good at cleaning out the junk closets on a regular basis – his and mine. Literally and figuratively. (Of course, we can't erally sell the figurative stuff in a garage saale very easily though!)Good analogy, Sarah. I love analogies!

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  6. Love French design! Want to redo the exterior of our house with this in mind. Problem is the original 1970’s Colonial architecture with half frontal brick. Any suggfestions or references please?

  7. Oui, oui, Phyllis! I absolutely love all things French and try to incorporate them into my every day life…from a croissant with my morning coffee, to a dab of French perfume, a pretty scarf tied around my neck, a simple bouquet of flowers, to furniture arranged just so.
    What is there not to like?

  8. I am a huge fan of French style! So much so that I’ve focused my antique business around French style, both French Country as well as the more “elegant” style with the elegant porcelains, gilt pieces and formal French antiques. This issue of French cottage embodies everything we Francoplhiles adore, it’s a treat from cover to cover. Merci Beaucoup.

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