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I have a new favorite flower just in time for Easter. It is called First Blush-Pink Narcissus Mixture. I ordered these delightful bulbs from White Flower Farm last fall. I am always looking for new flowers to add to my beds, and the joke at our house is “another box of bulbs?” So last fall, my little box of 25 bulbs arrived. When the cool weather came to stay, Neal and I along with our granddaughter, Amelia, spent one lovely Saturday morning planting bulbs.

I had actually forgotten about the new additions until this week, when these delightful apricot-colored blossoms opened. I collected several bouquets of them to place in our home and enjoy during this week. I will probably call them my Amelia Narcissus as she had so much fun planting with us. At 4 years old she really enjoyed the process of selecting the place for them.


Perhaps this fall, when it is time to plant bulbs again, you might want to plant some new bulbs for a great surprise come springtime. For now, take a look around this season and see if there is a wonderful blossom that is blooming that you too might seek out for your garden. These bulbs work well in containers too.

Have a lovely Holy Week, and celebrate the beauty of your world.

Do you have a favorite flower that’s unusual? I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. This flowers is just beautiful! You have inspired me to plant bulbs next fall. It is such a treat to see the gorgeous spring flowers that result. Wishing you a happy Easter!

  2. Dear Phyllis,
    So lovely !!Love daffodils in any color. I just have to get some of the apricot colored ones – beautiful. Mine have just about finished blooming for this year but they were so beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing so many wonderful things on your blog.
    Happy Easter to you and all those you love.

  3. Daffodils bring sunshine into our homes! Thank you for sharing your lovely flowers and warmest wishes for a wonderful Easter!

  4. Did you ever publish a source, if one was available, for the little vase that looked like bulbs? Hoping it is available for others. Thanks!

  5. This is a new one for me. How lovely with the rose/pink trumpet! Like an Easter sunrise.
    A blessed Holy Week to you, too!

  6. Phyllis, your blog is simply lovely and encompasses all that is “gracious living”. I would love to see your team create a book containing your wonderful blog entries so we could curl up with a cup of tea and revisit them or mark favorites to try, etc. Just a thought. . .

    I am a huge fan of your family of magazines and am thrilled about the Gracious Living Club. Thank you so much for keeping beauty and grace alive in our world and giving us the ability to share it. Your efforts are very much appreciated. Oh and this First Blush-Pink Narcissus would be perfect for my garden at Peachtree Cottage, I must order some! Best regards, Kathie

  7. I can’t choose just one…I love them all! Happy Easter to you and your family. Thank you for your lovely newsletter, I so enjoy it.

  8. Those are gorgeous ! I have tried more than once to plant bulbs in my beds.Only the squirrels dig them up and transplant them in my neighbors yard, one lonely bulb.To my neighbors and my surprise!
    Phyllis thank you for these blogs.I do so enjoy them.And this cold snowy winter they have been much company with my hot tea. Have a Blessed Easter!

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