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I have always been a dreamer. It is such a blessing that so many of my dreams have come true. Being a wife, mother, grandmother, and doing what I love every day with Hoffman Media are all so much more than I deserve. There are other life experiences that I still daydream about, and I write them down in my bucket list.

When I married Neal, we started a bucket list together. Our bucket list is in a leather journal that we keep on our coffee table. We love crossing off the ones we have accomplished, as well as adding new items to the list. So far, we have completed about half of the items on our bucket list. Neal took me by surprise to complete one of the items. I have always dreamed of having a fountain in the garden. I think fountains add such effortless elegance. One day he came home and announced that we were going to have a fountain installed and a raised bed surrounding it in the garden. I was thrilled and the day it was finished; we made a wish on a penny and threw it in. I planted roses in the circular flower beds that surrounded it and watched them bloom the following spring. There is something very therapeutic about listening to a fountain trickle.

Neal is so thoughtful and I love crossing items off of our bucket list together. Another one of our favorite bucket list items was the Alaskan cruise that we took several years ago. It was so sweet to finally go to Alaska after dreaming about it all these years. We have actually gone several times as that became a favorite trip for us.

An item that is still on my bucket list is to travel to Austria and see locations from The Sound of Music. It is my favorite film and I long to see The Benedictine Convent, Mirabell Gardens, Residenz Square, and many other places where some of the movie’s most iconic scenes were filmed. Maybe one day I will get to cross that item, and others, off of my bucket list. Until then, I will continue to be grateful for my many blessings and enjoy the priceless moments that each day offers.

What’s on your bucket list?

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  1. thank you I so love reading these I don’t have a bucket list if I did there wouldn’t be to much on it I would love to visit a couple more places again like Nashville, TN , Browns County in Indiana

  2. I, too, have so many dreams I hope one day will come true. I’ve never been to Europe but one day hope to travel to Italy, and the Tuscany Valley and,Amalfi, Germany and a Rhine River cruise, the English countryside, the south of France, Switzerland and the Alps, and my country where my grandparents came from which is Czechslovakia. Perhaps in two or three different trips.
    I was fortunate to go on a four-month mother/daughter road trip thru the Deep South which was my dream. Because we were having so much fun, we winded up going all the way up to Connecticut, New York, DC, Pennsylvania and many other beautiful states. It was life changing. I learned so much. Left on my daughter’s birthday in late August and returned two days before Christmas. If I am unable to ever go anywhere again, I still will be so grateful for doing this. Phyllis, I enjoy your writings and all the comments. Keep them coming and us dreaming!

  3. I love the fountain and the Sound of Music is my favorite movie of all time. My first
    grandchild was born in Germany. She is 30 now. When she was born my husband and I
    went to Germany for a 2 week visit. We rented a car (we are German but we don’t speak
    the language) and toured Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Of course we visited some
    of the places from the movie. It was a wonderful,wonderful trip. We have traveled to a
    lot of other places over the years but this was one of my favorites. My hubby is 80 now
    so most of our traveling is finished darn.

  4. Phyllis,
    This summer my husband & I took our first cruise. It was a river cruise through Hungary, Germany, & Austria. We got to go Salsburg & see all the beautiful Sound of Music Sights. A highlight was at lunch when we were entertained by for very talented singers who sang all the beautiful Sound of Music songs. We enjoyed the Salsburg so much; it is truly magical. In Vienna, we took in a Mozart concert ; that too was wonderful. You & Neal will love seeing this part of the world. BTY- your fountain is lovely!

  5. After watching PBS on TV and see the shows and their travels through Europe my husband and I have a much better view about the areas they visit…. We have a desire to go to Viena!… We just want to stroll the streets and take everything in, the town looks magical to us…

    Phyllis your fountain and garden are just beautiful… Enjoy it!

  6. Would love to visit Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic to see where my family is from. I would also love to visit the British Isles and see the Cotswolds, Bath, and perhaps spend a night in a castle.

  7. I Lived in Germany for 3 years in the 80s. Traveled to Salzburg several times. It is one of my favorite places. I too recommend Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Those countries are clean and picturesque. The Alps are beautiful. The Christmas markets are magical. They are worth a trip in the winter. Several years ago I traveled to Prague–one of my new favorites in Europe. High on my bucket list is a trip to the South. I’ve never been there and would love to see Charleston and Savannah.

  8. A fountain is on my bucket list too! I have a tabletop size one on my porch that I love but I definitely want a yard – sized one when I can. Yours is gorgeous – love the stonework!

    The British Isles and Switzerland are at the top of my “visit someday” list but they switch places with no. 2, Bermuda, every year for about a month in March. 😉

  9. I have a number of bucket-list places to visit someday, like western Ireland and Germany, lands of my ancestors, and last year I made it to my father’s birthplace, Vancouver. But when I found a postcard with all the flags of the Canadian provinces I thought: What a wonderful idea! Visit every province and territory in Canada! I had already been to Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. Maybe the prairies next year, and an Alaskan cruise that includes the Yukon. The northern provinces and territories will take a little doing, though!

    What a lovely project to be able to share.

  10. Oh, Phyllis, one of mine was to go to Fair Hope, Al. My husband surprised me for my birthday last year, even arranged with my boss for the time off. I was not disappointed. It’s good to have dreams! Love your posts, always something to smile about.

