Why Monogramming Is Still My Go-To

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I have blogged about monograms for a long time. I think with our Classic Sewing magazine and the machine embroidery monograms that we offer, beautiful monogram designs naturally catch my eye.

Sunday before church started, this couple came in and introduced themselves, revealing that both of their first names started with Rs as well as their last name. Without thinking or filtering my words, I blurted out, “Oh, my goodness, what an amazing monogram you have—three Rs!” The husband cocked his head and looked at me like I was a convicted felon. He had no clue what I was talking about. She grinned and nodded with great delight!

It’s funny, but when you adore monograms, nearly everything you see becomes a potential canvas for your next project. You rummage through antiques stores looking for “your letter,” and goodness, if you find a set of napkins—the world stops spinning! The hunt is thrilling.

These days, we are monogramming everything. Several of my friends have script monogram decals on the back windows of their cars! And young mothers today are laboring (no pun intended) over the initials that their babies will have.

What is it about monograms that we love so much? Well, the other day I was reading a book about giving the perfect gifts, and the most amazing statement was there right in front of me: “When you give a monogrammed gift, the recipient knows that you planned ahead for the occasion.” Oh, how true that is!

Over the years I have collected wonderful sources for monogramming and plenty of linens to choose from, both of which have come in handy in a time crunch. Whenever I am searching for a gift or hosting a gathering, I turn to my faithful sewing machine and get to creating!

One of the most beautiful bridesmaids’ luncheons that I had the privilege of hosting along with friends was a Kentucky Derby-themed luncheon—Run for the Altar. We used black and white hatboxes filled with classic red roses, so I wanted the table linens to be extra special as well.

The previous holiday season I had ordered white placements edged with a red band and the matching napkins. So I got these out and thought, “A monogram would make these absolutely perfect for the occasion!” Napkins are wonderful to monogram because it ensures they will be visible. I used to monogram place mats, but when you sit the plate down, the beautiful design is hidden.

Because I have been monogramming for so long, I am always looking for unique and new designs! One of my favorites of late is this Simply Sweet Monogram Set from Classic Sewing magazine. It still has a classic look about it, but with a hint of bravado, which I love! To learn more about this darling set, click the image below!

Simply Sweet Monogram Set

All of that to say, the timelessness of a monogram lies in the thoughtfulness behind the practice. A monogram is personal, unique, and tailored to the specific individual. It is the perfect vehicle for adding color, style, and a little Southern flair!

What are some of your favorite things to monogram?

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  1. I, too, love monograms. Many years ago (50 to be exact) when I was getting married I had fallen in love with a book and movie “Rebecca”. In it Rebecca had all her lingerie embroidered by the nuns. I did not have a convent of nuns at my disposal so I embroidered my lingerie bags with my new monogram. I still have them. Both I and my treasured lingerie bags are antiques. Love your blog. Kathryn

  2. I love doing monograms too, and I just love doing all kinds of embroidery. When my grandson and his wife found out they were having a girl, I cautioned them about the monogram. They first picked a middle name with a “J”, and I told them that was one of the hardest letters to find a pretty monogram. So they changed it to an “M”. LOL I knew they’d want many options for monograms and names through the years.

  3. I’ve come to love monograms and have ordered a few shirts with monograms from Land’s End. I’d like to do more but I’m having a hard time deciding on my three initials vs. just one. Does anyone have suggestions on when to use one versus the other?

  4. I love monogrammed items…sadly, I cannot see and it would be a disaster! I would definitely have to go to a professional. But I have ” affixed” initials on things and while the effect is not the same, it still is a nice touch. I even use stickers to label gift bags and envelopes with the person’s initials.

  5. I totally agree and I also love my cubed monogram with 3 Ss. It is always lovely in a script which what I most always choose when I get a monogram. My boys often laugh at me but I think still appreciate the gifts of blocked monogram blankets and cufflinks that I have given them. Monogrammed cloth diapers are also a gift I often give, too. A sweet personalized touch is always nice for sure!

  6. I’m well aware of the importance of choosing babies names/initials. I tried baby names/initials with each of my three daughters, because my mom’s initials were SAD and she was teased a lot. Also, I’m glad the surname is in the middle of the monogram, with the man & lady’s initial on each side of the surname. My parents monogram is LDS. Just think if the man & lady’s initials were first then the surname…..my parents monogram would be LSD. That would be a real conversation starter! Love this Blog!

  7. I always like monograming in our bedding. I change out our bedding/comforter set each season. Winter, spring, summer and fall. I enjoy the different color schemes to use. On all of our bedding I use toss pillows in coordinating too. Some of the titles say; “Mr. and Mrs.,” His and Hers,
    King and Queen, and Hubby & Wifey. WE enjoy them all and always get cute comments when company comes. I did our guest room in a French design motif with a toss pillow on the bed that says, “HOTEL DE GUEST” it turned out darling. I also love monogramed dish towels, can’t get enough of them! Monograming is just extra special on glassware too. Monograming is unique and a good habit! California Carmel

  8. Monograms on the side of leather boots as well as leather purses are really neat. I like to put monograms on the ears of stuffed animals for birthday gifts. Anything for baby is ideal, especially christening bibs as well as blankets. Lot of young ladies don’t want to use them until you tell them that monograms lasts for many, many years. They are not fragile at all. I also monogrammed my granddaughters doll clothes to match hers.

  9. Great article Phyllis. Monograms just make everything so much more special. And yes the hunt for your letter is indeed “thrilling.”

  10. Linen tea cozy covers, napkins and fingertip towels are lovely; but, my most favorite are lacy linen monogramed handkerchiefs. Mother loved to tuck pretty hankies into friends’ birthday cards. I often give give hankies to brides. For our most recent family wedding, I gifted the bride, her mother & daddy and bridegroom with appropriate linen hankies. Enclosed was a note saying that the hankies were only for happy years. One of their sweetest wedding pictures is one of the new husband drying his new wife’s tears just as they turned to leave the alter with his brand new handkerchief.

  11. We all ha/* handkerchiefs with our initial monogrammed. Anything monogrammed is always special.
    Joan,Marion and Marilyn

  12. The couple you met at church could mimic the Rolls Royce logo of the overlapping double R. I had a set of napkins done like this for a friend whose first and last names start with R. He loved them.

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