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The Royal Wedding In Review

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I have looked at almost every photo that has been released, watched every piece of film, and read every commentary for which I had time. Summary: splendid.

I have asked myself a million times why I love the royal weddings, and I have come to this conclusion: All of us girls of the boomer generation were raised on Disney movies, back when they were good, and we loved the final scene of the movie when the couple gets married, dances, and lives happily ever after. We just love a good princess story, where dreams come true.

Maybe that is simplifying it a bit, but it is an escape to the world of beauty and love. I loved many things about this wedding, and they probably are not the obvious things you would think of. I think Prince Harry is adorable. He was just Harry and smiled from deep within. When he looked at his bride, his face said everything. She returned those loving glances and was just radiant.

I also loved the fact that Harry picked her flowers from the Princess Diana Memorial Garden at Kensington Palace. What a thoughtful thing to do. I have been through the garden, and it is breathtaking. He included his mother in subtle ways.

Meghan’s dress was stunning. I have read many fashion commentaries about the dress ranging from too simple and plain to perfection. I tend toward perfection. Prior to the wedding, commentators predicted that she would make a statement with her dress and that it would be something to shock us all. Well guess what? She did make a statement that she was a royal princess, and her dress was simply elegant—so sophisticated! Well done!

The mother of the bride had a beautiful coat and dress ensemble. Being the sewist that I am, I always look for amazing outfits. Did you see the embroidery on her coat? She had the perfect outfit for the day.

We all still wonder what is in the queen’s purse, but alas, someone solved it for us: extra hosiery! That makes sense, although I doubt she could disappear long enough to change. I wonder why this came about in the first place, but maybe one day we will know.

All in, it was the perfect blending of the young couple. The sermon and the music were uplifting for all of us. We should all be encouraged that the world stopped that day, heard a sermon on loving our neighbors as ourselves, and witnessed a young couple uniting who just might change a little bit of the world we live in today. I wish them all happiness, joy, and a lifetime of love. Thank you for bringing your joy to all of us.

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  1. I loved your thoughts about the wedding. The dress was ,to me, the perfect “backdrop” to that gloriously embroidered veil. Such a masterpiece. I love most of the royal family. I can’t wait to see the worldwide impact Megan and Harry will have on so many issues troubling many people. They seem to have beautiful hearts for those less fortunate. May God bless them richly as they start their journey together.

  2. I agree w/ everything you said. Loved watching the wedding, so magical! Her dress was stunning and Harry so handsome. I watched Diana’s, William’s and now Harry’s. Some people always have to make negative comments and that is fine. Doesn’t take away at all from the beauty and splendor that this wedding provided for all of us, if only for a day.

  3. Phyllis,
    I was obsessed with the Wedding watched it till midnight then had my Hubby wake me up at 4am to watch the vows…two days of glued to our television! Loved it all. I also watch on a regular basis “Say Yes to the dress” and “Four Weddings” go figure! It’s nice to know young ladies are still doing some old traditions with their own style and twist on making their day perfect. I was hoping you would do a publication on the Menu that was prepared for the wedding guests and especially the Wedding Cake with Elder flower and lemon.
    It would of been a perfect souvenir publication for us who love cooking and baking…think about it, please…..anyway my heart is full Phyllis, an I love all the comments from your readers and fans….Thanks to all, California Carmel

  4. I thought the wedding was splendid and suited them well. Meghan’s gown was very much her own and I loved that about it. Her veil as quite something and can’t wait to see some close ups of it coming up. They look happy and in love and that’s what it is about – them.

  5. Loved your summary, so right on Phyllis! It was a ‘fairy tale’ wedding and watched it live, the dress was perfect for the Duchess I thought…simple lines for a down to earth elegance and girl.

  6. Thank you so much for your beautiful review! You are right, most of us love a little fairy tale in our lives. I know for me, I am sending the very best thoughts for a long, happy marriage!❤️

  7. It was indeed a magical day! My nine year old granddaughter and I were up at two am to watch all of the festivities leading up to the Wedding. We made pots of tea, and had scones and meringue cookies ready and waiting. I hope she never forgets this Wedding and our time spent together.

