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A Delightful Way to Spend a Winter Weekend!

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Post-holiday season is a rather strange time of year. We often find ourselves with extra time on our hands and not much going on. So, what do we do? Embrace it!

A season of rest after the hustle and bustle of Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve fun is much appreciated and much needed. A marvelous idea for those uneventful winter weekends is planning a little getaway in a cozy mountain lodge.

A few years ago, The Cottage Journal debuted a story about Roostica Cottage in Highlands, North Carolina. The pictures alone are enough to make anyone start packing a bag!

So, if you’re looking for a quick trip that is equally relaxing as it is beautiful, here’s all you need to know….

Tennessee-based interior designer Eric Ross and his wife, Ruthann, spent years traveling to the western mountains of North Carolina where their daughter attended camp. What they found was a cozy mountain retreat nestled in Highlands, North Carolina, equipped with good bones—especially when it came to the bathrooms and an updated kitchen that didn’t need much work—leaving the renovations affordable. One year later, with a handful of cosmetic updates under their belts, the Rosses’ dreamy mountain cottage was open for business. Dubbed “Roostica Cottage” after the rustic setting and a charming hand-painted rooster found on the original screen door, this cottage is a breath of fresh air!

Roostica Cottage

Image courtesy of Roostica Cottage

Roostica Cottage dining room

Image courtesy of Roostica Cottage

Roostica Cottage bedroom

Image courtesy of Roostica Cottage

For more info, visit Even if you don’t find time to get a way this month or next, I highly advise a stay-cation! A weekend at home with a good book, your favorite people, and a few delicious meals can be equally refreshing!

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  1. I can close my eyes and I’m there. Husband and I would love for a get=a=way!
    Thanks for sharing, love the painting above the fireplace, how darling!
    California Carmel

  2. I can only imagine how gorgeous Roostica Cottage is, my friends Eric and Ruth Ann have exceptional taste, but more than that, beautiful hearts that show in everything they do. Thank you for the feature, I can’t wait to see it! Lidy

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