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Creating beautiful magazines and books is a passion for Cindy. She loves providing the reader inspirational and visually appealing pages in our publications as much as I do. She works on our book development and was instrumental in developing The Cottage Journal magazine four years ago. We listened to our subscribers, and the decision was made to publish a keepsake cookbook especially for our readers.

I look forward to the hustle and bustle of Christmas parties, dinners, and gatherings this time of year. It’s fun to see friends and family that come from far away or that we travel to see, and fresh ideas for menus, decorating, and gifts are always welcome to spark a little change and inspiration.

It is the most magical time of the year, and our goal at Hoffman Media is to provide not only beautiful food and lifestyle magazines but also books that are perfect gifts throughout the year—especially during the holidays. One book we have produced is the Christmas Cottage Cookbook featuring decorations, recipes, and gift tips for the season. It has plenty of ideas from displaying collections to the crowning dessert to the warm beverage to serve after dinner. Below is a quick overview of the contents:

• Holiday Menus of Plenty
Gathering around the table or fireside laden with beautiful menu plans

• Come Visit and Dine
Bite-size treats that are sure to be crowd-pleasers

• Joyful Christmas Style
Decorating from the kitchen to the living room with details that will give comfort and delight your guests

• Gifts & Ideas to Make Memories
Unusual and fresh gift ideas to bake or create

• Treasure Box of Recipes
Scrumptious cakes and beverages for a season’s worth of celebrations

• Collecting for the Kitchen
A vintage touch for the kitchen with timeless nostalgic collectibles

I hope you enjoy the festive days ahead and the blessed gifts of the season.


What’s your favorite recipe for Christmas?


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  1. Merry Christmas to you, Cindy, and to everyone at Hoffman Media! You bring such visual joy to your readers throughout the entire year. I love everything about the beauty and integrity your entire staff provides, especially during this glorious time of the year! I pull out my previous Cottage Journals and savor them through each season of the year. Thank you, Phyllis, for obviously creating an atmosphere conducive to creativity! You bring even more joy to the world of magazine lovers. Christmas blessings!
    Sherry Myers

  2. I will not purchase anything that says happy holiday instead of Christmas. It is our Lord and Saviors birthday. It’s a shame we have stooped so low we won’t give Him
    The Praise He is due. Thank you Phyllis for standing firm in your belief. You are greatly loved for it.

  3. I LOVE “The Cottage Journal”. There’s so much inspiration to be found between its pages. You both have the best jobs in the world! And, your passion for what you do certainly shows on the pages of your books and magazines. Thanks to you and your entire team at Hoffman Media! Merry Christmas!

  4. Cindy, you are so talented and I must say that I appreciate the fact that your magazines still use the word Christmas and haven’t substituted the nondescript word Holiday or Winter to describe the season. Love the beautiful Christmas trees and decorating ideas in The Cottage Journal! My favorite magazine by far.

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