A Party With Summer Colors

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Summertime brings with it such a beautiful vibrancy. When I think summer, I think sunshine and the bright colors of the outdoors. What better way to bring the colors of summer to life than a party? No matter what the occasion of your gathering is, let the energy of summer inspire a lively palate of color.

For the pictured party, the hostess used a rainbow of colors to create a cheery tablescape. Basic pieces of various colors can be mixed and matched to give them a new look. Candles, flowers, and placemats are just a few of the ways that colorful accents were used on this table. The hostess alternated between purple and green glasses to further create a contrast in color.


These neutral chairs were brought to life once colorful fabrics were tied around them. Tassels were tied onto the fabrics to finish off the look. This is a simple and effective way to bring pops of color.

Let the colorful theme extend to the menu as well. Cool off with lemonade and sweet tea. Take advantage of summer’s bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables to create salads, salsas, and other dishes full of bright flavors. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit pies and homemade ice cream.

There are so many fun and colorful ways to entertain in the summertime. No matter what route you take with decorations or food, let time with loved ones be what truly colors your summer.

What are your favorite ways to entertain with color?

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  1. Love, love, love color…..what a fabulous setting!…….It just sings let the party begin…..don’t tell the owner, but I would kill for that rug!!….. and how fun are the chair covers!! Thanks for some fun summer ideas!

  2. For Summer I usually pull out my checkered tablecloths either; black and white/red and white or blue and white checkered or my solid red with bandana style cloth napkins for bbq’s and always fresh flowers and
    fresh farm to fork meals and watermelon or fresh fruit cobblers with ice cream for dessert. Beverage; Root Beer, lemonade, or iced tea. Simple
    and tasty with lots of laughs and everyone bring a favorite joke! Carmel
    the California gal….

  3. Love all your posts!!! Your love of entertaining, love of the beauty around us and your ability to share and inspire is so appreciated
    It improves our world and it needs some improving

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