Paula Deen Exclusive Video - Part 2

One-on-One Video Interview with Paula Deen – Part 2

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As you know, one of the most wonderful days of my life was when I met Paula Deen. For the past 10 years our friendship has blossomed, and our joint-venture, Cooking with Paula Deen, now reaches over three million readers across the country.

If you haven’t already, watch the first installment of this intimate chat in our three-part video series. In part two, we chat about one of my favorite topics — our grandchildren — plus, what’s inside the pages of the magazine, and Paula’s new family-style restaurant in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Come back next week to see even more Paula, and join in the fun as she gives me all the details about her new Paula Deen Network.

What’s your favorite section of Cooking with Paula Deen Magazine?



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  1. We are visiting Pigeon Forge on Aug. 24-28, I so hope her new Restaurant is open then. If not I will be sure to visit her Gift Shop. Love you Paula, you are a real role model. I so enjoyed these videos.

  2. Paula you are a truly warrior. An inspiration to all the housewife that are taking care of their kids and are dreaming of what to do in the future and be successful . I always said that Paula did it at mature age. I’m so glad that you overcome all the obstacles in your life and have a wonderful sons. ( don’t tell Bobby that I think he is cute). I’m dying to be with you and your family in a cruise vacation, since I was 36 I told my husband that my 40 ‘s birthday present I want the Paula deen cruise. Next week I turn 39, so I am still waiting. about your magazine they are really special and important to me. They are with me all the time, I read them and read them again and again.
    I am from Puerto Rico and living in Dominican Republic , please come and visit Dominican Republic , you will love it as much as you love st Lucia . When you do it , contact me
    829 380 6633.i want to cook for you and your family and your staff , everybody who comes with you .
    Pardon all my English languages mistakes in this comment, English is my second language and God bless you Paula and give you a long life to keep your fans happy!!!. And don’t worry , the word will be HOPE not butter.

  3. Ms. Dolly Parton and Ms. Paula Deen–two ladies who took class and hope to the top–how wonderful and fortunate we are to have you and yours. Definitely putting Pigeon Forge on our list for travel–great music and food–what’s not to love! (Ms. Paula, we do hope the cooks make homemade mashed pots. and gravy with butter). I could not be happier for you–God’s blessings to all and thank you for being such special ladies! Now could someone please send an e-mail that tells us how to subscribe to the magazine again–tyvm.

  4. Paula I miss you on the Food Network haven’t watched that channel since you left Can’t wait to visit the Smokey Mountains Love you and your family

  5. Love Paula Deen, and my five year old grandaughter is also a big fan! Every time she sees one of my Paula cookbooks or Paula Deen magazine she say “Grammie let’s get creative, let’s go make something in the kitchen!” Puts on her little apron and we get to cookin! Thank you Paula we still miss you on tv, I will be sure and show these videos to my grandaughter Savannah Grace:-)

  6. I will be going to Savannah again for sure. Now a reason to go to Pigeon Forge. I have eaten at The Lady and Sons, shopped at her store, (bought cookbooks, dish towels, measuring cups, Christmas ornaments, tubes of different chap stick and more), wrote in her journal, and had dinner at Bubba’s. I would love to go again. Sweet Savannah is calling my name……Ms. Roni, Ms. Roni…… They say I look like Paula. I did until she lost all of the weight.. GREAT JOB PAULA!!!

  7. I love Paula , her cooking, and whatever she does. Miss her. So glad to see her on the videos. Have all of her books. Good luck to you Paula. I know you will continue to succeed.

  8. I love Paula, she is so down to earth, full of life, heart, and the list goes on. I love preparing her recipes. Can not wait in Sept. for her new show. She is awesome, love her.

  9. Thank you for the part 2 video. I look forward to receiving them. I Love Paula Dean! I can”t get enough of her. I subscribe to her magazine and have purchased many of her cookbooks. I’m very excited for the new restaurant opening in Pigeon Forge. I visited the Lady & Sons in Savanah a few years ago, And my husband and I just loved it. I”ve been making her amazing fried chicken for my husband ever since. We definitely will be going to the new restaurant in Pigeon Forge. Paula, you are an amazing lady! I hope one day I would be able to meet you! Good luck on your new ventures!

  10. Thanks for the wonderful video! I love, love, love Paula Deen and never become tired of seeing or readying about her. All of her books and cookbooks are a treasure. I just visited her new store in Gatlinburg and love how colorful and pleasant it is. The salespersons are outstanding in welcoming you – oh, would be nice to have one of everything in the store! Paula is a true lady and an outstanding mentor to a lot of ladies.

    1. I will be visiting the Smoky Mountains this fall, as always, and am SOOOO excited to see Paula’s new ventures there. I will be checking out her store in Gatlinburg, as well as her new restaurant in Pigeon Forge…can’t wait to go!!

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