A Cozy Tennessee Farmhouse

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I wanted to share with you this beautiful farmhouse that is featured in our latest Southern Lady Classics issue, Southern Style. I hope it will inspire you to pursue a home full of life and style! And if you’re a fan of the Southern Lady Classics collection, you’re in luck.

Southern Lady is now offering a subscription to the six special collector’s issues produced each year. Each magazine is chock full of home decor, recipes, entertaining ideas, and seasonal inspiration! 

From Southern Lady Classics Volume 8, Issue 3:

Designer Eric Ross struck a balance between beauty and utility when he started work on this Morrison, Tennessee, farmhouse. Owners Debbie and Joey Jacobs wanted a home that would live up to minding a farm and raising cattle.

“It’s been a hobby farm, more of a getaway,” says designer Eric Ross, “and I wanted to give it a serene feel.”


The inspiration started with durable slate floors to camouflage the dirt tracked in with a typical day’s work of gardening and tending the herd. The final look was a fresh blend of American and French country. With a kitchen done in a palette of chocolate browns, creams, and verdant hues, collections of Spode Woodland china and transferware appear right at home.

“Debbie is an avid collector,” Eric says. “Having the open shelves offered her an opportunity to display a lot of collections.” The shelves also made the small space feel more expansive. To balance the cabinetry and make the kitchen appear larger, Eric found an antique hutch to place along an opposite wall.


The designer carried the color scheme into the guesthouse, where green textured walls and thoughtfully placed floral fabrics add a feminine touch. “I wanted to keep the palette similar so it wasn’t disruptive when looking at views of pastureland,”

Eric explains. “Joey is an executive who has found working on a farm sort of therapeutic.” With plenty of functional element incorporated into the timeless design, this farmhouse offers  a tranquil respite from the Jacobses’ busy lives.


Where do you find style inspiration?

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  1. What a beautiful picture of the breathtaking white apron on the farmhouse kitchen sink! I know that it is a breaking of commandments to “covet” but, ohhhhhh that sink is amazing!! 🙂 Thank you for including this picture in the story! I love it! And, I love reading your blog posts, Phyllis! Please keep ’em coming to my inbox, I enjoy spending time reading them! 🙂

  2. I am definitely getting this issue! I love the kitchen! The open shelves are too cute! I love all the details in this kitchen. **sigh**

  3. This is lovely, but I am not familiar with the Southern Lady Classics collection. What titles does it consist of? Is each issue a Southern Style issue? Thank you.

  4. Truly a liveable home with lovely vistas. Love the name of this magazine. I never find it in my neck of the woods and already subscribe to three of your magazines. Would love a gift of this magazine.

  5. Now I know which magazine subscription, to send to my daughter in law, thay live in Tennessee, this might be up her ally..

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