One Flower Can Change a Room

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Flowers have a powerful effect on people. I marvel that simply putting one blossom in a vase on my desk changes my outlook. I try to keep a flower or flowers on our breakfast table all the time. I became inspired to do this as Neal and I traveled around our beautiful country.

One Flower can Change a RoomWe are always drawn to the gardens and the flowers from those gardens that are placed inside our hotel room, or placed on the table where we dined. Bringing nature inside brightens the room. Is there anything more stunning than a large vase of flowers when the event is grand? Or more charming than a small nosegay of garden flowers. When summer has passed, I love having a beautiful bunch of greenery, fall leaves, or wonderful evergreens in place of blossoms.

I just finished writing a book about the special women in our lives, titled Bouquets of Love (pre-order now). In it, I recount that there is nothing more charming to a mother or grandmother than tiny little hands delivering a hand-picked bouquet of “flowers” from the yard —usually composed of dandelions and bluets. This most endearing gesture stays in your memory forever.

One Flower can Change a RoomWhen I was a little girl, I wanted to have a florist deliver flowers to my Mom. I thought that was the grandest thing a woman could experience. I had managed to collect a pile of pennies totaling $3.30, and I would pay for the flowers. I called several florists who told me they simply could not deliver anything in my very limited price range. I was crushed. The last lady I called said yes, she would do it. I was elated. I gave her the information for delivery, put all my pennies into an envelope, sealed and stamped it, and took it to our mailbox. Done. My mom would be surprised the very next day. I could hardly wait to get home from school and see the flowers I had sent. And yes, it happened. The very next day, there they were—two beautiful red carnations just for my Mom. Looking back, I am sure that poor lady took a loss on my order. Did she sense the desires of my heart for making a moment special for my precious Mom?

Today, why not hand-deliver a single blossom or two, with a lovely note attached, to a dear friend? Gestures that we learned as a child still work today to change someone’s day. Oh if we could just remember the flood of emotion that a person feels when they are remembered. Everyone wants to feel needed and loved—and remembered.

Is there someone today to whom you need to express gratitude, or congratulations? Or is there someone who would love a simple remembrance? Pick a blossom or two and watch the change. It’s the simple things that make life special and create lasting memories that will live in the hearts of people forever.

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  1. I too am one of those people who LOVE flowers. I don’t understand the psyche of people who don’t. It’s just like not loving puppies or kittens or anything cute like that. How can you NOT love flowers? It’s not just for hospital visits, etc. where flowers can make a difference, believe it or not, I think its vitally important to have at least SOME at a funeral or viewing. I realize in today’s world of everyone trying to be seen as having a “social conscience” many people are placing in obituaries, “instead of flowers please make a donation to ______and then fill in the blank.” That’s OK I guess, however, about a year or so ago I went to a viewing of someone I knew. It was a man and I guess that made some difference because when living most men don’t care if they receive flowers or not. So since its a more “feminine” thing, I imagine many people didn’t do anything. I arrived at this funeral and there wasn’t ONE SINGLE arrangement of flowers. I couldn’t believe it. I’m in my mid 50s, I’ve been to my fair share of funeral events and I had NEVER experienced that before. Heck, even at the Mennonite funerals (I have relatives in this denomination) they have flowers. It also was more depressing and sad than any death event I’ve EVER been to and I’m positive most of that feeling was due to the empty feeling in the room without a single flower in the place, not even a plant of some sort. Just several days ago a co-worker was saying that she wants NOTHING at the time of her death, no viewing, no service, NOTHING. (I think this is a response in anger about various things and people in her life.) I tried to say to her, viewings, memorial services, funerals, grave-side services, etc., aren’t for the deceased, all of this is for the living, the family and close friends. These exist as a way to say good-bye, to comfort the living, to show how we cared. This is because we assume the deceased has moved on and doesn’t know what is happening anyway. That’s why everyone should remember those flowers that aren’t to be sent, well they’re FOR the living. I don’t know about anyone else, but over the years when a family member died and the arrangements of flowers came in, they meant a LOT to the family. It gave great comfort to know so many people cared about the individual. There is also nothing worse than a new grave without a single thing on it but newly dug earth. After funerals, at least around here, the family decides which of the “funeral” (you know the ones, in those white big vase-type things) arrangements are to be left in the church, which are to be left on the grave, which are to be taken to the house, and finally, which are to be delivered to other family members, shut-ins, nursing homes, etc. They DO mean something, they often bring comfort to people and are a definite symbol that their loved one was cared about. I had a great aunt that was well into her 90s when she passed. My parents and myself, along with the help of my brother and his family, cared for this aunt for 13 LONG years. Many people had forgotten about her as she had been a shut-in for years. But my this aunt did love her flowers. Therefore, I made sure we had THE biggest chrysanthemums you have EVER seen on each side of her casket. (my brother and I sadly learned later after they both died that this variety did not re-bloom as each one of us had planted one at our respective homes). It was so nice to see that a woman who had loved flowers SO much while she was living and made sure they were everywhere over her farm that she had so many at her funeral. They made more of a statement of this woman and her life than any donation to any charity ever could have. So folks, while its good to give those you care about flowers while they’re here, don’t forget them after they’re gone. Those flowers STILL do mean something.

