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The Secret to Thoughtful Gift Giving

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Not allowing a single peep of Christmas until the Thanksgiving leftovers are packed and distributed among the family is a common preference. And I understand this opinion—I really do.

It seems strange to be thinking about a time full of crackling fires and mugs of hot chocolate overflowing with billowy marshmallows when it’s sweltering hot outside. But stay with me here: Christmas has its place during the summer months.

We can all agree that the holidays are packed with joy, anticipation, and fun family outings. However, we can also agree that our to-do lists nearly triple. There are cookies to ice, garlands to drape, parties to attend (and host), and bows to tie. The holiday hustle and bustle is incomparable to any other time of year, and truly is great fun—just a bit busier than usual.

I know we have all hit the end of the holiday season at least once in our lives and wondered how we ever made it out alive. So, I thought, what would it be like to do some Christmas prep a little early?

Thoughtful gifting is close to my heart. I beam with joy when I have a gift for someone that I know is well-thought-out, and it is equally meaningful when I receive one. I just can’t help but watch with excitement when the recipient unwraps a gift that is truly tailored to who they are as a person.

Finding the perfect gift means really listening to those around us and planning out our purchases. Some of the best gifts I have received are things that people heard me mention casually and then remembered. But when it’s crunch time and we’ve got a tablescape to put together or a tree to trim, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect gift. That’s why I am proposing that maybe—just maybe—there’s room for some summer holiday spirit after all.

If you are on the hunt for a gift, please consider our Christmas in July sale running now through July 21. We hope these pages inspire the time that you have with your loved ones over the holidays.

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  1. Many years ago, I worked in Retail Sales. After my first Christmas Season in the store, I decided to begin my Christmas shopping right after Christmas. It was so much fun to be on the lookout for gifts all through the year! I would see something and think, ” that is the PERFECT gift for____!” It usually was and they were so thrilled. If, like your friends, Phyllis, I happened to hear of something they wanted, I could look for it and have it for their gift. If I had previously purchased a gift for them, it would be given for their birthday or saved for the next year.
    I could be all wrapped before Thanksgiving so as to concentrate on other aspects, such as baking, decorating and parties! I try to plan my table during the year so on December 1, I am ready to set it in place. I try to do the cards during November so they can be mailed 12/1, then can fill in with those received unexpectedly as needed.
    Some years I’m ready and organized and some years I’m NOT!

  2. A few days ago, I took advantage of the Christmas in July sale, and found some lovely books, plus a new subscription or myself. however, I am using the books for upcoming birthday gifts rather than Christmas. I love to find items throughout the year that just speak to me as special items for special someone’s. Gifts that speak of home and/or heart are some of my favorite gifts to give to special friends and family members.

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