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Nestled behind my kitchen, the central pantry contains everything I need while cooking delicious meals. The purpose of my pantry is storage of and easy access to items essential to the kitchen. The Diamond Cabinets were designed by MasterBrand with the focus on beauty and function.


My pantry keeps food, dishes and china, glassware, and crystal organized and easily accessible. Some of my crystal is displayed, but most pieces are stored in the pullout shelves and drawers.


The antique rolling pins, wooden cheese boxes, and bread boards serve as décor. The finish chosen for the cabinets is Diamond’s Seal. Its vintage hue blends beautifully with the modern granite and stainless-steel farmhouse sink by Kohler yet gives a cozy feel to the room. Surrounding yourself with things you love is always a great starting point for decorating.


The old-fashioned plate racks allow ample display area for plates that are changed seasonally. Other cherished items find perfect spots on the display shelves. The modern conveniences of pullout drawers and slide-out shelves add to the cleverness of my pantry design.


I chose the Amerock cabinet hardware because of its charming antique finish. The oversized pulls are easy to use and add a vintage look to the room. The corner pullout drawers are the perfect place for storing fragile china plates, and the spinning food storage racks within the long cabinets maximize the space while keeping things organized.


I just love my pantry. It gives me the convenience needed for my everyday cooking while creating a nicely designed and functional space. Stay tuned for more from my new house! We’re touring every room and dedicating a post to each one! 

How do you organize your kitchen essentials? My pantry appeared in the Winter 2018 Issue of The Cottage Journal magazine. Order for more design and style tips!  
The Cottage Journal Winter 2018 Issue

Comments 54

  1. Hello Phyllis,
    Thank you so much for sharing pictures and commentaries about your new home. Your kitchen, pantry and master bath are some of the most beautiful and well-planned spaces that I have ever had the pleasure to see. However, on the strength of your comments about the whole house being featured in Southern Home magazine’s December issue I ordered that issue. I was very disappointed to find nothing about your home in the magazine. Did I misunderstand, or will an upcoming issue feature your home? I have subscribed to Victoria for many years. It is one of my favorite magazines. The articles are beautifully photographed and very well written. My husband enjoys the magazine as much as I do! Would you please let your readers know when your house will be featured in Southern Home magazine? I don’t want to miss it.
    Many thanks for such beautiful magazine.

    1. Lesley, it is the last article in the magazine. Page 109. The article is called the Inspiration Home 2017. “English Accent” is the name of the article. Thank you for buying Southern Home. It is one of our newest magazine and has been well received.

  2. The pantry is “to die for .”
    To have space enough to store all the pretty and useful things so that they are easily accessible would be a dream come true.
    I, too, have ODD-Obsessive Dish Disorder.

    1. I am glad to know that it is called ODD. That is me! I have been given most of mine from people I love. They know me well.

  3. Just beautiful. Impressed with your organization. What is the name of the blue paint you used and who makes it. Would love to do my kitchen blue. Thank you.

  4. Hi Phyliss,

    Do love your kitchen and especially the very lovely blue and white China!
    Noticed in the second picture, there are two bowls, and the left one contains brightly displayed fruit.

    If you do not mind telling us, what is the name of the pattern of the bowl, and which stores might have it?


    1. The bowl on the left with the yellow acorn squash is Blue Willow. This one is an antique, and you can find them at antique stores. You may find a new reproduction as well. I use mine for fruit and veggies.

  5. Beautiful yes, but O O O the organization but most of all, your comment about changing your dishes seasonally. My sweet husband always asks when is it time to change. Glad to know about all the other china addicts out there also. It makes me feel that I’m not so out of the norm with my addiction.

    1. Addition to dishes is a good thing…..especially when you find some that you can change seasonally. I love mix and match. And close out sales!!!

  6. It is so beautiful Phyllis, and I love the blue! Great space and organization–makes one enjoy preparing foods and cleaning up after–a place for everything and everything in its place!

  7. I love the blue kitchen and the blue dishes. Blue is my favorite color. Thank You for sharing . Looking forward to the next tour.

  8. I’m not prone to jealousy or envy, but — that pantry! You are so blessed to be able to have a space like that, where you can easily lay your hands on any given item in your collection. That would be a dream-come-true!

  9. Oh my goodness, what a dream pantry. My kitchen re-do is nearly done (after more than a year waiting for my custom cabinets/furniture to be finished! I have plate racks and wide benches at my island too! Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us!

  10. Be still my beating heart! Absolutely gorgeous! I trust you will enjoy it for all of us. Thanks for inviting us into your home.

  11. I definitely would be envious if I enjoyed cooking and entertaining but since I don’t I am very happy for you… it is beyond lovely! Couldn’t have been created for a better person than you!! I have a feeling all your family and guests enjoy it wholeheartedly along with you!