  8. I thought the wedding service was absolutely beautiful. The bride and groom were a breath of fresh air as they took their wedding vows. The entire service, sermon, music, readings, etc. was quite moving. I wish them the best.

  9. I watched several programs of products made by suppliers to the Queen. One was the company that makes her gloves and the point was made that she always carried a clean pair in her purse. I also understood commonators to say she carried a hankie and lipstick.

    Phillis, your posts always bring a breath of lady like fresh air to my in box. Thank you for your posts.

  10. Yes loved the review. It was truly an amazing world changing day. A day where the true love shone between two individuals. A day never to be forgotten. A day of tremendous celebration.

  11. I think with the purse your source is either partially correct or all incorrect. I learned years ago she carries handkerchiefs in the purse and I have seen her with one on her hand. But, stockings, or tights rathet, may have been added after an incident. But I agree with you, where would she change them?
    Even in the car she is well seen. Its not like “the beast” of POTUS. However, its used more for secret messages than anything. At a dinner when she places the purse on the table she will be finishing the meal in 5 minutes. As we know, when the Queen stops eating everyone must. Then, when at a opening, walkabout, etc.,when the Queen switches the purse from one arm to the other, its a sign for her aides to get her away, she’s ready to go. It may be from a head of state she is bored with at a reception or opening a hospital. Did you know one of her ladies breaks in a new pair of shoes, she doesn’t? Its to prevent any blisters. Also, they all have grooves on the bottom to grip the surfaces she is on. No article of clothing is ever disposed of except by burning. As in undergarments and stockings) ,This was decided many years ago after pairs of Queen Victoria’s undergarments began being sold for profit at 2nd hand shops and antique stores. It was deemed disrespectful, which of course it is. They say there are halls and halls and halls of wardrobes built in for clothes. Queen Elizabeth I had over 1,000 dresses at her death but strangely not one survives today.

    I was shocked therefore when Diana sold dresses. However it was for charity. I recently learned something. I’ve known for years she banned garlic, for obvious reasons. That and I don’t believe she was raised on it. I believe she grew up with a fairly bland diet. But, she will not allow starches such as rice or potatoes on her table. All her sides are vegetables. That surprises me. She feels they’re bad for you. I would starve to death. While you noticed Meghan’s mother’s dress, I noticed that Prince Charles seemed to try and look out for her. I was glad to see this. Why couldn’t he have done this for Diana instead of becoming jealous of her? Also Cruella de Ville refused to change places and allow Catherine to sit beside her husband. So, William and Catherine would lean forward and talk in front of her. I too loved that Harry gathered flowers for her bouquet. He raised the bar high for other grooms. I was glad to see it had the traditional myrtle. A lip reader stated what Harry said when she arrived at the alter. See if you can find it. I thought it was nice William broke with protocol and was the best man. Both William and Catherine should never be seen “serving” another (technically the job of the head attendant) as future King and Queen. One reason Catherine was not her sister’s Matron of Honor. I was VERY PLEASED to read the Queen loaned a personal assistant to Meghan for six months. Can you imagine all she must learn. Thank heavens she got the hose message across. Meghan looked the best she has ever looked, most tasteful, stylish, and elegant at Charles’ birthday several days after the wedding. This woman is already working wonders. One last piece of trivia, the Royal family is forbidden from playing Monopoly. One of the family, can’t remember which one, deemed it vulgar and unsuitable. It wasn’t the Queen this time. Now I think thats going too far.

    1. Thank you for all your information that you shared. It was a TV commentator that talked about the hosiery in her purse. His comments were that her purse was open at a time when several could see the contents. So I truly do not have first hand information other than that. But like the rest of us, beauty aids are always included. I love reading all the information on the Royal family. It is intriguing. Thank you so much for sharing all this good information with us,

  12. Congratulations on a wonderful review of the Royal Wedding. Your word “splendid” describes everything about it. The joy I felt after watching it was splendid indeed. The whole weekend left a hopeful feeling that people are much better than current headlines might indicate. I wish the joy and love of those precious moments would infuse everyone with newfound possibilities that may be found within all human relationships.

