Tea and Savories book from TeaTime

New Tea & Savories book from TeaTime

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A preview of our newest book Tea & Savories from TeaTime editor Lorna Reeves

Dainty tea sandwiches filled with thinly sliced cucumber, creamy chicken salad, or flavorful smoked salmon are the foods afternoon-tea aficionados have come to expect on the savories level of a traditional three-tiered stand. Often served in the United States as the second course after warm scones with accompaniments of clotted cream, lemon curd, and jam have been happily eaten, the savories usually take first billing in Britain. The order in which these first two courses are presented is widely and politely disputed—with eloquent reasoning on both sides of the debate—but for most lovers of afternoon tea, the important thing is that both courses be served so they can be properly and leisurely enjoyed.

A creative host might wish to expand the offerings beyond simple tea sandwiches to include fanciful canapés and savory tartlets. And if the occasion takes place closer to lunchtime, then a heartier menu of soups, salads, and quiches might be desirable, either in lieu of or alongside the tiered stand.

Tea & Savories offers an array of flavorful and pretty recipe options—some of which are gluten-free—that will satisfy even the most discriminating diner. Most were created in TeaTime’s test kitchen exclusively for this book, while others were contributed by select tearooms or have previously graced the pages of the magazine. Whatever the source, these soups and salads, quiches and tartlets, and tea sandwiches and canapés will be well received at any occasion afternoon tea is served, especially when accompanied with the right infusion. Our pairing guidelines and tea-steeping basics will be extremely helpful in choosing and preparing the perfect pot of tea for your guests to savor at their next teatime.

What’s your favorite tea savory? 

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  1. Thinly sliced radishes on small baguette slices spread with the best butter and finished off with a tiny sprinkling of salt is my favourite tea savoury. My mother used to make this for me as a summer treat and it is still a special treat so many years later.

  2. Watercress sandwiches!
    Many years ago when multiple greens in salads were just being “discovered” my husband was part of a small group of market gardeners who supplied a variety of fresh herbs and unique greens & vegetables to The Mansion (SL, September, 2015, p 55-64). Among the items he grew was Watercress.
    Of course, I had to make delicate fresh watercress sandwiches for tea time.
    Thirty-something years later, friends still tell me that they recall “the wonderful fresh watercress sandwiches.”
    Afternoon Tea is about not only the daintiest detectables but the shared memories!

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