  11. Your fountain is lovely!! And your combined “bucket list” is just perfect.

    I feel so very lucky to have been able to travel with my husband and my children. I was able to share my daughters 40th birthday in France….. A special trip I will never forget!

    All your friends on this blog….and their tales….: are sooo much fun to read. I feel I know YOU… And them personally! And, I like every one.

  12. Beautiful story and the comments that followed. I love have “dreams that come true”, big and small. I think a joint bucket list is in the making at our house. Thank you all!

  13. I too have what I call a “wish” list…I have been able to check off many of those wishes already.Phyllis, you and your fellow ribbon writers are like kindred spirits. I too have gone to Austria, twice now and am planning to go to the Christmas markets in Vienna this year. Maybe I’ll see you there Tracey! Most of my dreams are not travel related though…I too would love a fountain for the summer and then, being from up north, an outdoor firepit for the cooler months. I just might have to show my husband your beautiful fountain,Phyllis. Hopefully, it will inspire him as it has me. Happy dreaming everyone.

  14. Without a dream you have nothing to work toward. In my own life when things were really hard I would day dream about flying to far away places with strange sounding names. Do you remember that song? Late in the afternoon as a teenager I would sit on the back steps and see airplanes flying over head and wonder where they were going. well guest what. I married a pilot, the second time around, and have traveled the world. Austria was beautiful and we walked the gardens, took the Sound of Music tour and was totally shocked when the tour guide told us that the movie wasn’t shown there and the Austrians don’t know about it. That has to do with a political issue. Hope you get to go. Old town in Saulzburg has wonderful shopping.

  15. “The Sound of Music” is my favorite movie of all time and I dreamed of going to Salzburg from the first time I saw it. My dream came true a few years ago when my daughter retired from the Air Force and we spent two weeks in Europe in celebration of her retirement … five days of that in Salzburg! Oh my, it was a dream come true! I can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed it. If you go, I would suggest getting a Eurail Pass and going to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In Germany, we cruised the Rhine River and took in “Oktoberfest”; in Vienna, we saw the Vienna Boys Choir and the world famous Lipizzaner Stallions; in Salzburg, we did the “Sound of Music Tour” and visited the beautiful Mirabell Gardens and church where Maria got married,; in Zermatt, Switzerland, we stayed in the quaint little “pedestrian only” town of Zermatt at the base of the Matterhorn and rode the tram as far as it would let us go to view the Matterhorn! All this, and so much more! The Alps are simply breathtaking, and needless to say, it was an unforgettable trip. I highly recommend it!

  16. Dear Phyllis,

    When I graduated from High School in 1974 our choir won a contest along with 9 other choirs to Vienna Austria, we sang Carmina Burana together, if you have time please listen to a UTube video of a performance, it will send chills up your spine. I digress, after our concert we toured northern Italy, Innbruck and Salzburg, and we ran under the vines and up the stairs singing just like the Von Trapp family singers! We even went past the house where Mozart was born, it didn’t disappoint, I hope you do get to travel there, absolutely magical!

  17. Phyllis, I don’t have a bucket list but after reading this, I must say that you and Neal are so inspiring! I can just picture your gorgeous fountain with the surrounding roses! I have an old blank leather journal that I’m going to put in front of my husband’s dinner tonight and I’m going tell him about your bucket list! You are a girl after my own heart! After seeing the Sound of Music in the 60’s, I too have wanted to go to those beautiful location sites in the movie. Years ago in Epcot, we saw the picturesque movie about France. I became obsessed with Mont St. Michel and told my family that before I die, I must go and see that place! Well, I went with my sister once and my daughter another time but my husband never was able to go. I plan to take him there in December next year, when it’s cold, when the crowds are non existant and the when the fireplaces throughout are roaring! Then, maybe a trip to Salzburg and Austria’s Christmas makets!

  18. I would love to tour the Sound of Music locations! It’s also my favorite film. What a great bucket list item. Years ago, I went to Austria and it’s beautiful. I wasn’t able to do any Sound of Music location touring at that time, though. I’ve since discovered that there are Sound of Music tours offered by different companies. I’m not sure if it would be better to travel on one’s own or with one of these tours. But either way, it would be a treasured travel experience. I hope you and Neal will be able to cross this off your bucket list one day.

    1. I suggest you take the tour, Diane. They tell you a lot about the filming and some fun information about the true story compared to the movie.

  19. Phyillis, I took a Sound of Music tour out of Salzburg with my son. It was one of the funnest things I have ever done!!!! I thought it might be corny but it was not!
    My pictures are a gorgeous memory and the movie now has new meaning to me having been there!!! Combine it with a trip to Prague!

  20. I think a bucket list is a wonderful way to dream about the things we all want to see in our lives. I have to laugh a bit as I always seem to get things done in a more backward style – I don’t have a bucket list, but I do have a leather journal which I use daily to list all the blessings I am grateful for… sort of the opposite of a bucket list !

    Whether you journal for things to come or those that have since come to pass, a nice book of dreams and/or blessings is a great way to look at our lives and how things change over time. The things we wanted 5 years ago may not be what we see as priorities today – and the same goes for what we are grateful for.

    Thank you for sharing Phyllis !

    Brandon Hartford
    Te Deum Cottage

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