5 No-Bake Desserts for Summer

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I can’t help but notice how incredibly early we are starting to feel the summer heat this year. The sweltering sun wasted no time making its debut, so I’m already taking every chance I get to cool off. And one of my favorite ways to do that is a delicious no-bake dessert!

Just because it’s hot doesn’t mean that summer isn’t prime time for entertaining a crowd. Often the chosen season for showers or family reunions, we all need a good list of desserts to pull from that doesn’t require turning on the oven.

Below you will find five fabulous no-bake desserts that I truly believe you will love! And most of these have minimal ingredient lists, so you don’t have to spend too much time preparing. Summer makes me crave fresh berries and citrus flavors, but I have also included a couple of chocolate recipes—chocolate always seems to please everyone! Happy (no) baking!

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Orange Mousse Cakeorange mousse cake

No-Bake Cereal Cookies
Lemon-Berry Triflelemon berry trifle
Fluffy Peanut Butter Chocolate Piefluffy peanut butter pie
Creamy Lemon Shortbread Tartscreamy lemon tarts

What are your favorite no-bake desserts to make?

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  1. The no bake cereal cookies remind me of a recipe I got from my mom. It has cocoa and oatmeal in it and you put it in the fridge to let them set up. I remember those as being so good! I haven’t made them in years, so maybe it is time to bring out some of those oldies but goodies?

  2. These look fantastic!
    One of my favorites is tiramisu. My whole family went on vacation in Tuscany, and we had cooking lessons from the owners of the villa, including a recipe for tiramisu. So it not only ticks the no-bake box, but it also brings back happy memories.

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