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Say Hello to fresh style’s Newest Contributing Editor, Annie Sloan

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There are people in your life that you have always hoped you would get to meet, and it is a beautiful thing when your paths actually cross. I got to meet one of my dream ladies: Annie Sloan! Annie Sloan, who developed the decorative paint Chalk Paint® over 20 years ago, is one of the most creative women I know. Chalk Paint® is a brilliant product, and since many of our magazines have used it for DIY projects, we can agree with the sign outside of her flagship store in Oxford, England, that it is the “best paint in the world.”

Annie Sloan's Paint Shop

All photography by Stephen DeVries

She and her family were in New Orleans for the the annual convention of North American Annie Sloan Stockists, which is a term used to describe independent shop and boutique owners who stock her paint. I love that term, and in her British accent it sounds even more charming. Her family travels with her, and spending an evening with them was just delightful. She marveled at the wonderful food of New Orleans, and we marveled at her story of building a leading international business of beautiful paints and creative techniques for giving items a new life.

Annie Sloan at Work

When I saw all the excited shop owners who have businesses that feature Annie’s paint, I realized that she has been integral in the success of many businesses worldwide. When we had the guest blog by the Blue Egg Brown Nest owner, Christen Bensten, we all were celebrating the beautiful business she has using Chalk Paint®.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Annie is an innovator as well as an entrepreneur, and her affinity for locally owned business and genuine community shines through in all of her endeavors. Trained in fine art, Annie is a true creative genius, and her products and techniques make her a leading authority on style, décor, and more! Thanks to her lovely line of Chalk Paint®, many a would-be castaway piece of furniture has received a second chance.

Annie Sloan Chalk paint

In short, we fell in love with the way she creates and how she runs her business. So we are overjoyed to announce that she is officially a contributing editor to our newest magazine fresh style! Click over to Annie’s blog to learn more about her amazing Chalk Paint®, and visit to discover how you can be a part of the fun!

Fresh Style Cover

Purchase Annie’s fresh style issue today!

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  1. Love, love the paint . I just have so much fun with it. I am using it a large painting right now. Thank you, Annie Sloan

  2. I have done several pieces for my children, friends, as well as for myself. Love the paint! It is so easy to use and really, you can just be very creative with it. It is very forgiving

  3. Have a new Annie Sloan instruction book. Will start a few projects soon. Come have coffee and critique my work

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