  12. Your kitchen is lovely and well organized giving me lots of wonderful ideas for my pantry. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.. Robina

  13. So beautiful and functional. You can add me to the list of pantry envy. I have an open floor plan and I can just imagine how much prep work could be done in your pantry area. I remember when you began remodeling, you mentioned this open space for enjoying your guests. I had no idea you had a place to put items you would want out of sight. Wonderful planning. Love all the elements. Enjoy…glad you plan on sharing your home. Thank you.

  14. My next house will be designed around the pantry and the China room. I have a slight addiction to beautiful China. I love yours and am so tickled to see that you spent lots of time making sure there was a place for all the pretties. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home.

    1. My mom instilled in me the love of dishes. She said that she would use a different set everyday if she could. She took us to china shows at a local store when we were growing up and it was always fun to see the new offerings. We would make a day of it and my sister and I would enjoy lunch with her and the china event. Very inspiring!

  15. Phyllis, I am so in love with your pantry that I’m practically drooling. I have a passion for china and I am both embarrassed and delighted to say that I own five sets. After the purchase of my latest set, my wonderful husband mentioned that perhaps we need more storage. That reply was so much appreciated because he could have said that perhaps I don’t need any more dishes. I’m a firm believer in using all my dishes and I love setting our table for a dinner or tea party. After seeing a glimpse of your pantry, my mind is whirling with possibilities. It’s so fun to dream.

    1. I am now watching for good buys on linens to match my dishes. I use them and I noticed some are just worn out. Those are hard to find sometimes.

  16. I think I agree with Dolee, your kitchen and pantry make me envious! What a delightful space you have designed for your home, Phyllis. I am thrilled for you, such a beautiful functional space. It is the best of both worlds, it has ample room to display your gorgeous antiques, but is modern in its storage solutions.

    Here at FrenchGardenHouse we have a small kitchen, which I love, but I can only imagine how wonderful it is to work in your glorious kitchen.

    1. I designed it for function. Notice no overhead cabinets. I never could reach the shelves, so the pantry was created so everything pulls out. The upper cabinets have Christmas dishes and things I use seasonally. Neal has to get on the ladder for those!!!!

  17. Phyllis, I love your kitchen! The combination of beauty and function in your pantry is so creative. I’m glad you’ll be sharing more glimpses of your “home sweet home” with us.

  18. This is a beautiful and yet functional space. I recognize my favourite Calico pattern!!
    We want to update our kitchen in the spring…could you share with us what material was used for the countertop?
    Thank you.
    Looking forward to more inspirations from your lovely new home.

    1. The counter top is granite. Giallo Ornamental is the name. I selected it because it is used in the kitchen and pantry and I needed a very muted pattern to match both cabinet colors.

  19. Phyllis – Thank you for sharing your home with us. Loved the pantry when I saw it in the magazine and enjoyed seeing it again. We live in a very cozy older home but always try to have a good working space. Recently purchased a new, very roomy (consignment purchase) corner cabinet for dining room. We are now able to display nicer pieces of glassware, etc. This frees up space in our kitchen cabinets. Yeah! We share your love of blue and use it throughout the house. Look forward to your wonderful magazines that always give a modern twist to our loved traditional taste.

  20. Dear Phyllis,
    Thank you so much for sharing your kitchen pantry. I enjoy cooking, but my kitchen does need a complete overhaul! Added to the fact that I use a walker and standing is a challenge. I usually pull my chair near to the oven and stove while I prepare meals for friends. I had closed overhead closets cabinets. It was a challenge to reach what I needed. I asked one of my friends to remove two of the doors so I could have easier access to plates and bowls. He was so hesitant, because he thought I wouldn’t be happy with the results…and since it makes life so much easier for me , I was thrilled!

  21. Would you share the name/manufacturer of the beautiful blue glassware (both top and bottom shelves)? I’ve been looking for some for a while and just have not found anything. Thanks!

    1. Cathy I would be happy to share with you any information I have. The shorter stemmed crystal water glasses are from the Ritz Carlton. Years ago, the precious ladies that work with me bought these for my birthday. I had seen them and of course went nuts……I can’t find them on their website today, but that is where those came from years ago.

      NOW, the larger stemware on the top and the ones with the round bubble on the stem are from …………………………….WALMART! My mom found those and bought them for me and I adore them!!! Dishwasher safe and very durable. And she got them on sale for $1 each. I have had these for years and I think they are Anchor Hocking. You just never know when blue will turn up.

  22. An absolutely gorgeous kitchen! We have a small pantry, for which I am grateful. Our home was built in 1939 and that it even has a pantry is amazing. I wouldn’t trade our old home, but I do so admire your beautiful and well designed kitchen.

  23. If I were Catholic I’d have to go to confession over my envy for your pantry. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a more wonderful one. I did have that same section that you have your oils, vinegars, etc. stored in when we built a new home many years ago. However, that was my whole pantry. So are a very lucky woman.

    1. Thank you. I do store my vinegars, oils, and wines that I cook with in my pantry. All of cooking ingredients are right there together. I like things handy when I am cooking.

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