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Our Hearts Are in England

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It’s no secret that England holds a special place in my heart. From the city to the countryside there is a theme of Old-World charm and romantic beauty that is unmatched by any other location. The breakneck pace that this world seems to run at suddenly slows to a graceful rhythm. Ravishing gardens, lush hillside, and fascinating architecture are only a few things on an extensive list of reasons for my infatuation with this country.

Cornmeal Scones

I and the other editors of Victoria invite you to join us in dreaming of this treasured isle that we love so well. In honor of the magazine’s namesake, we devote one issue a year to England, so we are thrilled to now offer an entire book dedicated to sharing with you the people, homes, and sites that make this country truly extraordinary. In this beautifully bound 232-page hardcover book, you will find a tribute to timeless traditions and our most cherished destinations, taking inspiration from our many travels.

Bath, England

Our Hearts Are in England is a journey through the scenic byways and quaint villages, glorious gardens, and quintessential cottages of this land. To give you an idea of the glorious inspiration that waits among these pages, I have shared here a few of my favorite images from the book in this post.

Brit Sunday Lunch

For a limited time, free shipping is available! Pre-order this book between today and Friday May 17 and use the code HEARTS at checkout. Click below to pre-order your copy!


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  1. The English countryside is so beautiful, and such a serene contrast to the hustle and bustle of the big cities! One of my favorite areas of England is the Lake District. I loved Beatrix Potter country!

  2. I pre-ordered this book but there was nowhere to type in the code HEARTS for free shipping. So, I was charged $5.

    1. Hi, Sherri!

      So sorry about this—our team is crediting your account so you will not be charged for shipping. Thank you for letting us know!

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