The New Vietri Pattern + A Giveaway Grandmothers Will Love

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I had the privilege of speaking at Bromberg’s store last week for a Vietri holiday event. As the women and men came in and took their places, I asked the question, “How many of you collect china or dishes?” Every hand went up in the room. Now, why should I be surprised? You know I love beautiful tableware and have always loved seeing the new items that are introduced ever year. But I should have realized I am one among many that collect!

The Old St. Nick pattern has been expanded to include many new pieces that are so clever. But the new pattern debuting at this event was Lastra Holiday. And to make it even more exciting, the artist who designed the pattern was there—Stefano Barbieri of Vietri. You would not believe that this man did not speak a word of English. He made an announcement in Italian that sounded incredible, but of course none of us understood. Then his translator informed us that Stefano had challenged us to paint a Vietri dish of our own using the new Lastra pattern! It would then be fired, and voilà! We would have our own creation! The pattern is simple—green trees with redbirds. So we all thought this task would be relatively easy…but that wasn’t quite the case.

Stefano mixed our paint and handed us brushes, and then we all proceeded to create a replica of this beautiful pattern. What I didn’t figure into my painting attempt was that the paint would run if too much paint was on the brush. Everyone at my table was laughing at mine, as it resembled a Hawaiian pineapple with red chickens on it. I decided that adding more paint would fix it, and oh my, that was a mistake. For good measure, I went around the rim with polka dots and painted a solid border inside the dots. So now, I am anxiously awaiting my fired plate and seeing my creation!

But the good news for all of us is that Vietri Founder Susan Gravley has written a book, The Magic of Old St. Nick: The Adventure Begins, and it is packaged in a darling little tote with a handmade Santa. I can already tell this will be wildly popular for us grandmothers to give this year! Susan has graciously provided one of these sets to give away to one lucky winner who will be drawn.

Vietri Santa Gift Set

The Old St. Nick pattern is adorable, and this wonderful gift idea will delight all Santa lovers. The little redbird is a featured motif on both this pattern and Lastra Holiday, and it continues throughout this book. “The red bird brought him love and cheer from those who loved him, far and near.”

Enter below for your chance to win!

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  1. I believe that this new Vietri addition is a beautifully simplistic china pattern that is extraordinary in its ability to grab hearts. Beautiful! And…who doesn’t love Old Saint Nick? I’m sure that this children’s book will be a great addition to any collection of Christmas books to be shared with Little Ones and those ‘who are young at heart’. Hope to see your creative plate rendition soon, Phyllis. :o) Thanks for sharing!

  2. The world could learn from the little red bird as he spreads love and cheer…
    May all of us have a little red bird in our lives . And also , lots of china !

  3. Phyllis you were certainly an inspiration to our guests! I thought your plate was artistic! I too share your passion for setting a beautiful holiday table. Bromberg’s just happens to have the elements to do so! You are a treasure to all of us that honors the art of hospitality. There is something to be said for making guests and family feel welcome especially during the holiday season. Setting a beautiful table is an excellent way of showing love to one’s guests! Here’s to keeping us inspired!

  4. Count me among those who love China. I think it is in my genes, as my grandmother and mother were collectors. I have some of their beautiful pieces along with my own additions. I just wish I had more space to store it. Phyllis, your plate painting sounds like great fun, be sure to share the finished masterpiece.

  5. Love the Vietri China. So refreshing from the usual Santa and Holly designs. I look forward to seeing your finished plate. I imagine it will be lovely. The book, Santa and tote is a wonderful gift for our Grands.

  6. Oh to win. My three year old great grandchild loves to have us read to him. What a treasure for him to keep and read to his children. Phyllis I am looking forward to the plate you painted after its fired. Years ago I loved painting ceramics and I still have them. Memories!

  7. Barbara in Sequim. I think this is a beautiful pattern. I like the simplistic of the pattern. As for the children’s book I have been collecting children’s Christmas book for years This would be charming addition.

  8. I have just returned from our local boutique which featured the artist this evening. He signed 2 of his items which are gifts for my best friend and for me. What a thrill to have Vietri featured in your latest blog

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