Happy Mother’s Day

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In my opinion, every day is Mother’s Day! Once you become a mother, there is not a day that goes by that you are not constantly thinking about your children and grandchildren. This is my 37th Mother’s Day and I remember the first one like it was yesterday. My twins were born two weeks before Mother’s Day and after a …

Now Gracing the Pages of Victoria Magazine: Victoria Vignettes

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Our wonderful Victoria magazine has an exciting new section gracing its pages and its website! All upcoming issues will feature a new Victoria Vignette, sponsored by Kensington Publishing, that will appear within the pages of the magazine along with an additional two to three vignettes that will be posted on the Victoria website. From best-selling and acclaimed novelists, the sponsored vignettes will …

Tupelo Mississippi

Do Something Worth Remembering #VisitMS

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*Sponsored Located in the foothills of Northeast Mississippi, Tupelo is the epicenter of America’s music, where, in 1935, the world’s greatest entertainer was born in a two-room shotgun shack. The gospel tunes he sang in his boyhood church, the soulful blues that he heard coming from the juke joints in the Shake Rag district, and the country music that he …

Finally, he has a name!!

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Prince Louis Arthur Charles has been named. I thought we would never get to this point with this tiny little boy. I did a little research as we were waiting and found out that his father has four names: William Arthur Philip Louis. Then I had even more fun by Googling other royals to check out their names. It is …

My Flowers are Waking Up!

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After a long winter’s nap, my flowers are coming up and blooming. I planted fall bulbs last year in hopes they would bloom this year. Last summer was the first year for my garden, and there were some perennials that returned faithfully this year. The lamb’s ears I planted for my grandson came back full and strong. He loves the …

Van Atkins Jewelers

Mother’s Day Giveaway with Van Atkins Jewelers

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Jewelry is the most personal gift you can give someone, as it tells the story of who she is. I had lunch with a friend who was wearing two beautiful necklaces. She proudly told me her husband gave them to her—one for each pregnancy. I loved it.  The gift of jewelry can mark special occasions or moments in our lives …

Who Can Resist a Cinderella Story?

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The renovations have been revealed! Just as Cinderella arrives at the ball, one of the most historic homes in Greensboro, North Carolina, has been renovated and is now open to the public. The Julian Price House remodel is much more than cosmetic updates; it’s an extensive work of historic preservation and style. The Julian Price Home is a beautiful Tudor-style …

Spring Break with the Grands!

Spring Break with the Grands!

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We have just finished one of the most glorious weeks with our grandchildren. It was their spring break, and we got them all to ourselves! Life through the eyes of a child is so pure and right on target. They say the most amazing things and ask the most daunting questions. Our first project was to buy warm clothes as …

Design The Perfect Guest Room

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I am sure you have guessed by now that I love checked fabric. From the first time I saw the Williamsburg Tavern check fabric, I was hooked. Our guest room has a bay window that overlooks the walled garden. While this is a lovely sight during the day, at night those windows have to be covered. I selected a coral-and-cream …

The Must-See Renovation of Greensboro’s Julian Price House

The Must-See Renovation of Greensboro’s Julian Price House

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Who doesn’t love a good renovation? My love for interior design has me following the Julian Price House, one of Greensboro’s most historic renovations. This home became quite the talk of the town after airing on the A&E television reality series Hoarders last January, where over 1.2 million people tuned in. Built to resemble an ancient British manor house, it …