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Summer travel for me is escaping to a cooler climate. While I love the wonderful gardens and floral offerings of the south, a respite from the heat is always exciting to me.

Our favorite trip to take is an Alaskan Cruise. There is something restorative to me about watching whales jump, eagles soar, and marvelous scenery. The tiny fishing villages intrigue me as we pass by them. I wonder “What must winter be like in this frozen country?”


One of our most favorite things to do is to have coffee on the deck and watch the eagles soar. I’ve never really considered the vast size of these glorious birds. Oh my—when the first one flew overhead I could hardly believe it!

The gorgeous evergreens seem to stand majestically at attention. I can only imagine the fragrance if you were lucky enough to walk through the “Christmas tree” forest. I never tire of the landscape.


I am most astonished by the glaciers. The rich turquoise color of the frozen ice fields is breathtaking. Seeing that makes me appreciate the greatness of creation, for I know this is how it must have looked. The waterways around the glaciers are sacred grounds and they are kept pristine and untouched with respect to the wildlife living there.

If you want to experience an amazing state, cruise to Alaska. You get a taste of many little towns and the glorious landscape.

Where is your favorite place to vacation?

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  1. An Alaska cruise is on my bucket list…it sounds so beautiful. Living in the Pacific North West, I am blessed to experience the ocean, mountains, and many forms of wild life (including the eagles) on a daily basis. I never take for granted that we live where many people only get to vacation.

  2. The Teton mountains in Wyoming captivated us when we first camped there in 1981. Later we moved to Jackson Hole and lived in, and worked for, Grand Teton National Park many years. The beauty of Wyoming with its mountains, deserts, cool evening weather, wildlife, clear mountain streams, and interesting people tugs at our hearts drawing us back each year.

  3. We just returned from our vacation in the finger Lakes area of upstate New York. It’s where I grew up and I fall in love with it each time I go back. Beautiful, clear water lakes, rolling hills, spectacular peonies everywhere, wineries, lavender farms, McKenzie Child’s home and studio, marvelous Victorian villages to explore. I can’t wait to go back next year!

  4. I also loved the Alaskan cruise we went on several years ago! My favorite memories are seeing baby seals floating on the icebergs in Glacier Bay and also going on a wildlife boat excursion with orca and humpback whales swimming nearby! Gorgeous scenery and spectacular wildlife viewing!

  5. My favorite place to vacation is Williamsburg, Virginia. I love, love, love it there!!
    Your Alaskan vacations sound marvelous; will you adopt me as your traveling sister next time?! I’ll carry the luggage for you!!!

  6. Both my husband and I love cruises, and the Alaskan cruise that leaves from San Francisco is our favorite. Sailing out under the Golden Gate Bridge is a great way to start our vacation. We find that the ports of call on this cruise all have interesting adventures, including just walking through the towns. Thanks for bringing back such good memories. Happy trails, everyone!

  7. Phyllis your Alaskan cruise sounds divine! Especially as I read about it in the hot humidity of Central Florida! 🙂 Many of my friends count going on an Alaskan cruise among their favorite trips as well. When I worked for the Miss America Pageant and judged State pageants, the Miss Alaska Pageant was always one that folks appreciated being invited to judge. Alaska is our final frontier and so unique and beautiful. Everyone loved going on tours through the glacier ice caves and as you have experienced and enjoyed, seeing the Eagles soar and the sheer beauty. Have a glorious trip sweet friend!

  8. I, too, have enjoyed an Alaskan cruise.
    The one I took started in Anchorage, headed south, travelled up into some fjords, and took in the Inside Passage, as well.
    I agree that it is all so pristine, and I liked that it seemed a “million miles” away from EVERYTHING! It was so “exotic”, even though it was a part of these United States.
    I particularly enjoyed the Russian historical “flavors” of Sitka. I found souvenir shopping to be great, throughout Alaska’s many gift shops and galleries!

  9. My favourite summer spot has been and always will be Cape May New Jersey…the beautiful ocean, the majestic Victorian homes, the historic Congress Hall hotel. The evenings are even more magical…there always seems to be something electric in the air but at the same time, it’sextremely peaceful as well.

  10. Great timing to read your vacation memories!! My husband and I just got home from a wonderful 10 day Alaskan cruise aboard the Grand Princess out of San Francisco, the best trip ever and out favorite place Icy Strait Point! Pristine , beautiful and wonderful local people, can’t wait to take this trip again and make it a family trip. Princess Cruises were great to travel with . Thank you Phyllis for sharing your memories.

  11. Just disembarked last weekend from a fabulous Princess Alaskan cruise – our fourth one. Nothing like it in the world!

  12. This is on my wish list, Phyllis. Most of our vacations take us to Europe, and while Holland always beckons because much of our family lives there, and France, because of my antiques business, I actually adore England and Belgium. Both countries offer everything European dreams are made of!

  13. My husband and I a few years ago took an Alaskan cruise. The highlight for me was when we took a flight on a small float plane and we flew over snow covered mountains, turquoise glaciers and sparkling rivers. I always take a lot of pictures when I travel and needless to say, I went crazy taking pictures! I was in awe of Alaska’s natural beauty. That flight was amazing!!!

  14. Thanks for sharing, Phyllis! A good friend of mine and her entire extended family of 19 just left yesterday on a Disney Alaskan cruise. What fun! For me—my favorite so far was a cruise in the Mediterranean, followed by a few days in Rome-2 glorious weeks and my first-ever cruise! My next cruise will hopefully be around the British Isles. I just love to GO!

  15. Our favorite vacations are usually near water. We love the Outer Banks, Cape Cod. Our trip to Maine was beautiful. We often take mini-trips along our beloved Lake Erie. So much to do so close to home as we live in Cleveland, Ohio.

    1. My husband and I have a trip planned to Cape Cod in September, have never been before and really looking forward to it. We will be staying at Orleans Inn. Have a whale watching trip on the itinerary but not sure what else at this point. Your comment made me even more excited about this vacation.

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