  13. I agree with everything you’ve noted…’loved the wedding…all of it..but, about the Queen’s purse contents: a lipstick and a hankie. That’s what has always been noted… Maybe now
    she includes extra stockings(?)..of course, accidents can happen. She wouldn’t want a
    run to show. But, that’s what I’ve always heard about the contents of her purse. I thought
    the lace at the edge of the veil/train….was magnificently perfect…all just lovely. Lots of thought had to have gone into the entire day. I did notice the Mother of the Bride’s coat…with it’s white embroidery. ‘Lovely…all coordinated with the wedding flowers…all the tones and colors in the bouquets…and headpieces of the flower girls…too.

  14. It was a beautiful magical day. The royal house has come along way-divorced girl of color older than the groom independent thinking woman at a tremendous price tag $45 million I heard. Wow-how they could have improved the homeless situation in England with those numbers. Sorry if I rained on your parade but lets get real.

      1. It is not how much is spent there is always more to be done and at $45 million seems a bit ostentatious in this age. Glad this is creating conversation-it is always healthy. Thank you for responding.

  15. Being half British, my mother was a WWII war bride from North Wales, and a big fan of the Royal Family, I was up at 4 AM to watch everything. I did tape the wedding so I could watch again. I then emailed my Cousins, Aunts and Uncles in North Wales my thoughts. It was a wonderful wedding. I really loved the children as the attendants. The two boys taking care of the veil were very serious about their job and did it wonderfully. All the little ones were precious. It was a truly joyous occasion and It was as if a lovely breeze had descended on the entire Royal Family. Smiles everywhere.

  16. The Royal Wedding was such a lovely ceremony. I loved Duchess Meghan’s classy and lovely dress. It is my kind of dress. I enjoyed the children, they were adorable. Princess Charlotte seems to love the limelight. Prince George obviously does not like the attention. All in all it was a wedding that was fit for a Prince and his Duchess. I now am looking forward to Princess Eugenie’s wedding in the Fall.

  17. Phyllis, I agree with your review of the wedding. I watched it at 11 AM. One of my PBS stations replayed it at that time. The bride looked beautiful. I hope Princess Eugenie’s wedding is televised. Has any one noticed how much she looks like the Queen Mother when the Queen Mother was a young girl?

  18. Thank You for this review. I enjoyed the Royal Wedding and loved the dress. It was so beautiful. I follow most of the royal families. I am looking forward to Princess Eugenie’s October wedding. I hope the TV stations cover the wedding,at least the BBC anyway.

  19. My thoughts exactly and I was so touched by the message of LOVE. I had the good fortune to live in Oxford, England for eight years and I loved it!

  20. You are always a breath of fresh clean air Phyllis! So nice to read your review of the Royal Wedding – it was thoughtful, elegant, sincere and joyful!

  21. You were right on with the boomers loving a good fairy tale. Well this one is for real. Its wonderful to see young forever love. Perfect!!!

  22. My thoughts entirely and beautifully stated. Time stood still and I felt like I had been transported to GMT for the entire day…

  23. Phyllis,
    I got up at 4:30am to watch the wedding. The world needed this wedding, it was so beautiful, was on a picture perfect day and everything looked as splendid as you said. We have to endure tragedy, horrible weather outcomes and bad behavior by people who should know better so that maybe we all left that behind for just a few hours.
    I thought Duchess Meghan’s dress was gorgeous and she looked stunning.
    The fascinators were so much fun to see!

  24. Yes, it was a beautiful wedding indeed! And, yes, we did hear a sermon about how we are
    to love…as GOD loves….unconditionally! May we heed those words.!
    One question though – Why did the Queen carry a black purse when she wore such bright, beautiful colors that day? Would not an ecru or ivory been a better choice? Got any ideas on the answer?

    1. Sandra that is a good question. I have actually only seen black in later years. I would have thought that since the hats are made to match the outfit, a small purse could have been made as well. Interesting thoughts!

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