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Can you believe it is another New Year? It seems like we just started 2018. We have so many wonderful things going on here at Hoffman Media. Did you know we now own the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo? And the Martha Pullen Company? We are so excited about these wonderful additions to our company. More to come on that! Also, the January magazines are coming off the press, and I am so excited to share my favorite features from each of them! 

Bake From Scratch—Hold on to your belt if you can! I had one glimmer at the Morning Buns, and I wanted one so bad. I just love flaky dough, and the tips and techniques of working with it have challenged me to learn this fine skill. This issue is filled with wonderful baking tips, techniques, and recipes galore!

Bake From Scratch cover and morning buns

Louisiana Cookin’—The King Cake on the cover is amazing! But there are more recipes for King Cakes inside as we celebrate Mardi Gras! I love the 30-Minute Gumbo recipe that I can quickly cook and serve to my family. You will love this issue!

Louisiana Cookin' cover and jambalaya

Southern Home—New Year’s means freshening up or remodeling. This annual issue of Before + After is always a hit with readers! You will find wonderful ideas tucked in the pages of this issue.

Southern Home cover and kitchen remodel

Taste of the South—I am an Orange Sweet Roll fan! The Remember to Treat Yourself feature will make you long for a pan of hot ones coming out of the oven. I also loved the article on Classic Cornbread. For the New Year, what could be more wonderful when paired with black-eyed peas?

Taste of the South cover and cornbread

The Cottage Journal—The chill of winter is lessened by the warm, cozy ideas that are contained in these pages. The Cottage Journal brings petite-space living to life with each page. Some of the most beautiful collections are found in this issue. If you love linens, there is a special feature just for you!

The Cottage Journal cover and bedroom

Cooking with Paula Deen—I would expect nothing less than comfort food from our Southern food lady. January just begs for delicious, warm, wonderful dishes to serve to our family. And she is frying chicken in an air fryer! This collection of recipes and ideas will delight your family.

Cooking with Paula Deen cover and Paula with an Air Fryer

Southern Lady—The decorating issue is always a favorite. In this issue, we get to visit some of the South’s charming homes of all styles. Also, it’s fun to catch up with our favorite humorist, Jeanne Robertson. You won’t believe what she is doing now. And there are soup recipes to warm our soul—perfect for winter!

Southern Lady cover and Asian soup

Victoria—Oh, the beauty of this issue always pleases me. Valentine’s Day is coming, and the celebration has already begun! This issue has dreamy photos of antique laces, china, and everything I love! Our favorite entrepreneurs share their paths of success to their dream businesses.

Victoria cover and blue and white china

Cook: Real Food Everyday—I love the quick-fix recipes in this issue. My time right after the holidays is a time of regrouping and recharging, and having wonderful recipes to fix that don’t require a lot of time is a dream. The Baked Ziti on the cover gets my vote every time. You will love this issue.

Cook Real Food Everyday cover

Southern Cast Iron—Have you ever seen Mac and Cheese look that yummy before? Oh, my goodness—it is wonderful, and my grandchildren just love it! And to top it off, there are chocolate dessert recipes galore! You will be the favorite cook in the family very soon! Get out your cast iron and get cooking.

Southern Cast Iron cover and chocolate brownie skillet

Tea Time—Tea is something I really enjoy, and when paired with scrumptious small bites, I am in heaven. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to host a tea. This issue will give you ideas and recipes, and it will be a reference for your event from start to finish.

Tea Time cover and fireside tea

There are lots of things happening around here, and I am so excited to share these with you! I am not sure how my diet will fare this winter with all these wonderful recipes presented in these issues! Happy New Year!

You can shop each issue straight from this post by clicking the covers above! 

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  1. Dear Phyllis,
    I am so grateful for you !
    What would I do for a relaxing break in my day, esp. rainy days, without a great magazine and a hot cup of tea. I only read your magazines because they are beautiful and create a pleasant read in a lady’s life.

  2. Linda from Vancouver. Heck Shoppers drugstores as most carry Tea Time and Victoria and some Cottage Magazine!!!

    I have subscriptions to Victoria, Tea Time and find my new favourite is Southern Lady and will resubscribe. I have had Cottage score but Southern Lady Son out last year.
    Happy and Holy New Year y’all

  3. I hunt for these magazines … they are sca eve in Vancouver canada. I save them all. A lovely magazine you can look through over and over… I especially love the famous quotes….

  4. Congratulations to you and your staff for keeping these beautiful magazines alive and well. I am so thankful to be able to hold my favorite magazines in my hands–reading digital print just isn’t the same. While so many print publications just can’t make it in today’s world, you continue to thrive and grow!

  5. Phyllis I enjoy Victoria and have for many years. I am relatively new to Tea Time magazine. The January/February cover is lovely. I enjoy the recipes that are nut free. I am allergic to all nuts.

  6. Thank You Phyllis for such quality magazines. I love when you feature France,England and Ireland in Victoria. I am looking forward to he next issue featuring a castle in Ireland.

  7. Hi Phyllis, I am so happy that Hoffman Media is doing so well. My favorite is “Victoria” ,but I do enjoy several other Hoffman magazines. Continues success in 2019.

  8. Hoffman Media publications are the most classy( and classic) magazines on the market. My favorites are Victoria, Southern Lady , Southern Home and Cottage Journal. But I truly love them all. Just perusing the articles and photos of each collection calms my mind and refreshes my soul. What a gift you and your publications are!!

  9. How very excited I was to find TeaTime at my local store last night!!!
    It has been a number of months since I as able to do so. Of course I also bought Victoria & Southern Lady and a several of the special publications.. On this wintery day, what could be more pleasurable than a cup of Earl Grey and some quality Hoffman publications to enjoy?

  10. Thank you for continuing to publish Victoria Magazine! I was hooked from the very first issue and was so grateful when you brought it back. I’m also enjoying your other publications, perhaps too much, since I have subscriptions to seven others now. Thank you for bringing these quality publications into my home!

  11. Thank you Phyllis for your ongoing efforts to keep magazines coming into our homes…life would be so sad without them. I am a lifelong Victoria reader and never miss an issue, and I treasure each one. Occasionally I do buy your other publications too…especially Tea Time. How lovely they all are!

  12. I am so thrilled to know that several of my favorite publications remain safe within the Hoffman Media family! Thank you for keeping “ print” alive and accessible to us.

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