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Merry Christmas!!!

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May the joy and love of Christmas be yours during this season. Always know you are special to many people. Unique gifts have been given to each of us and can be leveraged to better the world around us, especially at Christmastime. 

As you celebrate this year, remember that the Christ child came to change the world. My prayer is that this Holy Child of Christmas will live in our hearts every day.

Love and best wishes for a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Thank you Connie & Kim for such wonderful replies. I too love Evie’s music, especially her song ‘Come on ring those bells’. This past year has been one of my most challenging in my almost 50 years on this planet but I can attest to God’s ever faithfulness, time and time again. My circumstances are turning around and I look forward to being able to repay some of the help I was given this year to get through. My husband gave me the Victoria Classics Cottage Bliss magazine for Christmas and thrilled me to see the original photos and stories that drew me to Victoria so long ago. With my name being Victoria, it holds a special place in my heart. So happy to see where this forum goes. God Bless!

  2. Just want to share a wonderful quote this holiday season:

    “The same God that placed that star in a precise orbit millennia before it appeared over Bethlehem in celebration of the birth of the Babe, has given at least equal attention to placement of each of us in precise human orbits so that we may, if we will, illuminate the landscape of our individual lives, so that our light may not only lead others but warm them as well.” –Neal A. Maxwell

    1. Thank you, Kim, for sharing this wonderful quote. I am adding it to my file on quotes. It goes right along with the scripture passages that are found in Isaiah 60:1-3 and I John 1:5-9 and have become very meaningful to me lately.

  3. I have been blessed during this Christmas season…the first without our mother…with a song that Evie sang maybe back in the 80s…called Special Delivery. This song (which you can look up online & hear Evie sing) talks about how Jesus came ‘special delivery, wrapped up in love, bound by a promise, sealed by a dove, and filled by the Spirit, carried by grace…’ and because He came ‘special delivery’ when our time comes to go Home, we can go ‘special delivery, wrapped up in love, bound by a promise, sealed by a dove, and filled with the Spirit, carried by grace’…all because that ‘tiny Babe, infant King, Savior’ came. I have been comforted afresh this Christmas because I know that Mama went ‘special delivery’ and I pray that you will continue to be comforted…in just the way that you need…knowing that your Dad went by ‘special delivery’, also. Thank you for all of your encouraging words full of Truth and grace this year. May God bless you and your family with more and more of His sweet, holy presence during this ‘Holy Day’ season and in the coming year. A blessed & joyful New Year!

  4. Thank you Phyllis! My family and I would love to wish you, your family, all The Ribbon friends and HM a Very Merry Christmas and a Glorious New Year, filled with love, peace in your hearts and many wondrous blessings!!! Many, many thanks too for all your fabulous publications and inspirations that you share year in and year out!!!

  5. Rejoicing in this season of seasons!
    Happy Holidays to you your family and all your
    Blogger friends…..
    Wishing everyone a wonderful year of
    health happiness and renewal…
    Keeping our faith alive!
    California Carmel

  6. A blessed Christmas to you, our family and all readers! Thanks for keeping Christ in Christmas! Without him there is no true hope, peace, joy or love !

  7. May the coming year truly bless you and your lovely family as we remember the real reason for the season…..our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  8. Merry Christmas Phyllis! Thank you for the lovely, Christmas image and message. May we always remember the example that Jesus, our Savior, showed us and for the love he has for each of us.

  9. Just love the Christmas scene with the fireplace and stockings hanging along with the beautiful tree. Beautifully done and so homey.

  10. A blessed CHRISTMAS with family and friends are sent your way. And a prayer sent up to aJesus that this coming new year will be one of good health, good friends, safety and someone to come along side of you to share in the good and the not so good.

  11. Phyllis and Ribbon Friends,
    I echo Phyllis’ well said thoughts.
    May this be an especially blessed Christmas for you and yours.
    And to those of you sorrow today, may you know the peace that passeth understanding.
    His Richest Blessings…

  12. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and blessed Christmas, Phyllis … with many thanks for all of your inspiring and uplifting posts, and beautiful photos too, throughout the year.

  13. Thank you for the Christmas greeting! I applaud you for having the courage to stand by your beliefs when so many today are trying to keep Christ out of the Christmas holiday.

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