  2. I really appreciate the invitation to subscribe to your blog. I love the southern hospitality that I get through your magazines & would like to get information from you on how to start my own business in Christmas Decorations with event planning. Eager to grow & learn all that I can through you! I am so excited & looking forward to reading The Ribbon in My Journal.

  3. What charming stories and sentiments shared here. Our flower shop is in walking distance from schools and neighborhoods. Kids love to come in and spend time with us….the shop and garden are magical to them. We also have many rescued shop cats (and a turtle) that the kids love to visit with. We have developed wonderful friendships with these little people…some whom have grown up and now come in and buy flowers for their mothers…it is very heart warming! We try to give a carnation to all the kids that come into the shop…at least their first visit (smile)

  4. There is something about flowers that make the heart happy and also makes you feel good. I loved your article very much. I always like sending flowers to friends and family, but
    if only the people in this world would be thoughtful and caring, so many are not, except all of these beautiful people in this blog are caring. I have 11 flower beds in my yard and each
    bed has different variety of flowers. My husband and I love going on our deck and just sit
    on a warm summer day and look at all of our beds and think what type of flower we could
    tuck inbetween the other flowers. And add a lot of color to our beds.
    Thank you

  5. Several years ago when I was having a very difficult surgery I had a roomful of lovely and very fragrant flowers sent by close family & friends. In the middle of the night one of the nurses taking my vitals said to me “so many people love you.” I simply said ” oh so many people know how much I love flowers”. She looked me right in the face and kindly said, “No, many people LOVE you.” After saying thank you to her, she left to go to the next patient and I pondered that for a long time. This little lady was an older lady and I’m sure she sees many patients come & go. At that moment I did feel very loved by all the people who sent flowers, because they knew what made me happy & that flowers would help me heal. Their love to me was to send flowers even if they couldn’t visit. Flowers are one of the gifts from God that lift my spirits in all situations. My greatest joy is growing and then cutting and bringing them inside to enjoy all over my house. Anytime I’m in the hospital my hubby is the 1st one to run and get flowers for me. He knows how they cheer my heart. Flowers are my inspiration to heal.

    1. Dear Paula:
      I know too all about flowers in a hospital as I had surgery in January and received so many lovely flowers that made me heal much faster, I’m sure. I try to remember this too every time a friend is will and pass on more lovely flowers.
      Terry Laurendine

  6. Thank you for inviting me to your blog, Paula. You continue to be an inspiration! I was taught that you only get out of the world what you put into it. One act of thoughtfulness can be contagious. God’s Blessings on this Easter season.

  7. Lovely, yes. When I grab a grocery store bouquet, I always split it up so I can enjoy one or two blossoms in each room, carefully selecting a pretty juice glass, tiny jar or tea cup to hold them. I just brought in the first lilac blooms of Spring to place by my bedside!

    1. I too split the bouquets up. It’s grand to have each room share those flowers! I envy you the lilacs already, mine are weeks away. I just bought Stonewall Kitchens White Lilac hand soap so I could enjoy the scent until the actual flowers grace our garden and house.

  8. Because I am a wedding florist, many people assume I wouldn’t enjoy a gift of flowers! Imagine! They are always a perfect surprise even for a florist.

  9. I always know when spring has truly arrived in Canada because that is the morning I awake to breakfast in bed with a tiny vase of sweet violets tucked on my tray. My husband has spotted them in the yard and picks them as a yearly surprise. Their scent is heavenly and his gesture is heartwarming. The power of a flower!

