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Every few weeks my mailbox will be struck by an infiltration of new magazines. As issues arrive from the printer, they get delivered to our offices first and our mailboxes are among the early places that they land. I love taking the new volumes to my office and flipping through the pages to see the beautiful results of all our hard work. I am definitely a “magazine person,” and love what we do.

For the most part, I’m old fashioned when it comes to publishing. I love to turn each page by hand. That said, when I’m traveling, I’m grateful that I can now take my magazines with me without having to physically haul them around. All that paper can get heavy and my tablet makes bringing our rich content with me easier than ever.

Of course, the other challenge of the printed page is that keeping track of my favorite stories can be difficult. Here in our offices, I have our expert editors to help me remember when we ran a particular story. But at home, it can be a challenge to track down a beloved feature or a recipe I’m excited to try.

That’s why the new app for our digital issues is such a treasure. Each issue now has a range of new features, including the ability to “clip” my favorite content. I can now keep track of my favorite recipes and features, and then email them to myself, print them, or save them to my iPhone or iPad.

You can also now access a free, full-screen preview of each of our regular and special issues. That means you can browse the issue before you buy—just like at the newsstand. The app also gives you direct access to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and the websites for each of our magazines. That means no more jumping back and forth between the digital edition, different social media apps or web pages! 

I hope you enjoy these digital features as much as I do. If you received a new tablet for Christmas, then this is the perfect way to put it to good use!

Do you have a tablet? What do you love about it?

The Cottage Journal Winter 2016

Comments 29

  1. Gross. Maybe this is your way of enticing me out of my blog cave to actually post something. Glad you had fun though.I'll be in St Martin all next week just waiting to write a post long enough to drop Kid Rock into the oblivion that is the blog archives –

  2. Tintin comics high five, these are my favorites! Though to be frank, the first two (or three depending on whether you count Tintin in Soviet) I find to be rather boring and dull. It’s not until Cigars of the Pharaoh (or whatever it’s translated to) that things get into gear.

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  7. “Browse” using my smart phone ?
    Yes , for certain . I plan to purchase an I Pad soon as the larger screen will make browsing so much easier .
    Will a device ever take the place of my magazines or books ?
    Never .
    Reading my “Victoria” magazine is medicine for my spirit and soothes my soul ( both new and old copies).
    I do not think my phone or tablet would satisfy that need .
    I love the written word and beautiful pictures on paper . I do have a “collection” of “Victoria” magazines since her birth many years ago and could not ever part with them .
    The digital version would be nice to search recipes and be able to find past articles quickly and without frustration .
    So maybe … someday …
    When I purchase my I Pad , I will let you know !

  8. Having the actual magazine in my hands is important – as it is for the majority of middle aged women but
    I would like to know more about the digital editions. If we subscribe to the magazine, do we have to also pay to subscribe for the app edition? Also, can we save all the issues on our iPad, which I couldn’t be without?
    Saving every magazine for years makes for big piles of them and if they were at my fingertips on the iPad, this would be wonderful. I’d like to try this new technology but don’t have all the answers before making the leap.

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    11. It’s a happy day to be able to read an article that is so clearly researched and written. I have very much enjoyed this informational content. Your layout is excellent. I will come back again. I will most definitely do a link to on my site.

  9. I also love the feel of paper in my hands… Anyone who knows me will tell you how much I love magazines, Bliss Victoria at the top of my list!!! Have not tried it on my iPad as of yet, but I guess somewhere in my future I will need to and it is nice to know I can have access to it! By the way I love my IPad and could not live without it or would not be happy if I had to give it up!!! I always enjoy the vendors in your magazine that I would not have known about and so grateful for that… Thank you Phyllis!

  10. I am still getting use to my mini IPad. I love holding the paper
    of magazines or books my hands, but I really being able to just grab the
    IPad and jump in the car for a road trip. Before it was pick what I wanted to take with me and haul the bag out to the car. Usually heavier than my suitcase. And for all the thought put into it I would want the one magazine I left behind. I do believe they have a place, but still want the feel of page turning while reading the latest in my Victoria magazine or the latest book that has grabbed my attention.

  11. Like you, I love holding the printed pages in my hands. But I love my tablet, too. Having a choice of both print and virtual, that is the best, to be able to access all that inspiration each Hoffman Media publication has no matter where I am, that is wonderful! I use my tablet early in the morning to read scripture, to answer emails, at ” break time” to research something, to look up recipes while cooking, and to read a book late at night.

  12. I receive both versions. I do enjoy my paper version more especially with my morning coffee. However, my digital version allows me to save the great ideas, tips and recipes. When my new paper magazine arrives, my old version is left at my doctor’s office for others to enjoy.

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