cheese-pepper biscuits

Let’s Talk Biscuits!

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Whether or not you’re a Southerner, it’s no secret that biscuits in the South are a way of life. Born out of necessity and frugality, biscuits provided a high-calorie breakfast for those who worked a lot and did not have much to spend on meals. Now our nostalgic and familiar staples are found in nearly every Southern restaurant and home …

A Victorian-Era Chocolate Box—Don’t Worry, Chocolate Not Included!

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Chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a tradition that we all enjoy, but where does it come from? I did a little digging, and it turns out, this fabulous tradition originated in my favorite place on earth—England! By the 1840s, Valentine’s Day as a time to celebrate romantic love was widely adopted by most of the English-speaking world. Prim Victorians embraced …

Galentine's Tea

Happy “Galantine’s” Day!

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Valentine’s Day really does just make me smile! It’s the first bit of brightness and celebration after an often long and dreary January—what a breath of fresh air! This day is celebrated in many ways other than romance. Some families have delightful Valentine’s traditions, and now, “Galantine” celebrations seem to be the thing to do! Which honestly, makes so much …

hair salon

Hair Color is Not Something to Play Around With!

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The word change can either excite you or terrify you, depending on your personality. I have friends that are thrilled by change and change as much in their lives as possible all the time. Then, I have friends who are comfortable in the rut, and change is like a disease to avoid. I can’t quite decide where I fall in …

molten lava cake

5 Make-Ahead Recipes Your Guests Will Love

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When I am hosting a dinner or a family get-together, I like to prepare as much as I can in advance. Most of the dishes I make are fresh, but there are a few hidden gems in my cookbook that can be made ahead of time—a huge time-saver and still delicious. Below are my top five that I know I …

English Country Manor

This Hotel in England Was Dubbed “Good Enough for the Queen”

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If you have been following along on Ribbon, you know good and well how deeply charmed I am with all things Great Britain. The sophistication of British life swooned me from an early age, and my dream of visiting this splendid country came true when I was 40 years old. From its picturesque streets to magnificent cathedrals, I could visit …

baby books

The Life of the Baby! Sister Tales Continued

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When we asked you for feedback about what you all wanted to read on Ribbon, one of the topics that kept appearing was “sisters,” particularly my sister (and her glorious rebuttals!). Today, we were laughing about the pecking order of children in the family. I am the oldest, my brother, Keith, is the middle child and only boy, and then …

Roostica Cottage living room

A Delightful Way to Spend a Winter Weekend!

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Post-holiday season is a rather strange time of year. We often find ourselves with extra time on our hands and not much going on. So, what do we do? Embrace it! A season of rest after the hustle and bustle of Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve fun is much appreciated and much needed. A marvelous idea for those uneventful …

birthday cake spread

Home Bakers…This Is For You!

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Now, this is an announcement that I am beyond thrilled to share with all of you! Bake from Scratch magazine just unveiled their third annual cookbook! Covering both sweet and savory, Bake from Scratch: Volume Three is filled with artisan recipes for yeast bread, pies, birthday cakes, and so much more. I am particularly excited about the plethora of birthday …