    1. Our daughters both celebrate their birthdays during the lovely month of May – the 23rd and the 25th. Every year, their special day would begin with “breakfast in bed” – served on a lovely white wicker tray, our best china , breakfast of choice and , of course, a flower in a crystal vase ! The flower would be the gorgeous , magenta colored rhododendron that would be in full bloom each year , same time in May .
      My daughters are adult women now and have moved from home . The rhododendron continues to bloom each May and provides some of the sweetest memories of my life !

  10. Totally agree… just prior to reading your blog, I took time to gather several blooming dogwood branches and thyme, now ‘smiling’ in several rooms. With a couple of kitties, I am careful.. still, many flowers are okay. Others are put out of reach. Later I’m going back out to pick violets… lovely! I NEED a flower or two or three… they remind me of my blessings–God-gift, also in the midst of difficulties–and I am thankful!

  11. Just as I was reading this blog, 3 gorgeous pink roses were delivered to my door…..celebrating another cancer free year! Yes, flowers can powerfully change a room AND wonderfully celebrate life!

  12. My baby sister, who turns 50 this year!, live in another state and I cannot hand deliver flowers. So, I sent this to her and she will smile. As I am reading the words. Than you!

  13. Nicely said. I love flowers and always had them in my home. Alas, when my aristocat, Sabrina, passed away I adopted Jazzmine. While Sabrina would sniff my blooms and respect their right to be left alone, Jazzmine thinks all flowers are there for her to munch on, so so the past 10 years I have been content with blooming potted plants in high places or haning from windows and the balcony.
    Perle Champion at Perle’s Ink, freelance words & art

  14. What a charming blog. I am so pleased that I have a beautiful place to visit when I take my morning tea. Thank you so much…

  15. Hello, Phyllis. Love your post. It was just the other day that I wrote about not having ANY daffodils left in the yard, because my precious three-year old son picks every one of them and presents them to me with the biggest, sweetest smile. Every time another blooms, it is picked immediately. That just melts this Mama’s heart. So, it makes no difference to me if my yard is bloomless this spring, as long as those little dirt-smeared hands of that sweet little boy are picking them with love and bringing them to me with that big grin.

  16. Received my Victoria today. Your blog touched my heart. I recall so vividly tiny hands bringing me a bouquet of dandelions, their little faces looking up into mine, waiting for Mom’s praise and hug for their treasured gift. Tender memories.

  17. Flowers have always made me smile. I embroidery flowers on everything. I am making tea towels for my three girls now and they are covered with flowers. I love Victoria Bliss, you, your mom and everything else associated with your magazine and now your blog. Can life get any better? Thank you so much! I get so much inspiration for my quilts and other sewing projects from y’all. Thank you again!!!

  18. Your blog is just as amazing as Victoria..pure Bliss! Your suggestion of presenting a single flower or two to friends will be bring as much pleasure as I am sure it will to them. Great idea! I am thankful that now between issues of Victoria, I can continue to be inspired. Many thanks.

  19. Thank you for such a beautiful website and blog! I love the Creator of all beauty and I love beautiful things….Now, I add your blog to my list. So glad I saw this in Victoria this month.

  20. I love the new blog. I am getting used to this new technology. Thanks for a great site and looking forward to the participation.

  21. How very lovely! Would not have expected anything less from you, sweet lady. I will anticipate your blog posts!

  22. Congratulations Phyllis! Love it….and happy you are now an official blogger! That story was sooo sweet about what you did for your mother, and yes I too believe in the power of flowers whether its a single stem or dozens of them…..they always make me happy!

  23. Oh Dearest Phyllis,
    Oh Dearest Pyllis, What a wonderful way to end the day… reading your beautiful posts as you paint sweet images about blue and white, a gentle lifestyle, Alexandra, and another of our shared loves, gorgeous flowers… “Artwork by God”. I truly look forward to following your blog as you add your special brand of beauty to this wonderful world God has allowed us to enjoy. I have cherished your magazines over these many years and admire the fact you have used and grown the many talents God created in you from birth. I would rather hear you play the piano than anyone I can think of. Now each person can have the joy of sharing the personal feelings from your heart on your beautiful new blog. I am greatly blessed to call you my friend.

  24. Phyllis this is beautiful. I will remember it. Yesterday Joe got a small bouquet of fresh flowers from our church. They are beautiful and are so appreciated. I am thrilled about your blog. Gorgeous as always.

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