Lori Allen: TLC Star, Breast Cancer Survivor & Our Southern Lady of the Year

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We had the privilege of presenting the Southern Lady of the Year award to Lori Allen of Bridals by Lori. At our Celebration Weekend, Lori shared her story of how she built her business into the premier bridal shop in Atlanta, Georgia. And she is also the star of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.

She then talked about the most life-changing thing that has happened to her: breast cancer. She is a breast cancer survivor and shared her experience of that time in her life. Her focus on her presentation was Get a Mammogram. Her cancer was found on a mammogram that she almost skipped. Her doctor’s office kept calling, trying to get it scheduled, and finally she agreed. Thankfully she did agree, and that is when her cancer was found—on an annual screening.


We all have been touched by cancer in one way or another. My grandmother died with breast cancer when I was a teenager, and I will always remember that horrible time. But, thankfully, treatments have come a long way—particularly if it is detected early.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, reminding all of us to get a mammogram annually. Also, insist on a loved one getting one, too.

Lori travels all over the country telling her story and encouraging women to be proactive in this! Please get a mammogram if you don’t already do so. It could save your life. Do it for you and do it for those who love you!

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  3. I’ve always loved Lori & Monte and all their staff at their store.
    They are all so real.
    I wish that show was on more often.
    Thank you for your write up about her.

  4. May I also suggest… I am a 5-year colon cancer survivor. I go every six months for a follow-up CT scan. The CT scan came back in Nov. that I had two enlarged lymph glades under my arm. I was scheduled for my 3-D mam. so I had that. It came back normal. In May I went for another CT scan and the two glades had grown. My oncologist did not hesitate but sent me immediately to a breast specialist. She ordered another 3-D mam. accompanied by an ultrasound. The mammogram still came back normal, but the ultrasound detected the cancer. Fortunately, my cancer is curable. Please, if you have dense breast tissue consider the ultrasound along with your mam.

  5. Love Lori, have watched so many of her shows and I must say I love her hair longer, its darling and also her little black dress! She’s getting younger, what’s her secret?
    Her warm heart, and her approach on life, and sharing of herself, she’s amazing!
    Thanks for sharing her what a great surprise, you are so good at that! This made my day…
    So sorry I missed your gathering I had a class reunion the same days and I help the committee. Why do special occasions happen at the same time? I wanted to meet so many of your followers in person, how special. Thanks for The Ribbon in your Journal it just makes my day! God Bless
    California Carmel

  6. Your blog is Always so inspiring; this one, no exception. I love Kathy’s
    take on being proactive for herself as well as those she loves. Life is too
    precious not to……. Blessings to Lori for her courage and message of

  7. Thank you for sharing Lori’s story.
    She is a special woman.
    She is so right about getting an annual mammogram. Early detection is so important. I know many women whose
    lives have been saved because of it.
    You, Phyllis, are the Lady of Every Year!
    Thank you, again, for all the work that you do. May God bless you always.
    I look forward to the next ribbon in your journal.

  8. Congratulations to Lori! She is the perfect choice for your Southern Lady of the Year. Not only does she run a successful business, she takes the time to inspire and encourage other women to take of themselves ! Bravo!! ♥️

  9. I couldn’t agree more. Women often put themselves last. But it’s SO important to keep up with our annual checkups, mammogram, etc. My husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Plus when in his early 50’s…that was 15 years ago. As his caregiver, I have learned the importance of keeping on top of my own health & medical issues….not just his. Just yesterday I paid for someone to stay with him while I had a Dr. appointment (and took myself out to breakfast). We also have someone come in for a few hours, a couple times a week, so I can go play tennis. Exercise is ‘medicine’. How can we care for our loved ones if our own health fails?? I encourage him to exercise too. He used to be a very good golfer. Today I took him to play 9 holes…..he can do it with me there to keep on schedule with his medication and help him in other ways on the course. Something fun we can enjoy together, plus both get some exercise, fresh air and Vitamin D. ☀️

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